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Rashane Calanyn - Consortium
Name: Rashane Calanyn
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Species: Human

Rank: Teenage Runaway, Damn Good Engineer
Faction: Unaffiliated

Skills and Abilities: Rashane is a talented engineer. He is well adapted to fixing devices, starships and creating his own devices. He is an average pilot, not talented enough to fly in fancy patterns, but he knows enough of how to fly to be able to do it on his own. Rashane is also, since he started this for his survival, somewhat talented at stealing what he needs. This only works on people who are less perceptive or more willing to go easy on him because of his age.

Physial Description: Rashane is only five feet four inches tall, standard for his age, but still shorter than most adults of his species. His features are a marriage of browns, his eyes, hair and skin tone all display a shade of brown. He dresses in the typical clothes of his years, garments fashionable for young males in the galaxy, especially on the core worlds. He normally carries a datapad with a few non-standard additions to it. His pockets are often filled with tools used to alter devices, fix starships or diagnostic tools.

Personality Description: Although he used to be, Rashane is not much of a socialite. He devotes much of his time to his own tinkerings and modifications, when he's not doing real work like building his own devices or repairing his ship. He is known to deceive others to get what he needs to survive, but he doesn't make a practice of it in his routine. Most of the time he is honest, except when he does need to steal. Rashane doesn't deal with frustration well, a bit overconfident in his abilities, that he takes it out in curses and small displays of violence towards what he is working on.

Backgound History: Corellia, although a bustling world, is no easy place for a young boy to grow up. In addition being one of the richest worlds in the core, the Corellian system is one of the most crime infested worlds in the core. Home to over a million different criminal organizations, by the last report issued by the Alliance during the war, it is difficult for anybody not to fall into a tough spot, or take the easy road to a life of crime.

Corellia is where Rashane Calanyn was born and raised for the majority of his life. He attended school there, met friends and lived with both his parents. For the most part, his childhood progressed normally. He wasn't the smartest in his class, nor was he the dumbest, his grades were mostly average. He had a high intelligence, that was clear, but it lay not in academics but elsewhere.

His parents were both employed in the shipbuilding industry, a common job of Corellians. The Corellian Engineering Corporation employed millions of Corellians in their factories, shipyards, design facilities and testing grounds. From an early age, Rashane was intrigued by the design of the starships that flew off the assembly line. His parents encouraged his curiosity, bringing home models and letting him tinker with parts from the ships.

Rashane began to play with more than just the models. He would take apart datapads and other devices and try to put them back together again. More than often he would fail, and frustrate his parents by hiding the broken devices or regretfully informing them that they would have to purchase another one. But some did work for him, and he quickly learned how parts went together. Soon he was building his own devices, scrapping those he had broken for parts and building enhanced datapads and modifying the droid that his parents had in their home.

Rashane began offering suggestions on how to fix problems that arose in his parents' work. When a module for a new starship wasn't working properly, he was able to identify the problem, a weak alloy that was used instead of the normal material to save on costs was leaking coolant. He frequently tried to enhance the family's starships, adding (sometimes illegal) modifications to the ships and fixing problems that they had.

But difficulties arose in the Calanyn household. Rashane became increasingly involved in his tinkerings and building, and his grades and social life suffered. His parents tried to convince him otherwise, taking drastic measures and even removing all his homemade components from his room while he was at school one day. The tension between Rashane and his parents grew worse, and by the time he became a teenager, he could stand it no more. Taking a few things, and some money, he left home in one of his family's starships, a small one-person shuttle.

For a time, Rashane wandered the starlanes, heading to planets in the mid and outer rim. He soon realized that his supplies of fuel, money and food would soon wear out, and had to devise a way to obtain more. Although he never felt tempted while on Corellia, Rashane fell into a life of petty crime, stealing food from vendors and fuel from starports, to make it by.

Character Stats
Strength: 6
Agility: 5
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 6
Wisdom: 3

Military Power: (If your a Imperial Warlord or Alliance Officer post your sizes here - look at the lists in *Storyline and Rules*)
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