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[IDEA] Stickies Reminder on New Topic
AIM: When posting a new topic, the stickies for the board are listed above the post template. Unread stickies are separated and bolded so that they are clearly visible to users. This is intended to increase the amount of users who read stickied posts, as they generally include valuable information.

Edits to Post.php
-Query to gather all topics in current_board with isSticky set
-Need to check is_read
Edits to Post.template.php
-Display the stickied topics above the subject area
Edits to ModSettings.php [
-Give option to enable completely/possibly by board (just have a text field to input comma delimited board IDs)

Future features:
-Enter topic IDs for global stickied warning OR integrate with Global Announcements mod
-Once user has read all the stickies, an option can appear to hide stickies. Will reappear if any stickies are marked unread again. Either that or a profile option "Hide Read Stickies on New Topic"

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