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Tawrrowaldr [Iwaku - The Star Forge Sagas]
Name: Tawrrowaldr

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Race: Wookiee


(Credit: Lucasfilm Animation, Cartoon Network, The Clone Wars)

Home Planet: Kashyyyk

Personality: Tawwrowaldr has a strong sense of identity, he is a very grounded individual, he knows who he is and where he's going. He is a high performer, and he finds many of the skills he is taught come naturally to him. Others, he is able to feel out by experimenting and doing things a little differently, sometimes with positive results. Doing is Tawrro's main method of learning. He is cocky and sure of himself and his abilities, sometimes to his own detriment. When something goes wrong, however, it is almost never Tawrrowaldr's fault. Some of his peers resent him for this attitude, but Tawrro believes that if they only performed on his level there would be no problems.

Force Alignment: Jedi

Alignment: Republic

Lightsaber(s): An orange-bladed lightsaber with a carved, wooden lightsaber hilt casing.

(Credit: Source Unknown)

Style of Combat:
Form IV, Ataru (preferred style, skilled)
Form I, Shii-Cho (trained)
Form V, Djem Sho (trained)

Primary Force abilities:
In addition to the basic Force abilities that any Padawan needed to master, Tawrrowaldr was trained in the use of the following:
Force Body
Force Leap
Force Persuasion
Force Stealth

Amazing Feat: Force Stasis

Skill focus: Lightsaber-focused; Guardian

Bio: The story of Tawrrowaldr began like it did for any other Wookiee, amidst the pained cries in a dark room among the wroshyr treetops. Like any proud parents, Tawrro's dame and sire were pleased to see their pup outpace his peers, running faster and climbing higher than most any Wookiee pup would dare to go. It wasn't until a tribal sage remarked on Tawrro's quick reflexes and abilities that his parents gave any thought to their special nature.

Weeks later, a representative from the Jedi Temple arrived to examine the pup. It did not take him long to agree with the old sage's assessment, that Tawrrowaldr was uniquely tuned to communicate with the Force. The decision was a point of honor for Tawrro's parents, and for his clan, to be represented among the distinguished minds and bodies of the Jedi Order. The young Wookiee could not fathom what this change meant for his future, only that he was being taken from the only home he knew, from his family and his friends. Even as a pup, Tawrro could inflict injury on the Jedi Representative. It took a strong word from his father to calm him, and a soft word from his mother to assuage his fears and let the Jedi take Tawrrowaldr to his future home.

At the Jedi Temple, the young Wookiee Tawrrowaldr soon found himself immersed in his new life. Placed in Clan Gundark with other younglings, under the tutleage of Master Ulthas, he quickly rose to the top in their physical training courses. When the time came for the younglings to begin practicing with a lightsaber, Tawrro gained new skills almost as easily as breathing. Most of his instructors found the Wookiee impatient, and Master Ulthas despaired over the pup's need for extra time to grasp specific concepts or mental talents, but within the Combat Training Chamber Tawrrowaldr was the instructor's shining star.

Tawrrowaldr was not intentionally unkind, but his singular devotion to topping the unofficial rankings of the younglings' sparring matches made him a fierce, sometimes ruthless, opponent. It was this ruthlessness that attracted the attention of the Jedi Knight Beck during one of the annual apprentice tournaments. Shortly thereafter, the Wookiee was approached by Beck and Master Ulthas, who offered an apprenticeship under Jedi Knight Beck. To Tawrrowaldr, Beck was a hero of the Jedi Guardians, a starfighter ace, and was known as a fearsome opponent who had won recognition for his valor during the Stark Hyperspace Wars. He readily accepted and became Beck's Padawan Learner.
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Re: Tawrrowaldr [Iwaku - The Star Force Sagas]
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NPC Jedi Knight
Tawrro's Master

Name: Beck

Age: 42

Race: Korun


Home Planet: Haruun Kal

Personality: Beck is a man of few words and deliberate action. He is a compassionate soul, but in times of battle it hardly shows; Beck is an aggressive and decisive fighter. He has mellowed in his middle age from a brash youth, and knows the moment to speak and when to hold his tongue. As a result, Beck appears solemn and thoughtful, perhaps more so than he deserves. This reputation is tempered by a penchant for rash action, sometimes leading Beck into more trouble than he can handle. Between a combination of skill, luck and grace, however, Beck has survived everything the galaxy has thrown at him.

Alignment: Republic

Lightsaber(s): A single, blue-bladed lightsaber.

Style of Combat:
Form VI, Juyo (preferred style, adept)
Form IV, Ataru (adept)
Form V, Shien (skilled)

Primary Force abilities:
Force Healing
Breath Control
Force Body
Battle Precognition
Force Leap

Amazing Feat:
Force Repulse
Force Stasis

Skill Focus: Lightsaber-focused, Guardian

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