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[IDEA] Multiple Signatures Mod

AIM: To provide multiple signatures for [acronym=Account Per Player]APP[/acronym] [acronym=Role-Playing Games]RPGs[/acronym], or users who want to display a different signature in different boards (like one for a support board, one for a graphics board, one for a hosting board, etc).

Features Goals:
-Give admin ability to set number of signatures users can create (admins are exempt)
-Separate the signatures from the Forum Profile page, give them their own page.
-Have one signature by default
-Have an [Add Signature] button, which will create a new, blank signature
-Have a [Set as Default] button, to allow the signature to appear as the default
-If users click on [Add Signature] when their max has arrived, present an error
-Allow users to select a blank signature as default
-Present dropdown menu on Post.template.php and Display.template.php (Quick Reply) to select signature

Future Features Goals:
-Give admin ability to set  membergroup-based number of signatures
-Include BBC buttons for signatures/WYSIWYG for 2.0
-Allow signatures to be named
-Signature preview
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