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Jedi Temple Online - Character Creation
Fill out the form on the website, or submit the filled out application either in the body of the email or as an attachment to:

Before filling out this application, read About the Character Application


Creating a Jedi or Sith Character.

If you are not creating a Jedi or Sith character, please use this application.

----------------------Begin Character App----------------------

Please use the code in the post below to fill out your application.

Username: (This is the name you use on the forums; place it here in case it is different from your character name. If you are using multiple usernames for multiple characters, list the first username you signed up on the forums with - the one everyone probably knows you by.)

Email: (Your email will not be posted or shared. We request your email only for the administration's contact purposes.)

Character Name:




Rank: (See here.)

(None of the following applies to characters other than Jedi and Sith:)

Classification*: (Does not apply to Youngling, Padawan, or any rank Sith characters. See Jedi Classifications)

Lightsaber Colour: (Does not apply to Youngling characters, or beginning Padawan characters. The colour should relate to the character's classification if they are a Jedi, and should be of an appropriate colour for a Sith. See The Lightsaber: Colours.)

Combat Form/Subform(s)**: (All Youngling and Padawan characters only know Shii-Cho to start, but Padawans will start to develop their own form. See Lightsaber Combat Forms)

Master**: (Applies to Padawans and Sith Apprentices; Jedi Knights and Masters, Sith may list former Masters.)

Apprentice**: (Applies to Jedi Knights and Sith; Jedi Masters and Sith may list former Apprentices.)

Force Affinities: (All Force sensitive characters must list the three Affinities they are strongest in. The Affinities.)

Physical Appearance: (Describe how your character typically looks, in body and attire: height, build, hair and eye colour, features specific to their species, what clothing they typically wear, any trinkets they normally carry with them, etc.)

Personality: (Describe in detail how your character normally behaves, their strengths and weaknesses as a person, their likes and dislikes, their beliefs, etc..)

Biography: (This can be as long as you like, as detailed as you like, and can be written in a variety of ways. It can be a straightforward description of your character's history, and a further description of their personality, or it can be written in a narrative form, perhaps recounting an important event that gives the reader a very clear and close look at the character, or it can be written from your character's point of view - perhaps as a diary or journal entry, or simply as their own accounts.)

----------------------End Character App----------------------

Please use the code in the post below to fill out your application.

*For Jedi only
**If applicable.

Code: [Select]

[b]Character Name:[/b]

[b]Lightsaber Colour:[/b]
[b]Combat Form/Subform(s)**:[/b]
[b]Force Affinities:[/b]

[b]Physical Description:[/b]