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Daiya [Threads of the Force]
Player Info
Name/Alias Jordan
Where are you from Minnesota, USA
Age See below.
Contact Check out my profile for all that good info.

Character Info
Character Name: Daiya T'aemin (daɪɔːɑː  [tɖʃ]ɛmɪn)
Titles/Nicknames: Dai
Age 13
Gender Female
Race Human
Place of Origin Coruscant
Profession Gunslinger
Affiliation Herself.
Rank N/A
Faith No strong belief in greater power.
Force Sensitive Yes

Physical Characteristics
[float=right][/float]Character Play-by Dakota Fanning
Hair Color Blond with Blue and Pink streaks
Eye Color Blue
Height 5 ft/1.524 m
Weight 92 lbs/41.73 kg
Distinguishing Features Her blue and pink highlights in her hair make her stand out in a crowd, but aside from those, she appears every bit the normal teenaged human girl.
Handiness: Left

General Overview
Daiya is a straightforward and reasonable girl. She's been described as someone who is easy to talk with, and intelligent for her age.

As many teenagers, she is at the age where independence is a priority, and Daiya tries to prove her independence, and test its limits against adults. Sarcasm and individuality are a part of this trait, and clearly the best example is the pink and blue highlights in her hair.

She is not overly deceptive or entirely honest, perceiving honesty as a valuable quality that she shares only with those she trusts the most. Otherwise, if she must lie to stay alive, get what she needs, or otherwise protect herself or others, she will.

Daiya interacts well with adults, often forming stronger friendships with adults than with peers her own age, as those relationships are generally more stable. Her interactions with adults seems to come naturally to her, or perhaps from experience of dependence on non-parental adult figures in her life for survival.

From years of supporting herself and doing what she needs to survive, Daiya has learned notions about survival in the streets, so to speak. She is able to adapt easily to her environment, and she tries to learn as fast as she can about the natural of her surroundings and how to cope.

Daiya has a natural Force ability of precognition, untrained but for her own efforts in honing and fine-tuning her skill. This ability has aided in her survival and adaptation, but it often delivers visions of unimportant things, and obscure references. Nor do all the visions come true. 

Daiya has the tendency to jump into action, to act rashly. Some would say this comes with her age and immaturity, and dismiss it as mere young age. This has gotten Daiya into many troublesome situations, and even out of some stickier ones.

Daiya is terrified of someone discovering that she has powers beyond the norm. The reactions of her mother and Eiko have fueled these fears, as have, in a reduced capacity, the displeasure of Tawrrowaldr at his discovery of her powers.

Daiya wants to learn why she has seemingly supernatural powers, and what she can do with them. This purpose has driven her ever since she left her home.

Using a holojournal to capture drawings, Daiya often records persistent or seemingly important visions. However, Daiya is not the best artist, and she'll be the first to admit it, so often her drawings only make sense to her.

Personal Details
Mother: Maris
Father: Zidane
Brother: Gemyn (11)
Brother: Rafi (10)

Tawrrowaldr - Protector and friend, like a big brother to her. This Wookiee saved her life and has since allowed her to partner with him on mercenary jobs.
Shenn Rosham - Mentor and father figure. A bartender and owner of the Blue Flame, Shenn has been a confidante for Daiya and a mentor to her.

Eiko - Angry at Daiya for betraying him to run away and for not informing him of her power of Force Visions.
Phelaan - An information broker who ran a side business managing messengers for various gangs around level 250. Puts a hit on Daiya when she decides to become an entrepreneur in the messenger business. Believed her dead for over a year, until a group of his thugs ambushed her and Tawrrowaldr and reported back to him.

Early Childhood
Daiya was born and grew up on Coruscant, once the glittering gem of the Republic, no less the Galaxy. Yet for one to expect that her life was lavish and provided for beyond any means would be sorely disappointed. For most of her life, Daiya never even saw the beautiful sunsets that Coruscant was known to have, or see that the sky was actually blue when not littered with vessels. In fact, the word sky was a sorely undefined part of her vocabulary until later years.

Daiya's family lived in the Middle City of Coruscant when she was born. To be exact*, they lived in Level 429, Megablock 3, Block 17, Sub-Block 41 in apartment 362-NH. NH stood for New Haven, the neighborhood, and also the name of the apartment block that was owned by some mega-corporate-conglomerate based somewhere on Coruscant. Her parents supported their life moderately well; her father worked in industrial products, manufacturing, and her mother was a housekeeper for a significantly middle class family on level 363.

No older siblings tormented Daiya, but barely two years after her birth, she was joined by a brother, Gemyn. A year later, the pair were joined by a third member of their family, another brother named Rafi. The family struggled to survive with three young children, but were generally able to make ends meet. When the time came, Daiya was enrolled in a school on their level, where she was joined two years later by Gemyn.

School Beginnings
School was not difficult for Daiya, at least in theory. While some subjects truly baffled her (like the culture classes, why were they even needed when most of the students would never leave Coruscant or even visit worlds like Naboo or Alderaan?), she was a hard worker. Even if she wasn't a perfect student, Daiya was at least able to complete all parts of assignments. She had little trouble deciphering the complicated list of tasks that some assignments came with; trick questions on tests barely fazed her.

Soon after Gemyn started his first year in school, the T'Aemin's financial stability collapsed with the loss of Zidane's job. For twelve years, he had been in the employ of his company. But the company had been slowly losing ground to its competitors, especially the cheaply-made offworld imports, and had to cut back, including jobs and plants. Zidane's focus in his job made him highly specialized, and thus mostly ineligible for other comparable jobs in the same industry. Unless he moved offworld and took a significant paycut, Zidane was unable to continue doing the job he had done for twelve years, or earning the same pay.

After a few months, the financial strain became too much for the family. They could no longer afford the rent on their apartment, and were forced to find less expensive housing. This required a move further down, and they jumped from level 471, to 496, and finally to 503 in the span of a few months. At first Daiya and Gemyn still attended their school on level 429, but as Rafi became old enough to start attending, the T'Aemin's realized that the same school wasn't the best place to send their children. It was too far away and the transport each day took too long. To add to the decision, Daiya and Gemyn had been struggling with other students, who judged their new housing and financial situation with disdain.

So Daiya, Gemyn and Rafi started the new year in a smaller school on level 499. The level of education was not the same as they'd experienced, nor did the other students have the same drive as their peers had on 429. But it was school, and for that, their parents were glad. Still, Daiya was not nearly as challenged in this new school as she had been in her old one. Assignments were often simple and straightforward, and lessons progressed slowly, even attendance was infrequent at best. Daiya tried to compensate by taking advantage of the time she played with other children, to learn about the world around her. She learned the schedules of heavy-footed drunkards, to avoid them when they stumbled forth from the bars in the early morning on the weekends. The other children sometimes tormented one of the residents, an elderly woman who shook her can at those who dared to come near her, but Daiya noticed that the woman looked on the playing children with envy, and she took enjoyment in watching the youth frolic. Daiya even learned that the sound of an empty gas chamber on a blaster was usually followed by a single barrage of blaster sound, after which was silent again.

Strange Behavior
Zidane and Maris soon had more to worry about than the rough streets of their neighborhood. Reports from Daiya's teachers were concerning, Daiya had been acting out or behaving strangely. Sometimes she would stay out too long at recess, then come in to class and be able to answer the question that was posed in her absence. Or another student would find themselves with a tissue in their face just before they felt the need to sneeze. Daiya's teachers wrote off the behavior as troublesome and simply wished for it to stop rather than taking a closer look. When her parents tried to ask her about the behavior, Daiya simply evaded their questions and provided unhelpful answers. Both her parents and teachers were unable to pinpoint exactly what it was that was bothering Daiya or making her act in such a way.

What neither Daiya's parents or teachers knew, was that just a few months after starting the new school, Daiya had been dreaming of some very strange things. She told her brothers at first, but they laughed at the ideas, and she soon learned to keep them to herself. Yet most, if not all, of the events of her dreams came true in some fashion. Some were vague, like trying to read a clock just out of focus range. Others were crystal clear. But these dreams unsettled Daiya, they seemed to provoke her to action. The littlest things like a person sneezing or an unanswered question started to grind down, compelling her to act on them. Until she did, those dreams would persist. It seemed stupid, but once Daiya tried to resolve the problems presented in the dreams, they went away. That was all she cared about anyway, making the dreams go away.

As if that stress weren't enough for Daiya, her father was growing weary of picking up small jobs here and there. Most lasted only a few weeks, before something forced him to quit or be let go. It became a cycle, Daiya's father would look for work, find it and work for a few weeks, then that job would end and he would look for more work. He often came home exhausted and unwilling to speak civilly about the other problems the family faced. Many nights, Daiya and her brothers were kept awake by the sound of their parents arguing in the next room. It sounded like the family was about to move again, and in preparation, Daiya even packed her bags. She soon found out that it was not the family who would be leaving, but just Zidane. Her mother told Daiya and her brothers that she'd given their father enough money to find better work offworld, and once he'd found it, they would be sent for. Years later, Daiya would come to realize and discover that her father had left their family and stolen the money from their credit accounts, and that her mother had lied to cover up the heartbreaking news.

The departure of Daiya's father put more strain on her mother, and Maris took another housekeeping job in order to support their family. In order to survive, she pulled Daiya out of school, which the school was more than happy to oblige. A delivery job was arranged for Daiya, the money from which would be further used to keep their family from sinking any lower in poverty. Daiya delivered messages to people, and sometimes packages, for a small businessman named Eiko Triald. Daiya eventually learned that Eiko was a small crime boss, a source of the criminal underworld run beneath the polished noses of Coruscant's elite. Yet even as her mother learned of this, Maris told Daiya to keep working for Eiko, as the family could not afford to lose her source of income.

Daiya's dreams began to shift from more trivial predictions to more serious. The streets were dangerous, and firefights were common, especially among those who patrolled unarmed. Though her dreams seemed to come less frequently, they began to be more helpful, guiding her down a rarely-used path instead of her normal one to avoid a major confrontation one day, or reminding her of a group of children and how fun it was to play that allowed her to avoid suspicions by a neighboring gang. Eiko never liked that his messages arrived late, but he was continually pleased that Daiya survived and was absent from the many firefights that engulfed the streets. Over time, Eiko's trust in Daiya grew, and her deliveries were far greater and of much more importance.

There were times when normal methods for evasion simply didn't work. It was at those times when Daiya was grateful that Eiko soon learned to trust Daiya with, and even trained her on, a blaster. For a while, she was able to avoid fights, but it was inevitable that she would someday be faced with blaster fire. Not long after her tenth birthday, an unavoidable slip-up caused Daiya to drop the package she was delivering, spilling out its contents of marked datachips on the ground. Nearby members of an unfriendly gang took notice, and began to shoot. Daiya only fired back a few shots wildly before escaping with her gathered quarry, only to realize when she delivered it, that she had left several of the chips behind.

After that encounter, Daiya was far more on edge when she ran messages. The territory was thick with rival gangs and crime rings, yet by the gift of her dreams and her progressing skill with a blaster, Daiya was able to survive. It was just then, of course, that fate decided to tip the tables on her. Her dreams, which came during sleep, began to present themselves during the day. At first, they came in idle moment, daydreaming or while Daiya was bored and waiting. Yet over the course of several months, they shifted from dreams to full blown visions which assaulted her any time they pleased.

Maris took quick notice to this change, as did Eiko. While both knew there was something uncanny and strange about Daiya, neither took to this new behavior well. Maris began to ask many concerning questions, if Daiya was feeling alright and even took her to a doctor, who could say nothing more than that Daiya was a fit, if a bit underfed eleven year old girl. Eiko, however, was not pleased that his favorite messenger was caught in broad daylight, for lack of a better term, defenseless for several seconds while she grappled with whatever vision she was receiving. Or worse, that she would do so in his presence and waste his time with what he perceived as growing headaches.

When Eiko could finally tolerate it no longer, he did something he had never done before. He pointed his own weapon at Daiya and demanded that she divulge what was happening to her. And so Daiya told him, as she told her mother later that night. Her reaction did not quite top Eiko's, but it was close to the full blown stammering and rage that Eiko exhibited. He could not understand why Daiya had kept this from him, and sought, subtly, to use this to his advantage. Daiya misunderstood Eiko, and misunderstood her mother's concern, fearing that both would try to harm her for knowing this information. Packing what she needed, Daiya left her only family and Eiko that night, to fight for survival on her own.

Daiya's flight was not far in galactic terms, for she did not take a single step off of Coruscant. She found a shelter run by a small Order of the Church that didn't ask too many questions, and set up a room there. The Church-run shelter provided one meal per day, and sometimes charity would provide a second. But a growing girl needed more than just one, maybe two meals per day, and so Daiya began to look for ways to earn money.

At first, she began to duplicate her role for Eiko. Running errands, delivering messages and packages to the right person, it could all be done for a price. And for someone who needed to keep a low profile, a messenger was safer than even the most calculated drop in the safest neighborhood. Being a child. an inconspicuous figure, made her role all the more lucrative, and it became easier to ask for a little more money each time. By the end of a few months, Daiya was eating well.

But Daiya's venture into the world of business was not unique. Using children as messengers was an idea that a few other organizations used, and none of them appreciated a child becoming an entrepreneur for herself. One such organization, headed by a man called Phelaan, was ruffled enough by her entrance into their market, that they hired someone to get rid of her. Daiya began to hear from her contacts that she was not safe. A few more eyes followed her into cantinas and on a given day, she could spot a few more people looking out of place on her route home.

Having friends was useful, and sometimes downright helpful for escaping death. When one whispered into her ear, instead of the name of someone looking for a messenger, the suggestion to run, Daiya didn't hesitate. Dashing through the cantina she often stopped at to pick up jobs, a few patrons tried to stop her. They failed. Exiting to the street, she found herself closely followed by one of the patrons, who called out to his comrades for assistance. Ignoring her body's demands to stop, Daiya continued to run, turning down corners as other thugs stepped out to see her caught. A few stray blaster bolts hit around her, but shouts soon quieted those trigger happy chasers. Finally, Daiya made a series of turns and ducked down an alley, watching her pursuers dash past. When they didn't turn back for her after a while, she began to breath easier.

A quiet growl in the darkness of the alley alerted her to more danger. A few chuckles from the entrance of the alley turned her head that way, only to watch the overconfident thugs turn back in fear mixed with satisfaction. As her breathing increased, Daiya turned back to the creature in the darkness, who stepped ever closer to her position. In fear, her legs stood rooted to the ground, her body drenched in sweat from fear and running. Her eyes were wide, but they widened still as she saw the creature step from the shadows. Over two meters tall, the Wookiee looked down at her, grasping a knife in his hand. With nowhere to run, Daiya stood trembling as the Wookiee approached her. As he stared at his quandry, the wookiee issued a series of grunts, and then leaned down to her. By this point, she was visibly shaking, her legs turned to gelatin that quickly sank her to the ground. Instinct caused her arms to grasp the Wookiee's leg, and he growled and pulled away. Daiya, unable to move herself, was pulled with him. In the next moment, she found herself plucked off the ground and staring into the Wookiee's eyes.

With a growl, the Wookie slashed the knife at her body, and Daiya screamed. Her pack broke open from the cut of the Wookiee's blade, and he released her. She crumpled to the ground. The next moment, she felt the hot breath of the Wookiee on her neck, and a metallic voice said quietly, "If you lie still, they will think you dead. I will not let them touch you." The Wookiee kept his promise as the thugs came back to inspect his work, and paid him for his services. Once they were gone, he returned to her prone form and helped her up. Explaining that he could not harm her once he saw that she was just a child, he introduced himself as Tawrrowaldr. His 'voice' emanated from a metallic translator box affixed to a utility sash slung over his shoulder, which turned his harsh Shyriiwook into Basic so that non-Wookiees could understand him.

Of Siblings and Mentors
In order to maintain the illusion that she was dead, Daiya cleared out her room at the shelter and moved to Tawrrowaldr's apartment some levels and blocks away. A new territory accompanied the move, and Daiya soon found herself in a role next to Tawrrowaldr. He could not bear to see her harmed, and so the Wookiee allowed her to live with him and, after some time and quite a bit of pleading on her end, accompany him on various contracts he took as a mercenary. His only rules for contracts were, 1) The job had to be on Coruscant, 2) The job had to be quick, something that could be accomplished within a few weeks and 3) The job had to pay well. His rules suited Daiya just fine, especially the third, and the two lived well as mercenaries.

As Daiya matured, she assumed a more assertive role, and the two became more equal, instead of the 'sidekick' role she had previous fallen into. Tawrrowaldr, whom she had seen as a protector from the day they had met, began to appear much more like a brother to her. The two competed and bickered as she had many times with her own siblings, yet they also cared for and watched out for each other. At times, it made Daiya miss her family that she had left, but she was too scared of what might happen, should she return. Yet Daiya had forged her own family for herself, out of necessity and out of her own human instincts. With Tawrrowaldr as a big brother figure, another figured stepped in to act as a parent.

Daiya and Tawrro, as she affectionately called him, frequented a few cantinas and areas to look for work. The bars, although the noisiest and smelliest, were the best places to obtain a contract. Even if not, they could sometimes grab a free meal off of the pricier clientele, even if the job wasn't appealing. Their favorite place to frequent was a cantina called the Blue Flame, run by a Chandrillan called Shenn Rosham. The food was decent and the jobs were varied, a mixture of legit and not, but the real treat was Shenn himself. He could make just about anybody laugh, and brighten their day with his jollity and good humor.

In their first encounter, Daiya met Shenn only briefly, and engaged with him for a short time. But the old man's curiosity was sparked, and he enthralled her in conversation again when she stepped into the bar. Tawrro and Shenn seemed to know each other from previous experience fighting in the war, but beyond that they wouldn't say much. Shenn himself regaled Daiya with stories about his past, and loved to weave a self-deprecating humor into his stories. Daiya loved to listen to Shenn, and sometimes even forgot about the purpose for coming to the Blue Flame, though Tawrro was quick to remind her at times.

Daiya grew and matured, physically as well as mentally. Her shape changed from that of a girl to one of a young woman, and her perception of the world changed as well. No longer the timid girl who had escaped from the lower levels of Coruscant, Daiya was quickly filling the role of adolescent, sometimes to the dismay of those around her. Despite those quirks, her relationship with Shenn continued strongly, becoming somewhat of a mentorship. Daiya could, in her mind, almost replace the image of her father with one of Shenn. The emotions and trust he garnered in Daiya were far more than the shattered remains of her relationship with her father, wherever he might be.

Beyond Sight and Touch
Daiya's visions continued, and evolved. At some rare times, it was as if she could see the present world and the future world at once, but only fractions of percentages of events. Intentions changed, and with it, the future changed, so that at once the image could be painted with red or blue or green all at once, if those colors were the possible outcomes of the present events. This sense gave Daiya an edge in the event of disasters and conflicts, which still erupted. In a battle, it was as if Daiya knew where to go and where to shoot even before they became clear to her in her mind. Grateful for the sense, she was wary at its origins and the reactions of those around her if she should tell them. None of her visions ever predicted what would happen in that case.

Soon, Daiya would find out that her visions and sense of precognition were not the extent of her abilities. During a job for a smuggler, Tawrro and Daiya were ambushed by a group of thugs, sent by Phelaan to stop whomever was assisting the smuggler. The thugs captured them and held them in a nearby apartment while they contacted Phelaan for instructions. Once Phelaan realized who they held, he ordered them both killed. The thugs returned to them to gloat over their instructions, and then proceeded to haul Daiya up on her feet and undid her restraints. Positioning her at the opposite end of the apartment, one of the thugs raised his weapon toward her. As she closed her eyes tightly and sent a silent prayer out to whatever deities might be listening, she heard the shot. And still she lived. Daiya turned around to see the other thugs wide-eyed, and the blaster hanging in the air facing the space where the thug, now dead, had stood.

Taking his chance, Tawrrowaldr broke free of his bonds and mauled another thug, leaving one left to take out. He aimed his blaster at Daiya, but aware of her apparent powers, willed the blaster ripped from his hand and into hers. She shot him and he slumped to the floor, dead. Tawrro and Daiya finished their mission, but before they returned to their client, Tawrro forced a confrontation with Daiya. He wanted to know what had happened in the apartment, when the blasters of the thugs had turned on them and flown into her hands. Nervously, she confessed that she had done that, and had been receiving visions from a young age that had guided her throughout the years. Tawrro seemed displeased at this information, but he agreed to keep it a secret. Nothing would have frightened her more than her own best friend to have turned against her for this, and Daiya was glad he wasn't mad at her for it. Merely confused at his displeasure of her abilities. No one had ever explained to her why these visions came to her, and now why she could move objects with her mind. Daiya didn't know whether they were a blessing, or a curse.

*Using this map as a reference. Based on The Paradise Snare.

Lightsaber Form

Force Powers
Force Push/Pull[||||||||||]
Force Vision[||||||||||]
Force Sense[||||||||||]


1x C7 Comlink
1x Holojournal

1x 457 Blaster Pistol
1x ELG-9Z "Diplomat's" Blaster Pistol

Overall Dark/Light Stance
-5 -4 -3 -2 -1  0 [+1] +2 +3 +4 +5
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Imaginary by Evanescence
Closer to the Truth by Cryoshell
Promise of a Lifetime by Kutless (Daiya & Tawrrowaldr)

Episode I
Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold (covered by X-Y)
Breath by Breaking Benjamin (Lady Vicar and Daiya)

Episode II
Reflection by Christina Aguilera (from Mulan)
More Than It Seems by Kutless
Could We Start Again, Please? by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice (from Jesus Christ Superstar)
2 AM (Breathe) by Anna Nalick
Paradise by Coldplay
Secrets by OneRepublic (cover by Tiffany Alvord and The Piano Guys)
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Episode I

Episode II

Episode I

Episode II

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