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NPCs - Rashane Calanyn - SWANA
Name: Eikko Nalto
Class: Tech Specialist
Weapons: None, although some of her tools could be used as weapons.
Armor/Clothes: Uniform
Other Items(Not Weapons:
Fusion Cutter
Fusion Welder
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Species: Human/Iridonian (Zabrak) halfbreed

Specified Skills: Eikko is extremely skilled at engineering, fixing and repairing systems that tend to break down. She is capable of servicing both droids and vehicles. Eikko is also rather adept at martial arts, though without much formal training, however she has skill enough to best those without much combat knowledge.
Flaws: Eikko is known for her very short temper, and her tendency to lash out verbally as well as physically at those who would oppose her. She is also without much formal training for her martial arts skills, and would be at a disadvantage when facing a real trained foe.
Affiliation: Grand United Galactic Republic Armada
Rank: Ensign

Physical Statistics

Strength (Str): 8
Dexterity (Dex): 4
Constitution (Con): 7
Wisdom (Wis): 6
Intelligence (Int): 8
Charisma (Cha): 3


Awareness: 5
Computer Use: 10
Demolitions: 3
Persuade: 0
Repair: 10
Security: 10
Stealth: 0
Treat Injury: 0
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Re: NPCs - Rashane Calanyn - SWANA
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Name: Jaered Zhet
Weapons: None
Armor/Clothes: Republic Uniform
Other Items (Not Weapons): Datapad
Class: Soldier
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 1"
Species: Human

Specified Skills: Jaeden is intelligent and able to lead well. His leadership abilities are very clear, and his subordinates generally follow him without question.
Jaeden is extremely resentful against those who use their influence and wealth to get ahead of others. This creates tension between him and his Captain, straining their relationship. Jaeden is opinionated and hot headed, speaking what he feels like, which slows down his progress.
Jaeden is opinionated and hot heated, resentful of people who use their influence, and tries to oppose them at any possible turn. He doesn't know when to hold his tongue, which gets him into trouble.
Ships/Transports: Jaeden serves as the second in command on the Star Defender, Prominence of the Republic Armada.
Homeworld: Telos
Affiliation: Grand United Galactic Republic Armada
Rank: Lieutenant J.G.
Jaeden's history was pretty typical. Neither of his parents died, achieved great things or were insanely rich. His childhood years passed without any notable events, and when he finished schooling at eighteen, Jaeden headed into the Republic Academy. He graduated four years later, ready to serve the Republic in whatever manner he could.

Jaeden was on unequal ground for most of his years following the Academy. Several of his peers came from strong Republic families and received accelerated promotions and illustrious assignments. Jaeden, however, was forced to work his way up slowly. He began on a small gunship, patrolling the borders of the Republic. Jaeden was assigned as a mere tactician, a duty normally held by Enlisted officers on larger ships, but manpower was meager and officers assumed task that would normally be held by lower ranking crewmembers.

After his gunship was nearly destroyed in battle, Jaeden was assigned to a cruiser, this time the head of a ship department. For several years he served dutifully on the ship, earning a promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade. With the resignation and disappearance of Admiral Dadonna, officers were in demand. Jaeden placed a request for a transfer to another ship, hoping to earn a position as a Executive Officer, or even a promotion and assignment as Commanding Officer of a smaller Corvette.

Much to his disappointment, Jaeden was assigned only as the Executive Officer of a Star Defender corvette, second in command. To add to his despair, the ship he was assigned had no specific squadron, but served as a backup and support vessel to the rest. As if it couldn't get any worse, the commanding officer, who attained his position by way of his family influence, was only half his age, a fourteen-year-old boy!

Physical Statistics

Strength (Str): 2/10
Dexterity (Dex): 5/10
Constitution (Con): 3/10
Wisdom (Wis): 5/10
Intelligence (Int): 6/10
Charisma (Cha): 7/10


Awareness: 7
Computer Use: 9
Demolitions: 3
Persuade: 6
Repair: 6
Security: 8
Stealth: 3
Treat Injury: 2
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