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Kelda [THS]
About You
Name: Jordan
Age: 18
How did you find us: Current Member
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Character basics
Name: Kelda
Age: 3 (appears as a girl of about ten or eleven)
Race: Creature, Naiad
Status: Water Nymph of a Mountain Stream

Character Appearance
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing marks: n/a
Portrayal: Abigail Breslin

Character Personality
-Marine Animals
-Playing pranks and causing mischief
-Other Animals (especially talking animals)
-People (once she gets to know them)

-People who make her stream dirty
-Overly serious people
-Salt Water
-Winter, when her stream freezes over
-Being judged by her appearance/age
-Not being able to go far from water

-Knows everything about her stream and water
-Good sense of humor
-Usually perky and happy

Weaknesses:-Plays pranks and jokes
-Can't stand salt water
-Can't stray far from water
-Cautious of most humans
-Mild temper

General Personality:

Character History
Parents: -None
Siblings: -None
General History:

Kelda was born when the frozen ice sheets and snow of the Narnian mountains began to melt after the hundred years of winter. Slowly, Kelda developed from a trickle, a few drops from melting icicles, to a small brook traversing the crevices and crags of the mountain, winding down to the hills and plains below.
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