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Rashane Calanyn - SWE

Name/Alias: Jordan
Where are you from: Minnesota, USA
Age: 18
How Did you find out about us: Current Member

Basic Info

Character’s Name: Rashane Calanyn
Class: Soldier
Faction: Galactic Empire
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Human, Kuati
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Skin: Tan
Distinguishing Marks: None
Dominate Hand: Left
Force Sensitive: Yes

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Rashane has a great capacity to comprehend and learn quickly, surpassing his peers of age in knowledge and achievement. He can analyze possible consequences to actions, aiding him when quick decisions are needed but care is as well.

Rashane's greatest weakness lies in his impressionability by those he considers mentors. His tutor at a young age was responsible for his trust in logic and intelligence over wit and irrationality. He considers Krimson a mentor, and would, for the most part, follow his word, regardless of the consequences.

When on duty, Rashane wears the typical dull-grey uniform of an Imperial Navy officer. Although he commands a starship, his rank of Lieutenant restricts him from wearing the jet black uniform of the senior line officers. His uniform is decorated with the standard rank insignia for his branch, which consists of one row of two blue squares on top of a row of two red squares and a single code cylinder affixed to the right of the design. Accompanying his uniform, Rashane usually wears a Merr-Sonn compact model blaster pistol strapped to his side.

Off duty, Rashane's attire varies. He sometimes sports a Corellian-style jacket, or wears the latest fashions of apparel in Imperial youth. He tends to favor earth-tone colors, browns, darker greens, etc. in his clothing, and to a lesser extent the color blue.

Even as young as he is, Rashane's personality is rather complex. He is generally calm and soft spoken, rarely utilizing wit or sarcasm, preferring to employ facts and logic instead. His immense knowledge is evident in his words and actions. Rashane tries hard not to say or do anything in a careless manner, being meticulously cautious. Rash action is not a common trait, although Rashane will take risks if necessary.

Despite his large amount of, and capacity for, knowledge, Rashane is still around the maturity level of his age peers. Emotions, though he tries to control him, are prone to get the best of him at the worst of times. Fortunately, his connections protect him from any sever repercussions in any lapse in control; however, Rashane is not arrogant about his influences. He does not attempt to flaunt them around frivolously, aware of the possible consequences.

Rashane's values and honor is highly influenced by his mentors. His tutor, at a young age, taught him to use logic instead of wit, which he retains. Krimson has been an influence on him, and continues to be. Still an adolescent, Rashane is impressionable by those he takes to admiring and his loyalty can blind him to the true intentions of his role models.

The Calanyn family has long been supporters of the Galactic Empire. Living on Imperial worlds for the majority of its existence, at least one member of the family has been in the employ of the Empire since about 100 A.B.Y. Tiberius Calanyn is the earliest recorded member of the family to serve directly under the Empire, he earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Navy and was a sufficiently decorated officer.

Calanyn's served the Empire dutifully, some in the Navy like Tiberius Calanyn, some in the Ministry or Government, and a few in other departments. No Calanyn has ever served in Imperial Intelligence, though several have tried. Their achievements grew, and Calanyns became Captains, Governors, and even a Deputy Director. The highest achievement of a Calanyn was Donovan Calanyn, who, at the beginning of the Great War, served as a Vice Admiral in one of the initial battles, although he was killed during the destruction of his flagship in 214 A.B.Y.

Rashane was raised by his parents, Marcus and Nalah Calanyn, on Kuat. Marcus was a Commander in the Imperial Navy assigned to the Kuat Drive Yards research division. He headed the teams responsible for incorporating new technologies and improvements into the layouts of starship designs and submitting them to be finalized. His job kept him away from home too often, and Rashane was raised primarily by his mother for the first part of his life.

Even before Rashane started schooling, it was apparent that he was advanced for his age. He learned how to speak and walk earlier than most of his peers, and was able to read and write before he was four. Rashane was learning at such a rate that his parents decided to hire a tutor who specialized in young children. With his tutor, Rashane began learning what his seniors of two or three years were learning, and when he was of age to begin normal school, the administrators placed him in classes above his age group.

Rashane had a natural grasp for his studies, and progressed quickly. He was considered a genius by some, but intelligence tests revealed no exceedingly abnormal IQ. Simply, Rashane was able to learn and understand quickly, comprehending thing at a rate that would take his classmates twice or even three times as long to. By the time Rashane was twelve, he had completed the necessary coursework for his entire schooling as required by law. His parents were proud of their son and started exploring possibilities for the next stage of his life.

Unbeknownst to his parents, someone already had a plan for Rashane in mind. Imperial Intelligence, working as they always did, had become interested by Rashane when he was eight years old and already halfway through the levels of education. Impressed by his sharp mind, they began keeping tabs on the boy and his progress for Grand Admiral Krimson, who sometimes found use for the people that II labeled as interesting. His picks were always useful in different ways, but it was well known by those who were familiar with Krimson's practice that his chosen people always became notable figures, either by Krimson's side or within the Empire's ranks.

Rashane was brought to Krimson shortly after he had graduated from secondary school. Examining his intelligence, the Grand Admiral realized the potential the youth held to him. Convincing Rashane to be his assistant, he took the boy to a special facility where he inserted several implants into his head. These implants, using a technology developed specifically for Krimson, were capable of allowing the brain to interface with them and access the data stored within. These particular implants contained the knowledge of a typical thirty-year-old Naval Officer, allowing Rashane to access this knowledge and jumpstart a career in the Navy.

Krimson acted like a father figure to Rashane, making up for the lack of time his own father spent in his life. Rashane was inexorably drawn to him and willing to do almost anything Krimson asked. He was rewarded for his loyalty; Krimson arranged for a member of the Imperial Guard to instruct Rashane in the arts of the Force. No fealty to any particular aspect of the Force accompanied these lessons, and Rashane remained ignorant of all but the most basic teachings of the Jedi and Sith he had learned in school.

In order to begin his career in the Navy, Rashane was enrolled in the Imperial Academy. Playing on his speedy ability to learn, and not his newfound knowledge from the implants, Rashane graduated just two years later. His family history and association with Krimson earned him a quick promotion to Lieutenant. Krimson assigned the Lieutenant to a Carrack Cruiser under his fleet, as Captain of the ship. With Krimson's assassination, and a reallocation to Admiral von Hessen's fleet, Rashane fights to maintain his position and rank.

Physical Statistics

Strength (Str): 3/10
Dexterity (Dex): 6/10
Constitution (Con): 5/10
Wisdom (Wis): 3/10
Intelligence (Int): 7/10
Charisma (Cha): 4/10


Awareness: 5
Computer Use: 10
Demolitions: 0
Persuade: 2
Repair: 0
Security: 8
Stealth: 4
Treat Injury: 1

Lightsaber Forms:

Force Powers:
Force Push/Pull
Force Jump
Force Sense

Force Alignment
1 2 3 4 [5] 6 7 8 9 10

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