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Allie - [TRF]
Player Info
Name/Alias Jordan
Where are you from: Minnesota, USA
Age: 18
Contact: Email:
Just look at the side of my posts for the rest.

Character Info
Name: Allyseria Evnairis
Nicknames/Aliases: Allie
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Species: 1/2 Human/1/2 Hapan
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa


Allie appears as a typical human girl, with paler skin than most due to her Hapan ancestry. Her brown hair is generally worn braided in two parts which hang down to her mid-back, but from time to time she will wear it straight. She stands one or two inches shorter than most her age, although that allows Allie to operate with a less conspicuous profile.
-Hair Color: Dirty Blond
-Eye Color: Light Blue
-Height: 4' 9"
-Weight: 84 lbs.
-Armor/Clothes: Allie wears a variety of clothing, depending on her current mission and what it involves. She tends to find clothes that blends into the population of the particular planet she is on and don that, becoming inconspicuous among the crowds of people on the planet. When she needs to keep her clothing to a minimum, Allie wears a skin-tight suit specially designed for her by Black Sun that minimizes her profile and adapts the pigmentation of the threads by interwoven display chips to blend into whatever background is necessary, and has a few pockets for weapons or equipment.
Distinguishing Features: Her skin is free of scars and blemishes, almost unnaturally so.
Handiness: Left but has trained herself to use her right hand proficiently.

-A pair of Vibroknives
The KYD-23 is used as Allie's primary blaster, but when all else failed, the light ELG-3A blaster can get her out of a sticky situation. The two vibroknives are used for hand to hand combat or anything else.
Other items (not weapons):
Ships/transports/vehicles: Starlight Light Freighter, Procella Pennae

Strengths: Allie is strong willed, and determined, which lends itself to completing her missions at almost any cost. She has a higher tolerance of pain because of this, and she can force herself onward, giving the illusion that she also has increased stamina.

Allie's implants give her added physical strength in her arms, which activate automatically when enough force is being exerted by her muscles. Her ocular implants give her enhanced vision when they are activated, but since Allie doesn't activate them by choice, but only when ordered to, they don't serve as a constant aid to her.

Training gave Allie a number of skills in acrobatics and gymnastics, and she was forced to learn to make her body very flexible. She uses these skills both in battle and while moving around, sometimes comparing her movement to a Kowakian monkey-lizard. Through her training, Allie was instructed in the usage of both blaster and melee weapons, allowing her to switch from a vibro-blade to a blaster with ease.

Weaknesses: Allie's Hapan ancestry gives her poor night vision, which is compensated by the ocular implants she was treated with. Nonetheless, she won't use them except on a mission or when ordered to, and so other times this weakness is present.

Despite her advanced training and knowledge, Allie is still very much a child, nearly an adolescent, and this becomes obvious when she is in-between tasks. From her mischievous origins, she is well on her way to becoming a typical rebellious teenager. The only thing that keeps her in line is that Black Sun provides a kind of family for her, however weak it is. She is also naive in her knowledge of the galaxy, although the instructions that she receives helps her learn about the normal functions and taboos in people of various cultures.

Allie doesn't have much skills in the realm of piloting, ship-to-ship combat, or in engineering. She is hopelessly useless when it comes to ships, so she makes use of her R-2 unit aboard her ship to fly and repair when necessary.

Force Sensitive: Mild sensitivity, not enough to qualify for training.
Abilities: The only ability that Allie really has is quick reflexes, an ability that truly owes itself to foresight, but is nonetheless only useful in the realm of reacting quickly to a current action rather than seeing into the distant future.

Class: Scoundrel
Affiliation: Major-General Nekor Shim, Alliance to Restore the Republic
Rank: Shim's Personal Operative

Personality: To be developed

Mother: Tuija Sraal (deceased)
Father: Mikail Evnairis (deceased)
Handler/Mentor: Nekor Shim

History: When Tuija Sraal left her home in the Hapan Cluster, she had no idea where to go. Eventually, she found herself signing on with a man who promised her a job with great benefits and pay. She and several other woman flew with this man to a new world which Tuija would soon learn was called Nar Shaddaa, or the Smuggler's Moon. The man, who claimed to be a recruiter for a multi-stellar corporation based on Nar Shaddaa, soon revealed his true intentions when the members of the group began disappearing over the course of the first few days on the planet. Unable to get a straight answer out of Tuija, she was taken by surprise when, on the fifth night, she woke up to three men hustling her out of bed and wisking her off to an unknown location. It was there she learned that she had been sold into slavery, to a Hutt gangster named Jabrukka the Hutt, to serve as nothing more than a pleasure slave for his many guests and valued henchmen.

Years went by as Tuija served Jabrukka in the most perverted way she could fathom. She provided entertainment for the Hutt's many guests, and felt exploited by him and his kind. One night, she was visited by one of Jabrukka's many guests. Tuija found the man physically attractive, but so she had found others before him to be so, and so he was not unique in this manner. But the man felt pity for her, and he obliged not to compel her to service him, but instead respected her integrity. This man, named Mikail Evnairis, visited Jabrukka several times over the next coming weeks solely to see Tuija. After a while, they began to meet in secret, and Tuija fell in love with Mikail.

During one of the many nights that Mikail spent with Tuija in secret, the guards of Jabrukka discovered him in her room, and imprisoned him. Tuija would never see him again, but rumors confirmed what she feared worse, that Jabrukka had killed Mikail. Soon after, Tuija found herself pregnant with Mikail's child, and did her best to keep it secret. Thankfully, Jabrukka had a span of bad business, and his guests were few and far between, so it was not difficult for Tuija to keep her pregnancy hidden from him. Her child was born a girl, and she was named Allyseria Evnairis, with the surname of Mikail in memory of Tuija's love for him.

For a while, Tuija was able to hide the Allyseria's existence from Jabrukka and his minions. But it soon became obvious that Tuija was occupied with much more than just her duties, and the strange noises that came from the woman's quarters were far from being a grown woman's cries. She managed to evade the questions and give enough excuses to last a year, but all good things come to an end, as was such with this. One of Jabrukka's guards found young Ally wandering in the halls while Tuija was serving one of Jabrukka's guests. The guard was so alarmed that he let out a yell, which drew the attention of the women and guests in the area. Tuija, without thinking, ran forward to shelter her child, but in doing so, clearly marked her as her own. She was brought before the Hutt crime lord and tried to defend herself, but she could not last against the Hutt's merciless glare. Tuija was condemned to die before his guests in the chambers where he kept exotic beasts and such.

With all the attention on Tuija's execution, one of the other women was able to shelter Allie and was nearly successful in smuggling her back to the quarters when a guard noticed her and called her out. Allie was grabbed from her arms and set before the massive blob of Jabrukka for him to decide her fate. At first he ordered her to be cast out, but as his guards headed away with her, he called them back. Taking the one-year-old child in his arms, he noticed her uncanny beauty, a trait common among Hapans and their descendents, noticeable even at her young age. One of the women suggested that she could be properly brought up to show no ill feelings towards Jabrukka. The Hutt was not foolish, for he relented to this line of reasoning, and relinquished Allie into the care of the women slaves.

The child grew over the years, and in that time, her value did not escape the Hutt. He had her begin a program to train her to be more docile and obedient. Unfortunately for Jabrukka, the program went awry. Those he had chosen to teach her were not qualified to do anything of the sort, and Allie began to act out. She became a mischievous child, getting into trouble more times than most of the guards and workers at Jabrukka's palace had time for. Thankfully, the Hutt had grown affectionate of her, and when anyone would present a list of Allie's troublemakings, he would only laugh and dismiss it.

Around Allie's eighth birthday, Jabrukka's organization began falling into trouble. His hired smugglers and assassins were joining his competitors and shipments were being made late or not at all. To try to survive, Jabrukka reached out to a number of organizations, including Black Sun, to borrow funds, promising a huge turnaround later. Business did not thrive as Jabrukka had expected, and over the course of the next few months, he was forced to sell off larger and larger parts of his organization in order to pay his creditors. Several months later, a representative from Black Sun arrived to collect his money. Jabrukka kept him at bay for many days, claiming he had sent his financial officer to retrieve the money, but he was not back yet. The zabrak Black Sun delegate seemed satisfied for the first week or so, and Jabrukka tried to plan a way around going bankrupt to Black Sun.

Over the course of the time that the Black Sun collector spent at Jabrukka's palace, he had many run-ins with Allie. She would spy on him, and when he noticed her, she would run out of sight, giggling all the while. The representative fell victim to a few of Allie's many pranks that she played on the staff of the palace, and instead of growing angry, was amused by her ingenuity. When he finally got a chance to sit and talk with her, the Black Sun representative seemed quite interested in what she had to say, and learned about her life at the palace. He said nothing at the time about having intentions for her, but they would soon reveal themselves.

When two weeks had passed, the Black Sun collected, whom Allie had learned was a Vigo, Nekor Shim, confronted Jabrukka. Jabrukka made several more excuses, but Shim saw through the Hutt's lies. He threatened the crime lord with shutting him down and ruining the contacts and organization that Jabrukka had built up. Not wanting to lose all that he had worked for, the Hutt suggested that Nekor name his price, anything from his palace; a slave, pet, ship, specific type of cargo, anything. Nekor made a show of thinking over his decision before deciding on Allie. Jabrukka was stunned, and tried to avert the Vigo's decision, offering him the entire conclave of women slaves instead, but Shim refused. He would accept nothing other than Allie, but, he claimed, not as a slave. She had to be freed before going with him. Facing the end of his crime empire, Jabrukka relented, and freed Allie of her slave status, before handing her over to Shim.

The change came as a shock to Allie. While she had not always liked living at Jabrukka's palace, it was the only home she had ever known, the people there the only family she had. Jabrukka himself was like a surrogate father, despite his unpleasant qualities. Allie did not resist leaving, but she was wary of what awaited her outside of living her free life in a Hutt's palace. Nekor, as if sensing Allie's nervousness, tried to make her comfortable. She was given a room of her own on his ship, and when they reached the Vigo's Coruscant base, she was given free run of the facility, as she'd had in Jabrukka's palace. Over time, Shim began encouraging Allie to stick to a set of guidelines that he gave for her, and with a gradual application, they became solid rules that she followed. With this rule base set up, Shim advanced to the next stage of his plan.

The Vigo approached Allie and asked if she would like to help him with his work. Having nothing better to do, she agreed. Shim cautioned her that it was dangerous, risky, and she could be hurt or killed, but Allie simply shrugged it off. Death and injury were no strangers to her, having witnessed the first several times due to Jabrukka's anger or some unwanted guest's misfortune at meeting the captain of the guards, while the second generally occurred when some of Jabrukka's staff punished her for being troublesome, resulting in a bruise, sore limbs, or one time, a broken arm. Satisfied that Allie understood what she was getting into, he began the work to transform her into a personal operative for his clandestine needs.

When Allie had first arrived at Shim's base, his team of medics performed a thorough examination of Allie. Through that exam, the Vigo learned that she at least had some Hapan blood in her, and that her night vision was severely hampered because of this. Therefore, one of the first things that happened to Allie as part of Shim's work to train her and make her his own was to surgically implant a set of retinal implants into Allie's eyes to compensate for her poor night vision. These implants provided a range of sight from the infrared band, to an enhanced version of the normal human vision bands, to a readout of a heat sensor reading taken from sensors contained within the implants. In addition to the ocular implants, Shim also had a set of specially-designed implants inserted into her biceps and triceps, to compensate for Allie's limited strength, due to both her gender, age and size. These implants were calibrated to activate automatically whenever Allie's limbs exerted more than 50% of their capabilities, unlikes the ocular implants, which were designed to activate only when Allie specifically called on them.

Allie had been unprepared for this step in Shim's plan, and she resisted having any implants put in. The Vigo waited until she slept one night to administer a sedative and then proceed through the operation. Afterwards, Allie discovered the implants were uncomfortable and she pleaded with the Vigo to take them out, but he refused to do so. Because of this, Allie harbors a deep resentment of the implants, and she refuses to use them unless she has to, such as in cases where her mission or orders require her to do so. Shim's only concern, it seemed, was to develop Allie in his vision, not to appease her every whim as he had when she first arrived.

The girl soon quieted her protests over the implants as Shim executed the next part of his plan, training Allie. Shim had been a soldier in his early years, and he put Allie through a series of physical and mental tests and training similar to that of his own, designed to break her down so that he could build her to his liking. It was hard and for the year that it endured, Allie possessed a violent hatred of Shim. The training started small, learned gymnastics and acrobatics, running laps around a course that Shim had designed within his base for physical exercise, and doing various other physical tasks to build up her stamina and strength. Education was part of Shim's training for her as well, and she learned about different ways to maintain secrecy, how to infiltrate a building, crack computer systems and security locks, and be next to invisible when moving around. She also learned how to fight in hand to hand combat, handle blasters and melee weapons, and the most important thing for Shim, how to kill. Before she had met Shim, she knew what death was, and had witnessed people being killed, but would never have considered the option for herself. But the training had desensitized her so much tot the concept that it was just another task to complete, one more part of Shim's comprehensive training for her to do.

By the time it was over, Allie was much different than her former self. She was stronger, more flexible, and versatile in her movements. Her knowledge had grown extensively as well, and her skills were nearly on par with an adult operative, though on a lesser scale. She was hardly specialized in any specific area, but her training allowed her to spy, infiltrate, sabotage, and kill to a sufficient extent for Shim's needs. Allie's personality had changed, too. She was still mischievous, but not to the point of compromising a mission as she might have before, and she was not as compassionate as she had been before. Her emotions were still there, but she could suppress them at a given time if they got in the way of her orders. The hierarchy of her priorities had shifted, placing orders and tasks above everything else, except, perhaps, her life.

With her training finished, Shim decided to test Allie with several missions. A smuggler hired by Shim had deposited part of the shipment in his own warehouse, and had cheated Shim on the payment. Allie's mission was to retrieve the shipment and the money, in any way she could. Dropping her off at the world, Shim headed to a nearby planet to do some negotiating with a local crimelord to enlist his services while Allie completed her mission. Unsure of what to do, Allie began asking around for the smuggler, but people just ignored her. This went on for several days before she got an idea. Posing as the smuggler's daughter, her requests caught the attention of the people, and she began to get some answers.

The world's citizens pointed her towards the smuggler's warehouse in a run-down section of town, replete with criminals, smugglers and other unwanted lowlifes. Donning the customized skin-tight suit that Shim had had made for her, and arming herself with her weapons, Allie headed off to that section of the city. When the streets began to thin out, Allie took to the roofs, and continued moving around from building to building until she got closer to the smuggler's warehouse. As she approached, the girl noticed that the warehouse was patrolled by a guard and his pet canine, a creature that, from it's looks, Allie knew she didn't want to cross. Moving back down to ground level, Allie crept around the back of the building, and kept hidden while the guard moved past her on patrol. Once she was satisfied that he was gone, she moved.

The warehouse had been long since abandoned by its previous owner and its current one didn't seem to care much for upkeep. In its run-down state, a window pane at the top of the building had broken, leaving a hole large enough to take advantage of. Clambering up the side of the building, Allie reached the window and extracted a vibroknife from a slim pocket in the leg of her suit. Placing the knife in the hole, she activated the vibro-quality of the knife, and its vibrations were fast enough to cut through the glass with ease. Once she had cut a large enough hole, Allie pushed the glass through so that it shattered on the inside of the warehouse, hoping that the guard wouldn't be able to hear it, or if he did, at least not see the shattered glass.

Climbing through the hole, Allie was able to jump down onto a catwalk that spanned the perimeter of the warehouse' third level. The second floor also had this structure, but the first floor was a real floor, its ceiling open to the upper two floors. The warehouse was dark, and grudgingly, Allie activated her ocular implants. Through the infrared spectrum, she could make out a large object in the middle of the bay, strangely shaped like a wing. There were boxes and other things around the warehouse, but except for that, it was empty. Making her way down to the floor, she opened one of the boxes to confirm its contents. True to what Shim had said, the shipment was all in the boxes around the warehouse floor. Proceeding to the wing-shaped object, Allie discovered that, to her surprise, it was a ship. The boarding ramp was down, so she boarded the ship and explored it.

The ship was small, just right for a one-man smuggling crew, but big enough to hold a sufficient cargo. Further exploration showed her the living area and cockpit. When Allie opened the door to a room in the ship, she found the sleeping figure of a man on a bed in the room, supposedly the smuggler. Not wanting to alert the warehouse guard, Allie extracted her vibroknife again and plunged it into the sleeping man's heart. Without waiting to make sure the smuggler had expired, she headed to the cargo bay again. Lowering the large loading lift, Allie began the task of moving the cargo boxes to the lift. While heading towards one of the boxes, Allie was suddenly pinned to the ground by a large weight. Realizing that the smuggler was not yet dead, she fought him off as best she could. The implants in her arms activated and were enough to shove the man off her back.

Instantly, the smuggler found himself staring down the barrel of a KYD-23 blaster pistol. He stopped dead in his tracks, quite literally, since at that moment, he fell to his knees and died. Simply shrugging, Allie resumed her task. For the next hour or so she worked to load the crates onto the ship's cargo lift. With a little space left, she took the time to drag the smuggler's body onto the lift as well before heading back up the ship's ramp to activate it from inside. Seating herself in the cockpit, she struggled to figure out the controls. Shim had gone over the basic concepts of flight, but the controls were unfamiliar to her and it took her a long time to understand where the necessary buttons were. Finally, in frustration, she punched a button on the console, which greeted her ears with a loud whine from the engines as they started up. Shocked by her success, Allie jabbed another control. This one, however, was not so miraculous, and caused the laser cannons mounted on the craft's wingtip to fire, creating a gaping hole in the front of the warehouse. By this time, the guard had entered the building, and had begun futilely banging on the side of the craft as the boarding ramp had already been raised.

Realizing that she was running out of time, Allie took hold of the control for the gun again, but this time tried to aim it a little better. With some wild shots, she was soon able to shoot out enough of the warehouse front to fit the ship through, along with demolishing the front of the building across the street as well. Taking no noticed of this, the girl did her best to fly the ship through the front of the building, and up into the planet's atmosphere. Hoping that Shim wouldn't mind not having the money with a ship instead, she used the ship's communicator to signal his ship. Shim traveled immediately to the world and found Allie in orbit with her ill-begotten ship. Praising his protege, Shim guided Allie to dock her ship in his, a larger capital ship with a docking bay, and met her inside his ship. Shim was overjoyed with Allie's success that he didn't seem to care that the money the smuggler had stolen was nowhere to be found. He gave the ship to Allie as a reward for the successful completion of the mission, promising to redecorate it to her liking.

Allie went on many more missions for Shim over the course of the next year, using her new ship, which had been redecorated for her. The bedroom had been completely redone with a large, four-poster bed and a couch to relax on. The bathroom had been redesigned to make it more modern, and more appealing to an almost ten-year-old girl. The cargo bay was transformed into a training room for Allie, with a locker lining one wall, although the cargo lift was kept, but made flush with the rest of the floor. An R-series droid hookup was installed in the corridor outside of the cockpit for the R2-series droid that Shim gave to Allie to assist her with piloting, and to make any repairs that were necessary. The living area stayed much the same, just cleaned and given a redecoration to appeal to Allie's tastes more than the ship's former owner's.

Over the months, Allie gradually discovered the true reason for her training and transformation. Shim had been preparing her to perform one mission, one large and very important mission, one that he had been planning for months before he had met Allie, whom he accredited to bringing his plan to fruitation. The mission was, as Shim explained to her, to capture and kill the Underlord of Black Sun. Allie was shocked when she heard this, not so much of the mission itself, but of the implications. That Shim had such large personal ambitions was not something she had been aware of before, and it surprised her. But it was a mission that she could perform, the Underlord was well guarded, but she was well trained. All that needed to be done was to get Allie in place for the mission.

Before that could happen, however, Shim was contacted by members of the Alliance, the galaxy's rebellion movement, who had resurfaced with a new name. They explained that his mission was no longer a priority, and to extract himself as quickly as he could. Shim seemed prepared for this, and while preparations were made, he informed Allie of the situation. Her mission would not continue, as it had been a part of Shim's overall mission to align Black Sun with the rebellious organization. Instead, she would remain Shim's personal agent as he resumed his position within the army of the the newly-renamed Alliance. Allie was relieved at the mission's cancellation, but she was confused with the shift in politics. Shim assured her, however, that she wouldn't have to deal with it. Just as before, Allie would remain his personal operative, and kept secret to anyone but him.

Other: Because of her Hapan heritage, Allie's night vision is not as proficient compared to most human species. This has been improved via the use of ocular implants, but due to the nature of ocular technology, the implants cannot render true human sight. Instead, the implant delivers vision within the infrared spectrum, similar to night vision employed by militaries across the galaxy, as well as an enhanced version of the normal light spectrum available to most human species, and a readout of heat sensors that are built into the implant.

Due to Allie's distaste of the implants, she refuses to use them except when ordered to or at night, and even at those times she despises what she sees via the implants and sometimes feels confused by the computerized version of night version versus her normal, daytime version of vision. The muscular implants, along with the ocular implants, are despised by Allie, and used only when she absolutely needs to. Other times, they lay dormant, waiting for her to active them. If she had her way, they would be removed and destroyed.

Overall Dark/Light Stance
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