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Julian Shaia - Consortium
Name: Julian Shaia
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Species: Kaliishi

Rank: Lord Admiral
Faction: Kaliishi Imperium


KGS Contemplative - Lorhan-class Heavy Battlecruiser
Kaliishi Guard Flag Officer Uniform

Skills and Abilities: Julian is a master strategist. He can find the ups, downs and roundabouts of situations that make him out to be the winner, even if it isn't clear in the beginning. Julian is experienced with manipulation as well. Using a combination of his own influence due to being a Baron, and strategy, Julian can turn almost any situation into a victory for him. Due to his strategic mind and air of confidence (though not to be mistaken as arrogance), Julian is an exceptional leader, able to command large forces or smaller ones, and not be over stressed.

Physical Description: At just barely over five feet, Julian stands at about the average height for his age. His brown eyes, blond hair and lightly tanned skin give him an appearance is found attractive by his peers. He is typically seen in his Kaliishi Guard uniform, the normal duty version, not the heavily decorated (and heavy itself) version he is required to don for ceremonies and special occasions. On his off hours, he appears in civilian clothes, just pants and a shirt or two, chosen for comfort more than style. His hair is possibly the only thing he regards as stylish, grown longer to be arranged in a wavy fashion.

Personality Description: Although a member of the aristocracy, Julian rarely carries himself as a nobility. He is more down-to-earth, even when dealing with members of society ranked above him in class, title or military rank. He employs wit and sarcasm, but seriousness can prevail when necessary. He usually appears calm, considering actions before they are carried out, which contributes to his ability to think strategically. He is not unusually crafty, although from time to time he will engage in manipulation to meet his ends.

Background History: Born to Baron Silas Shaia and Baroness Eirta Shaia, Julian grew up in an upper class home. He was treated to the sorts of luxury that would make the members of the lower class kill just to experience 1/10th of what he had. As with most of his race, Julian entered school at around two years old, having mastered his alphabet and began to read a year earlier.

At an early age, it was apparent that Julian was destined to be a career strategist. He carefully planned his schedules and timelines for getting homework done, managing play time and whatever else needed to be done. He became an expert at the archaic game of chess, a strategy game in which players moved 16 wooden pieces around a square board. Chess became the basis for his strategy, especially in his later years.

Finishing school at the age of eight, Julian attended a year at the Imperial Academy before entering the Kaliishi Guard. By his mere rank among peers, he was granted the rank of Lieutenant upon his first year. With his expertise in strategy, and his own moves amidst the royal court, Julian was able to work his way up to Captain before his tenth birthday. Sadly, however, his parents were unable to view his accomplishments, as they had both passed away the year before. A Baron in his own right, now, Julian continued to use strategy to achieve ends for himself.

As a Captain in the Kaliishi Guard, Julian distinguished himself quickly. He was instrumental in a near disaster involving a fleet of freighters owned by an influential member of the gentry that had run out of fuel between systems. Although the captain of the fleet was clearly in error, Julian appeased him by siphoning the fuel from his ships to give to theirs, suffering a small demotion from his superiors in the process. Always a master strategist, though, Julian used the incident to convince the owner of the freighter fleet to use his influence to gain his rank back, and then some. By the time the dust from the incident had settled, Julian emerged as a Rear Admiral in the Guard.

Another year passed, and Julian gained more experience. With it came rank as well, and by his twelfth birthday, he had made full Admiral. His career on the fast track, Julian manipulated and influenced his way to the top, using additional incidents and victories to his credit to achieve the position he prized, Lord Admiral of the Guard. After years of hard work and manipulation, he was granted the rank of Lord Admiral by Empress Nephle Divani in a special ceremony held at the palace.

Character Stats
Strength: 1/10
Agility: 1/10
Charisma: 6/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Wisdom: 8/10

Military Power:
(3) Lorhan Battlecruisers (One of which is his flagship. See Gear)
(8) Centurion Heavy Cruisers
(16) Aorha Light Cruisers

(6000) Dileth Fighters

(7000) Kaliishi Guard Officers
(12,000) Kaliishi Wing Guard Pilots
(6600) Kaliishi Enforcers
(3000) Kaliishi Special Enforcer Operatives

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