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Daiya [SWE]
Player Information

Name: Jordan

In my profile.

RP experience:
I have been roleplaying for six and a half years now. I have mostly roleplayed in Star Trek and Star Wars rps, with a few Harry Potter and even a couple Narnia rps. I can't recall all of the sites I've ever been involved with, but I'll try to list as many as I can.

Federation Space
Echo Fleet
Seventh Fleet
Tango Fleet
Alpha Fleet
Bravo Fleet
Columbia Fleet
Tactical Fleet/Tactical Command

The Moons of Iego
Star Wars Visions
Star Wars Combine (more sim than rp, but it fits)
Star Wars Trinity
Star Wars Echoes of the Force
Star Wars Echoes
Star Wars The Dark Times

Ultimate Harry Potter Roleplay (UHPR)
Of Ages Past
Starlight Village
Unified Hogwarts
Magical Hogwarts
Olympus Academy
The Hardest Story
Future Online

Method of Discovery: Old bookmark I rediscovered. I can't remember how I initially found SWE.

Character Information

Character Name: Daiya T'aemin (daɪɔːɑː  [tɖʃ]ɛmɪn)

Titles and or Nicknames: Usually goes by her first name, as posing under a false name leads to name confusion by one's self; difficult to keep the various aliases straight.

Affiliation Unaffiliated. (Zurie)

Age: 13 (Born 27 Telona, 7 BTP)

Mother: Maris
Father: Zidane
Brother: Gemyn (11)
Brother: Rafi (10)

Overall Appearance: Please describe the characters physical appearance in some detail. Height, weight, hair color, eye color and type of attire are but a few of the descriptors that would be expounded in this segment. Be as detailed as possible, including scars, tattoos, or other potential specific identifiers as are known.

Character Avatar: Dakota Fanning

Personality: Daiya is a straightforward and reasonable girl. She's been described as someone who is easy to talk with, and intelligent for her age.

As many teenagers, she is at the age where independence is a priority, and Daiya tries to prove her independence, and test its limits against adults. Sarcasm and individuality are a part of this trait, and clearly the best example is the pink and blue highlights in her hair.

She is not overly deceptive or entirely honest, perceiving honesty as a valuable quality that she shares only with those she trusts the most. Otherwise, if she must lie to stay alive, get what she needs, or otherwise protect herself or others, she will.

Daiya interacts well with adults, often forming stronger friendships with adults than with peers her own age, as those relationships are generally more stable. Her interactions with adults seems to come naturally to her, or perhaps from experience of dependence on non-parental adult figures in her life for survival.

This category would see as many character traits as are relevant on a regular basis to the character. Likes, dislikes, quirks, fears, strengths and weaknesses, and general demeanor would be found here. This needs to be no less than two paragraphs, barring unique circumstance.

History: Daiya was born and grew up on Coruscant, the glittering gem of the Republic, no less the Galaxy. Yet for one to expect that her life was lavish and provided for beyond any means would be sorely disappointed. For most of her life, Daiya never even saw the beautiful sunsets that Coruscant was known to have, or see that the sky was actually blue when not littered with vessels. In fact, the word sky was a sorely undefined part of her vocabulary until later years.

Daiya's family lived in the Middle City of Coruscant when she was born. To be exact*, they lived in Level 429, Megablock 3, Block 17, Sub-Block 41 in apartment 362-NH. NH stood for New Haven, the neighborhood, and also the name of the apartment block that was owned by some mega-corporate-conglomerate based somewhere on Coruscant. Her parents supported their life moderately well; her father worked in industrial products, manufacturing, and her mother was a housekeeper for a significantly middle class family on level 363.

No older siblings tormented Daiya, but barely two years after her birth, she was joined by a brother, Gemyn. A year later, the pair were joined by a third member of their family, another brother named Rafi. The family struggled to survive with three young children, but were generally able to make ends meet. When the time came, Daiya was enrolled in a school on their level, where she was joined two years later by Gemyn.

School was not difficult for Daiya, at least in theory. While some subjects truly baffled her (like the culture classes, why were they even needed when most of the students would never leave Coruscant or even visit worlds like Naboo or Alderaan?), she was a hard worker. Even if she wasn't a perfect student, Daiya was at least able to complete all parts of assignments. She had little trouble deciphering the complicated list of tasks that some assignments came with; trick questions on tests barely fazed her.

Soon after Gemyn started his first year in school, the T'Aemin's financial stability collapsed with the loss of Zidane's job. For twelve years, he had been in the employ of his company. But the company had been slowly losing ground to its competitors, especially the cheaply-made offworld imports, and had to cut back, including jobs and plants. Zidane's focus in his job made him highly specialized, and thus mostly ineligible for other comparable jobs in the same industry. Unless he moved offworld and took a significant paycut, Zidane was unable to continue doing the job he had done for twelve years, or earning the same pay.

After a few months, the financial strain became too much for the family. They could no longer afford the rent on their apartment, and were forced to find less expensive housing. This required a move further down, and they jumped from level 471, to 496, and finally to 503 in the span of a few months. At first Daiya and Gemyn still attended their school on level 429, but as Rafi became old enough to start attending, the T'Aemin's realized that the same school wasn't the best place to send their children. It was too far away and the transport each day took too long. To add to the decision, Daiya and Gemyn had been struggling with other students, who judged their new housing and financial situation with disdain.

So Daiya, Gemyn and Rafi started the new year in a smaller school on level 499. The level of education was not the same as they'd experienced, nor did the other students have the same drive as their peers had on 429. But it was school, and for that, their parents were glad. Still, Daiya was not nearly as challenged in this new school as she had been in her old one. Assignments were often simple and straightforward, and lessons progressed slowly, even attendance was infrequent at best. Daiya tried to compensate by taking advantage of the time she played with other children, to learn about the world around her. She learned the schedules of heavy-footed drunkards, to avoid them when they stumbled forth from the bars in the early morning on the weekends. The other children sometimes tormented one of the residents, an elderly woman who shook her can at those who dared to come near her, but Daiya noticed that the woman looked on the playing children with envy, and she took enjoyment in watching the youth frolic. Daiya even learned that the sound of an empty gas chamber on a blaster was usually followed by a single barrage of blaster sound, after which was silent again.

It didn't take long for Zidane to grow weary of picking up small jobs here and there, most only lasting a few weeks, before having to find more work. Many nights, Daiya and her brothers were kept awake by the sound of their parents arguing in the next room. It sounded like the family was about to move again, and in preparation, Daiya even packed her bags. She soon found out that it was not the family who would be leaving, but just Zidane. Her mother told Daiya and her brothers that she'd given their father enough money to find better work offworld, and once he'd found it, they would be sent for. Years later, Daiya would come to realize and discover that her father had left their family and stolen the money from their credit accounts, and that her mother had lied to cover up the heartbreaking news.

The departure of Daiya's father put more strain on her mother, and Maris took another housekeeping job in order to support their family. In order to survive, she pulled Daiya out of school, arranging a delivery job for Daiya, the money from which would be further used to keep their family from sinking any lower in poverty. Daiya delivered messages to people, and sometimes packages, for a small businessman named Eiko Triald. Daiya eventually learned that Eiko was a small crime boss, a source of the criminal underworld run beneath the polished noses of Coruscant's elite. Yet even as her mother learned of this, Maris told Daiya to keep working for Eiko, as the family could not afford to lose her source of income.

It was around this time that Edwis Josdon declared the formation of the Galactic Empire. Almost overnight, the operations of Black Sun moved into the Coruscant underworld and set up shop, forcing the existing gangs and crime rings to be absorbed or fight. Eiko's organization struck a deal with Black Sun, placing them under Black Sun's thumb, in order to receive some leeway in their operations. But that didn't make the area any less dangerous. Other groups refused to submit to their new criminal overlords. Black Sun was given the de-facto authority to exercise justice in their region, and wars between the local bosses and Black Sun ensued.

Daiya's natural awareness of her surroundings gave her an edge in the hostile environment of the Coruscant underlevels. With an ear on Eiko, she learned which gangs and crime rings still resisted Black Sun, and when she had to deliver a message through one of their territories, Daiya always took time to play with children in the area to avoid the notice of the rival gangs and crime rings. Eiko never liked that his messages arrived late, but he was continually pleased that Daiya survived and was absent from the many firefights that engulfed the streets. Over time, Eiko's trust in Daiya grew, and her deliveries were far greater and of much more importance.

There were times when normal methods for evasion simply didn't work. It was at those times when Daiya was grateful that Eiko soon learned to trust Daiya with, and even trained her on, a blaster. For a while, she was able to avoid fights, but it was inevitable that she would someday be faced with blaster fire. Not long after her ninth birthday, an unavoidable slip-up caused Daiya to drop the package she was delivering, spilling out its contents of Black Sun marked datachips on the ground. Nearby members of a resistant gang took notice, and began to shoot. Daiya only fired back a few shots wildly before escaping with her gathered quarry, only to realize when she delivered it, that she had left several of the chips behind.

After that encounter, Daiya was far more on edge when she ran messages. Even as Black Sun slowly gained ground on their turf wars, independent mercenaries and the wandering vigilantes, or even the rarely sighted Coruscanti police continued to make the work dangerous. Daiya slowly adapted, she grew more accustomed to a life where flying blaster bolts were something you ducked and shot back at. A life where most either fell into the wrong crowd and were killed, wound up in jail, or became so engrossed in the life of crime that they could barely stand straight.

*Using this map as a reference. While part of EU, it at least provides further depth into the structure of Coruscant's city. Based on The Paradise Snare.

NPC: Please list any NPCs you might use here. This might include a droid with it's own personality, or a pilot on your ship.

Possessions: A brief overview of the items the character owns. Weapons, specialized gear or clothing, a home, and ships are some of the possibilities. Please note that if your character has a ship, it will be heavily scrutinized to be sure a character of your position in life would be party to such a vessel. Likewise, weaponry that is military grade and unlikely to be easily available will not be permitted. In other words, keep it all quite logical.

Role Play Sample: This is an opportunity to sway any Commissioners who might be on the fence concerning your application. Since we are a selective community, simply posting does not guarantee your acceptance, but your well crafted sample post might well help ensure your acceptance. This is preferred to be using the character you are applying with, though it is not mandatory. It is mandatory that you post the sample here and do not link to a sample on another board.
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