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Character Development / Cast for tRoD RP
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Taylor KitschRiley VaughanNone Yet
Abigail BreslinEvangeline Veronica ErinthPicture Sig
Kristen BellMatron BerylPicture
Naomi WattsMatron Beryl's motherNone Yet
Michael CaineGentleman on the train/
Fitzgerald "Fitz" Crowley
Diora BairdDioraPicture
Crispin GloverCommander LindegrenNone Yet
Joaquim de AlmeidaDeacon ValhallaNone Yet
Peter StormareAdmiral WembleyNone Yet
She had run all the way from her house on Glendevon Boulevard, all the way from there without turning around to see if they were chasing her. Now she did, and Evangeline saw none but the normal traffic of the streets, no sharply-clad men with helmets and rifles with silver bayonets polished and cared for so well that they reflected the sun off their curved surfaces. No one who wore, as the stereotype was in other worlds, a long coat with glasses that disguised their face and walking with a purpose towards her with several other similarly clothed accomplices approaching from the opposite direction and the sides. No one except the regular passersby and their daemons, some of whom took a second look at the child who had been running past them not a minute before, but for the most part just ignored her. She was alone, at least in the sense relative to those who had been pursuing her. The wave of relief that washed over her allowed her to take a breath, and she realized that she had been holding it while she had scanned the streets for signs of the ones seeking her.

A lone step, undistinguished from the rest but for its closed door behind it and shut windows on its sides; the store it served was unoccupied and had been vacated for a while now. It caught her eye now, and the tired girl wandered over to it, as if drawn to the stoop. It seemed to call to her, 'Come, I have a place for you to sit your weary body and rest.' So she did, and her daemon changed from a wildcat to a mouse to scamper up the steps and into her hand. Evangeline took several minutes just to breath, allowing her lungs to fill with that precious air that running had exhausted her of. Her muscles were tense and her heart was still beating hard, thump-thump, thump-thump, like a drum when what she needed was a light string instrument. She closed her eyes, and heard a whisper, "It's ok now, they're gone, Eva." A smile crossed her face, her eyes still closed as she concentrated on regaining her strength, but her relief was hard to contain.

Evangeline leaned back against the door, painted a dark green color, ugly in the daylight, its paint chipped and flaked in some places. Opening her eyes, the girl felt her free hand running along its surface, feeling where the texture changed from the green paint layer to a lighter tan under it. There was a ridge there, irregular in shape and size, and her fingernails scraped it on her hand's removal. Returning her hand to the door's surface, she absentmindedly picked at the hole in the paint, flaking off more of the ugly green color. Her mind was racing with questions right now, and she couldn't sort it all out. Why had those soldiers been chasing her, wasn't her father a soldier? Why would they want to hurt her? And why was he arrested, at the college? Why were the soldiers guarding her house? Did they want her for some reason? With the way they had sprung into action after seeing her round the corner on Glendevon, it was hard not to shake that question out of her mind. But she asked none of this aloud, and so her daemon was unable to answer, but he felt her confusion and sorrow and became a ferret and ran up her arm to her shoulder, where he rubbed his soft, furry body against her neck and chin. The girl reached her hand up to him and brought him down to her breast, where she stroked him and hugged him against her body. Her voice was soft, barely above a whisper, and it came filled with confusion and anger and sorrow and a whole mess of emotions rolled together, much like the emotions in her heart. "Oh, Sirion, I'm so scared."

Her daemon had no answer for her; all he could do was mew in his ferret form and put his head to the fabric of her dress. But it was enough for her, and Evangeline sat there for a long while, with her hands cupping Sirion against her small body. It didn't seem to matter that just a half a mile away, uniformed men were searching building to building, turning out homes and shops, peering into the darkest and smallest of crevices to find one little girl. Nor that, miles away, a man was being constantly questioned, beaten, tortured and stripped of his dignity and honor while the General Oblation Board poked and prodded to obtain the answers they desired, even if they were not truthful or in any manner realistic or rational. All that seemed to matter, at the moment, was that child and daemon were together and that they both knew each other's fear and did the best they could to comfort the other. And while they did that, while Evangeline held little Sirion in his ferret form to her breast, she knew they were safe. It was a childish thought, but one that seemed to comfort her, and so she thought it. That was enough for her.

Glass shattered, piercing the silence that seemed to have overtaken the world while the girl and her daemon had been huddled in the stoop of an abandoned shop. A scream followed shortly and a clatter of metal jolted the child out of her feeling of tranquility. She stood, quickly, and glanced hurriedly down the street, her heart fluttering with fear. "It's them," Sirion said, and she nodded, already knowing what he had said to be true. A moment later, they were flying down the street as before, tearing through the crowds of people who stepped aside, and offering apologetic words and looks to those who were unfortunate enough not to do so. Sirion became a pigeon and he sprang into the air, circling around before resting on her shoulder, where he became a ferret again. "I don't think they saw us this time," he said. She glanced back and continued running, just in case. Her steps were beginning to falter, though, her breath irregular and her balance clumsy. Turning down another street, the girl headed into the center of town again, a plan forming in her head.

"I have to get out of here, Sirion," she paused for a moment, thinking. The plan was still forming, but she could see how it would all work, the intricate details could be figured out later. The girl continued, "We'll take a train, that'll work. They'll never catch us on one of those." Her words were firm and her resolve clear, but the daemon could still hear the fear that lined her words. He nodded silently, though, offering no opposition to her, no what-ifs that he would have done if this was some other dangerous activity, like climbing the church tower on the outside at St. Edwards, or trying to swim across the harbor. This was not a game, not a bet or some childish prank that could result in a spanking or staying inside the house for a week when she wasn't in school. No, this was real, and it seemed serious. Whatever the intent of those soldiers, neither Evangeline nor Sirion knew, but they knew that whatever happened, they could not allow themselves to fall into the hands of those soldiers.

Girl and daemon trudged onward, careful to glance behind them once in a while to make sure they were not being followed again. But their danger lingered elsewhere now, the soldiers too far behind them to catch up at the pace they were moving, and by the time that they did, she and Sirion would be long gone. That is, if all went according to plan. She didn't have enough money for a train fare, and if any of the compartments were checked by the soldiers, she was done for. But Evangeline had never stowed away before, and while she had good experience with hiding during the games she had played with friends on the streets of Liverpool, this was something different altogether. This was, as her mind kept reminding her, a serious matter, one that could change her life, perhaps. She could not afford to be wrong. I'm not wrong, the girl told herself, and if she repeated it enough, she began to believe it.

Onward the girl walked, passing through the upper district of Liverpool, with large stores where high-class residents and travelers shopped, and here and there a church or bank or some other prominent building. The streets became more crowded too, and the sidewalk so much that the traffic spilled over into the busy streets, causing angry shouts and jeering from the pedestrians and sharp whistles and beeps from the carriages and cars that clogged the downtown Liverpool streets. Evangeline found herself weaving in and out of the people crowded around her, though she was not sure which direction she should go. She considered asking someone until she saw a soldier on a corner, and instantly turned back the other way, no wanting to be spotted after making such an effort to avoid capture in the first place. A few lucky turns, though, and the girl sighted the great train station in the distance, a colossal building with a huge crowd swarming around its outer gates like water surging through a small dam or canal.

The train station was monstrous and there was no doubt in the girl's mind that she would be able to hide in here. Her daemon didn't seem as confident. "A-a-are you sure, Eva?" Sirion remained a sober second thought to Eva's own mind, but this time it seemed as if he didn't understand. Sure she was scared and probably thinking slightly irrationally, although she didn't see it that way. But Evangeline knew that, although her thoughts may lead to a situation that was dangerous, it was likely less so than the situation she was already in. She glared at Sirion, as if the mere force of her glare would change his mind. That might have worked when she was younger, but the ferret-shaped daemon had learned of her stubbornness over the years, and he kept his gaze locked into hers. If this were any other situation, the girl might have reconsidered immediately, and with tears in her eyes, begged Sirion to forgive her for trying to do something so stupid.

But this wasn't any other situation, this wasn't normal. She was being chased, hunted by soldiers who had already taken her father, perhaps her mother. She wasn't sure about her friends, about Bobby or Marci or Kevin or Jack or any of them. And the Scholars, but she was sure they'd be left alone. Evangeline hoped so. The Scholars of any college were important and usually influential, and St. Edward's College was no exception. The girl had only seen the Master of the College a few times, but each time she was afraid to approach him, quite contrary to the norm for her. She tended to be very outgoing and willing to talk with just about anyone who was within reach of her voice or feet. But the Master was different, his gaze was piercing and his whole presence was intimidating. If he had that kind of effect on her, Evangeline figured, he must have a similar effect on other men, powerful men even. Perhaps even on Church members as well.

Her mind settled back on the question at hand. The girl's eyes were still locked uncomfortably with her daemon's, and though she longed to break it, take him in and hug him and agree to whatever he said, she knew she could not. It broke her heart, but she kept her face stern. "I gotta, Sirion," she started, her voice wavering. "If I don't...those soldiers, they took my father. Maybe even Mother too." A tear streamed down her face, but amidst the pressing crowd, no one noticed but for her daemon. "I just gotta." A moment passed, but it seemed like forever to Evangeline. Her heart was beating wildly, if Sirion rejected her, oh, what could she do? She couldn't let herself be found, but she didn't want Sirion to be mad at her. Slowly, almost unwillingly, he nodded. Sirion understood, and although he still disapproved, there was nothing that he could do to convince his human likewise. He could see her conflict and how it tore her apart, and, wishing to spare her of all that mess, he agreed to her plan. He, like her, would rather have a stable human-daemon relationship than having his own way.

Soon Evangeline and her daemon joined the throng of people heading into the train station. Inside looked even larger than the exterior, with people heading this way and that, long lines of people waiting, benches and seats to sit comfortably until the trains came, and so many other areas that it was almost overwhelming. The girl had never been to the train station before, or if she had, it was when she was younger and she didn't quite remember it. It was almost too bad that she had to find some way to leave quickly, Evangeline would have liked the chance to explore the place a bit. Her daemon, sensing her desire, spoke softly to her, "Keep moving, you'll look out of place if you stand there." Nodding silently, the girl moved on. She headed towards the cluster of chairs and benches that formed an area of seating, arranged by the section of seating on the train. Those who paid the least for their tickets were seated at the far right of the building, in an area of hard, wooden benches and tile floors. For higher paying riders, the section in the middle of the building was filled with cushioned chairs and carpeting for maintaining comfort as well as patience. And holders of the tickets with the highest prices were ushered through twin glass doors with brass handles to a lounge with expensive chairs and seating, complete with a full bar and ash trays for those who smoked, cigars provided. Luckily for Evangeline, she was spared the decision of where to wait, a train pulled into the station. She watched it for a while, wary of remaining in place for too long, and an announcement came across the loudspeaker, identifying the train as one headed to Oxford, as well as a number of other places.

Delighted, the girl nearly jumped. Taking a moment to compose herself, she strode forward, joining the ranks of the middle-class ticket holders, or those not wanting to spend the extra money for a little better reception, who were filtering towards the boarding area. A steward stood at the door, taking tickets and counting the passengers. She'd have to get past him if she wanted to get on the train; her dress was far too nice to be taken for someone of lower class. Mingling among the crowd headed for the door, she tried to make herself as much a part of the crowd as she could. As she passed the steward, Evangeline moved with the step of the person to her side, on the opposite side of the steward, staying out of sight as much as she could. She nearly made it, too, until she heard a voice call, "Hey! Little girl. You there." Sullen, the girl turned to face the man. Sirion became a mouse and scampered up her dress sleeve, and she made a mental note to yell at him for it later; it was all she could do not to squirm with discomfort and pain as his little claws gripped the skin of her arm. "Where's your ticket, Miss?"

But Evangeline was quick, and she ran ahead, ignoring the shouts of the steward behind her. Sending a quick prayer up in whatever direction was necessary, she slipped her hand into the one of a gentleman standing in line. He looked at her in surprise, and she took that time to look him over. He was an older man, probably in his forties or early fifties, his hair greying at the temples and beginning to recede. He was dressed in a long suit that went well past his waist, with a vest and tie that befit a businessman. All the better for her, she thought. The steward caught up behind them and shouted at her, "Miss, come here. I need your ticket." The girl looked up into the eyes of the man, silently pleading with him not to spoil the ruse. If he did, she would be done for, finished for sure. Mouse-formed Sirion  clawed his way out onto her hand and ran up the outside of her dress, using Evangeline's distracted attention as a means to escape the scowl she would have ordinarily given him. Perched on her shoulder, he too tried to look the part needed to convince this gentleman to play along. There was something in the man's eyes, for a moment, and the girl thought she had imagined it. But it dawned on her that it was an understanding, and she prayed she had seen it. If not...the girl couldn't bear to think about what might happen.

The gentleman turned to the steward, who had repeated his statement with annoyance creeping into his tone. He said nothing, but looked at him calmly for a minute before turning back to Evangeline. As if he had just realized she were there, he exclaimed, "Oh, there you are, child." A brief smile and a reddish blush came over the girl's face, but she quickly forced it back. The man turned back to the steward and spoke to him, "Sir, did I not give you our tickets? Please let us board in peace or I will see to it that this station is aware of what kind of ill-mannered people they employ." Flabbergasted, the steward backed up, and bowed slightly before turning to run back to his post without saying another word. A grin did finally fill the girl's face, and she let it be there, satisfied that she wouldn't be caught any longer, for now at least. Hearing a whisper, she listened until she realized it was the gentleman speaking to her in a hushed voice. "You're going to have a lot of explaining to do, little miss." Her smile disappeared, and Evangeline only nodded as she boarded the train with the man, hands clasped together, Sirion still attendant on her shoulder. This was going to be a long ride, she was sure.
Roleplay Threads / HDM:tRoD RP Thread :: Two Parts so far
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Cast list for HDM:tRoD

Taylor KitschRiley VaughanPicture
Abigail BreslinEvangeline Veronica ErinthPicture Sig
Kristen BellMatron BerylPicture
Naomi WattsMatron Beryl's motherNone Yet
Michael CaineGentleman on the train/
Fitzgerald "Fitz" Crowley
Diora BairdDioraPicture
Crispin GloverCommander LindegrenNone Yet
Joaquim de AlmeidaDeacon ValhallaNone Yet
Peter StormareAdmiral WembleyNone Yet
About You:
Alias: Jordan
Age: 17
Other contact information: MSN:
RPG Experience: About 3 1/2 years roleplaying, writing, etc. I've had about a year of Hogwarts RPing, as well as several years of roleplaying Star Trek and Star Wars.
How'd you hear about UH: Link from a topsite list.

Name: Evangeline Erinth
Nickname: Eva
Gender: Female
Blood: Muggle Blood
Ethnicity: English
Birthdate/Age/Year: April 13, 1991/Eleven Years Old/First Year
Birthplace: Chichester, England
Residence: When she's not at school, her parent's house in Chichester.
Character Statistics:
   Height: 4'5"
   Weight: 86 lbs.
   Eye Color: Deep Brown
   Hair Color: Dark Brown

Physical Description: Evangeline is rather small for her age, standing at only four feet, five inches, while most of her age-peers are several inches higher. Her body is of medium build, strange for her gender. It results from spending time outdoors playing and, as a result of being a tomboy, roughhousing with other children, building up her strength to be able to compete with other children, especially boys.

Evangeline has a fair complexion, not white, but not quite brown either. Her skin is lightly tanned from spending time outdoors, but refuses to tan at the same rate as others, granting her a half-tanned skin color. She has two light stripes on her shoulders, tan lines from where the top of her swimsuit normally covers, which only shows when she is wearing a low-cut dress or shirt.

She is very much a tomboy, never really interested in appearance or "girly" playthings. She hardly ever wore a dress, or even a skirt and blouse, before coming to Hogwarts. She even requested that she be able to wear the part and shirt of the boy's uniform, but her request was turned down, much to her disappointment. When she can, she slips into jeans and a shirt, which are far more comfortable for her. She also doesn't care too much about her looks, and shies away from the use of makeup and other "beauty products" to make herself look better.

Evangeline's hair has a natural gleam to it that makes it appear more golden brown than the darker brown that it truly is. It reaches to her mid-back when let down, which is most of the time. The only time she has ever worn her hair up was at her cousin's wedding, and she hated it.

Her face is characterized mostly by her smile, which is warm and comforting when it appears. When she smiles, her cheeks softly dimple, and her eyes look smaller than they are, moving aside for her smile to make its appearance. Her eyes are a dark brown and are naturally larger, and curious. They often look deeper than they really are, and a clever eye might see more through her eyes than she reveals through her mouth.

   Father: Evangeline's father is Augustine Erinth, a forty-year-old math teacher at the local high school. He is a Muggle, and feels that technology can and does more than magic ever could, but is delighted that Evangeline has the ability to use magic. Although he prefers technology, he feels that having practical knowledge of both is in the best interests of humans. He refers to neither of his daughters as his favorite, but has leaned more towards Evangeline since learning of her magical abilities.
   Mother: Evangeline's mother is Rebecca Erinth, a thirty-seven-year-old senior accountant for a local accounting firm. She is also a Muggle, but is more neutral on the subject of magic versus technology. Rebecca is somewhat disappointed in Evangeline's tomboyish-ness, and is disappointed that she will only have the summertime and future summers to realign her daughter to the "ways of women," as she calls it. While Augustine loves both his daughters, and shows it, equally, Rebecca has clearly favored Evangeline's sister over the years.
   Sister: Evangeline's sister is Nicole Erinth, who is fifteen years old. She is, as her mother and father are, a Muggle, but thinks that magic is "cool" and has been pressing Evangeline to show her some magic since Evangeline was accepted to Hogwarts. Nicole is more in tune with what her mother refers to as the "ways of women" in that she uses makeup and dresses as a girl should, according to Nicole and Evangeline's mother.
Personality: Evangeline's own perspective on her personality would reveal a large concentration of focus on her perceived wit. She likes to make comments that are drawn from things other people say or write to amuse herself and others, though she mostly only amuses herself. When that happens, and she succeeds in only amusing herself, Evangeline often stops to explain her comment and its source to her audience. She has found that most people don't understand her comments, and although it is a chore to explain it to others, she finds it bearable for the purposes of satisfying her own amusement.

Evangeline considers herself fairly intelligent, and should she have known the term and its usage, she would consider herself an intellect. She enjoys acquiring knowledge simply for the purposes of doing so, and her major sources are through parents, teachers and books. She has a few favorite subject, such as history, but the majority of her learning is about subjects that she finds fascinating at the moment or just simply something she wishes to know more about. Although she does not consider herself a bookworm, but she finds that she does enjoy reading in the late hours of the night before bed, instead of playing video games or watching the television as other children do in her hometown. Hence, she has found life at Hogwarts easy to adapt to, with its absence of technology that forces its students to read books or talk to one another, instead of surfing the web or playing Super Smash Bros until 3 AM.

Friends are of an odd mix for Evangeline. Despite her tendencies to participate in the physical activities associated with the male gender, she is an intellect, which is stereotypically associated with the female gender. This presents both as a problem and an opportunity. The problem for her is that her female friends who are intellectuals often judge her preference of playing physically with boys rather than playing more imaginatively and creatively, or experimenting with her appearance, with girls. On the reverse side, many of her male friends who are playmates view her intelligence as a barrier, or even a hindrance against having a strong bond. The opportunity, however, for Evangeline, is being able to associate more comfortably with both genders rather than leaning to one or the other.

As noted in the physical description section, Evangeline is also a tomboy. She enjoys participating in physical activities that mostly involve boys more so than the imaginative games normally played by girls, which usually involve dolls or roleplaying, or worse (in her mind) trying out makeup. She would prefer to be outside, trying to pin one of her friends to the ground than to be stuck inside, waiting for Ken to arrive so Barbie can go to the mall or trying to figure out what mascara does. Evangeline views this as a reason why she doesn't have any friends who can appreciate all the things she does and says, not just part of them.

Evangeline also has a strong determination to succeed in these normally-outdoor physical activities. Other boys sometimes put her down or exclude her from playing in their games, and thus doing so, has built up Evangeline's determination to prove herself to them. In this way, she has built up a strong will to succeed in physical activities and competitions, so much so that this will sometimes assist and enhance her natural abilities and allow her to succeed.

Evangeline has a few pet peeves, especially when it comes to other people. She hates people who act stupid, by conscious decision or even sometimes by pure ignorance. She often compares people to herself, and measures their accomplishments and behaviors to her own. This causes her to look down on others who haven't been able to do what she can do, nor act as she does. It also causes her to be jealous of those who are able to do more and act in a better way than she can. Another of her pet peeves deals with food. She can't stand people who use weird combinations of food, like peanut butter and potato chips, or ketchup on macaroni and cheese. She also has an itch for people who don't spell correctly or use proper grammar. This often gets her into arguments and irritates those of whom she corrects grammar.

The one thing that Evangeline hates more than everything else is people whom she views as ordering her about just because they can, or trying to run her life. She has a memory that she will refer to whenever asked about her resistance to authority. When she was in year six, in the after school care program, the children were outside playing on the grounds. She asked the supervisor if she could go to the bathroom, and the supervisor gave her five minutes. When she returned, she had gone past the five minutes, and had to take another five minutes as a time-out. To her, the supervisor, who had been of college age, was simply trying to use his authority to boss others around. Since that time, Evangeline has hated people who use their authority just to feel powerful or to prove something.

Character Strengths: Although possessing a small body, Evangeline excels at playing outdoor games such as football (soccer) and dodgeball, or even simple tag. While she may not be the champion wrestler, she tries her best, and a few times has been able to bring down an opponent her size. Evangeline possesses a strong will to exceed, especially when equally matched. Sometimes this determination to succeed assists her natural strength and help her to succeed.

Evangeline's variety of interests in play and learning allow her to have a variety of friends. This doesn't always happen, but she has found that she is more adept at making friends with both genders than other children of her gender. The notion of "cooties" doesn't bother her like it does stereotypically for other girls or boys and does not inhibit her Evangeline from making friends in either gender. Thus, if all friend-making was up to her, everyone would make friends easily with Evangeline. Sadly, though, the world doesn't work like that, and other children aren't always as comfortable with making friends with someone who acts or is like Evangeline.

Evangeline has always had a strong thirst for learning. She likes a few particular subjects, especially history, and people of history, but her reading is generally across the board depending on what subject she has an urge to learn about at that time. She insists she isn't a bookworm, but admitted on her ninth birthday that books were her favorite present, even though they were only good for about one read, and then the information is learned and the book useless, except for reference. At school, Evangeline is voracious about knowing the information that the lesson contains and will often pester her teacher to get extra tidbits of information. She has a particular passion for learning how things connect, not just learning how one thing is but how it relates to other things, especially events in history.

Evangeline is often considered intelligent. Indeed she has excelled at school in the Muggle world, finding particular ease with history, math and gym. This curious combination has allowed her to appear smart, while being balanced between academic excellence and athletic excellence. In gym class she loves to play dodge ball, and in history she loves learning about early civilizations and medieval times. Math, much to her father's delight, is another strong area for her, and she is often the first to complete the math assignments in class.
Character Weaknesses: Evangeline's versatility towards friends is accompanied by a barrier as well. Many of her friends prefer one or another aspect of her, not both. This can cause her female friends, most of whom are intellectuals, to abandon her when she wants to play outside, and her male friends to do likewise when she wants to just talk or play imaginative or creative games. This creates confusion within Evangeline, preventing her from acting like herself in a tomboyish way around girls, and preventing her from acting like an intellectual around boys. Her true self becomes hidden and her portrayal to others is normally always half-complete, not wholly complete.

Evangeline's judgment of others, compared to herself, often makes it difficult for her to see others in a good light. She gets so focused on comparing them to her that she forgets that they are human and have faults, just as she does. This tendency often makes her lose the chance to be friends with some people or to take advantage of what others have to offer, leaving her behind while others ride ahead, causing her to be jealous of them and start the whole process over again. This also inhibits those that would be friends, for she views boys, in general, as mostly unintelligent, unfit to discuss subjects of an intellect, and views girls, in general, as mostly un-athletic, missing out on the fun to be had in playing outdoor games.

Character Likes: Evangeline enjoys being outside, much more so than being inside. She feels more at home in the outside air than in the choked, stuffy air inside. She isn't claustrophobic, but every once in a while, she feels as if she is being constrained when she is inside, even if she is inside a large room. As well as feeling more at home, most of her playtime takes place outside, where she plays mostly with boys in games such as football (soccer) and dodgeball.

Evangeline isn't fond of boys in a sexual way yet, but she often finds them more appealing than their female counterparts. She is drawn to them only because they have some of the same physical tendencies as she does, although she doesn't consider them, in general, as smart as her; or girls in general. Despite their lesser intellect, Evangeline would usually consider herself closer to boys than to girls, in terms of companionship and comfort in groups of those genders.

Evangeline enjoys following sports and she tries to attend most of the games played by Chichester High School. She especially likes football (soccer), and is a fan of the Chelsea team; and their games are about the only thing she watches on the television. When she heard that the magic world had its own sport, she convinced her parents to purchase several books on the topic so she could study up on Quidditch. She was disappointed to learn that only second year students and older could play, but looks forward to at least going to watch the games and enjoying them that way.
Character Dislikes: Evangeline has an itch for people who act unintelligent or have no common sense. Although she might not be very clever in an academic sense, her quest for answers grants her more knowledge than most her age. From this standard, Evangeline measures others' supposed knowledge, and thus their appropriate behavior based on their knowledge and their level of and use of common sense. This often means that, although she enjoys playing with them, Evangeline looks down on boys in the classroom, when she is trying to learn and satisfy her curiosity.

Evangeline doesn't care very much for making her appearance look perfect, or like models in magazines. She could care less about how her nose compares to Jennifer Lopez's or how Hillary Duff gets that particular look. She cares little for makeup or creams or any other kinds of beauty-care products. Evangeline would prefer to spend her time reading, playing outside, watching football or continuing her quest for knowledge. This sets her apart from other girls and often makes her uncomfortable talking and being around girls who enjoy comparing themselves to famous actors and putting on makeup and other beauty-care products.
History/Background: Shortly after she was born, Evangeline's father was accepted to a position at a college near London. Seeing the opportunity to advance his career, he moved his family to a house in a suburb outside of London and went to work at the college. The family soon adjusted, and two years later, Nicole started Primary School. Evangeline started preschool that same year. The Erinths had lived peacefully and happily in their house for four years, until Evangeline was nearly five, when her grandmother took ill.

Evangline's grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer. She entered a local hospital for treatment, and Evangeline's father took it upon himself to visit and support her. He took a leave of absence from the college to help her between visits to the hospital and a year later, convinced Evangeline's mother to move the family back to Chichester. They moved in to Evangeline's grandmother's house, while her grandmother remained in treatment. The doctors did what they could for her, but they were tied by the ineffectiveness of their treatments. They were only able to prolong her life, and six months after the family had moved back to Chichester, the doctors granted Evangeline's grandmother only two months to live. She was checked out of the hospital and Evangeline's father tried to make her comfortable at home and keep her there, but she refused to be cooped up inside during her last days, and insisted she be let out to live life to the fullest. Two weeks later, while returning from a day trip to London, she was found dead in her car on the side of the road. The police identified her body and notified the family appropriately.

Although they had known of Evangeline's grandmother's impending death for a while, the inaccuracy of the doctor's statement hit her parents hard. They had hoped to have another six weeks with Augustine's mother, but were devastated when her life was cut several weeks short of the doctor's prediction. But while Augustine sunk into depression, quitting his job at the college, Rebecca took charge. She organized the funeral plans, dealt with members of the family and friends of her mother-in-law, and got a job at a local accounting firm to support the family. Nicole was sad for weeks afterwards, and for a long while, she protested having to go to school. But Evangeline seemed to escape the trauma. She had not grown up living with her grandmother, as her sister, Nicole, had done, nor had she grown attached to her grandmother. She was unable to feel the same level of sorrow and on some levels she didn't understand her grandmother's death. It didn't help when she overheard her mother telling her sister that her grandmother was just gone on a long vacation, and they would see her again. Although that might have been true in a spiritual sense, young Evangeline took it literally, and believed that her grandmother would be sitting at home when she got out of school, or would burst through the door just as the family was sitting down to eating one night. It took several years for Evangeline to get over this idea and come to terms with the fact that her grandmother had passed away.

Having escaped the effects of her grandmother's death, Evangeline was able to progress through life and school normally. She excelled in her classes, taking a fond interest in history and math, the latter much to her father's delight. He began looking for jobs again, and found one at the local high school. He began teaching freshman-level math at Chichester High School and found his passion there. Years later, when he was approached to accept a job once again at a college, he declined, saying his place was in the High School, not the college. Nicole did well in school as well, finding an easy transition to the secondary school level, where she found a group of friends to hang out with and support her. She would often spend evenings at so-and-so's house, meeting with all the girls in her social group, to talk, look at magazines, or try on makeup. Evangeline went to one of her sister's evening parties and found that she strongly disliked them.

Evangeline's mother continued to work at the local accounting firm, going to night school to train for her test to become an accountant on her own right. For many years she attended night school, until Evangeline was nine, when she finally earned her degree, and a few months later, her certification. Although she stayed with the firm, she was promoted to a full-time accountant and the benefits and pay that came with it. With the increase in pay, Evangeline's mother and father considered sending their daughters to private school, but decided against it at the time, even though they had the financial resources to do so.

In the summer of Evangeline's tenth year, she was playing outside when she found a small black bird huddled among the tall grass that grew around the school. Hiding it until the end of the day, she took the bird home and hid it in her dresser until that evening. She suggested getting a pet that night at dinner, and when her parents seemed supportive, she introduced them to the bird she now called Tetzel. Her parents were shocked at first by the bird, which turned out to be a crow, but grew to accept it. They provided Evangeline with books on how to raise birds and care for them, as well as providing a cage, food and toys for Tetzel. Evangeline hated to put Tetzel in his cage, so he remained loose for the majority of the time, and returned to his cage only to eat and drink when he couldn't find anything outside.

Over the summer, Evangeline and Tetzel grew in their relationship. She learned some of his body language, and a few of his calls, and he learned how to understand some of her words and commands. Evangeline spent many hours outside just talking to Tetzel, and was amused by the way that the bird would tilt his head to the side and then quickly nod, as if he understood what she was saying, even though he often did the opposite of what she wanted him to do. The neighborhood kids grew to like Tetzel as well, especially when he helped Evangeline's team when they were playing football (soccer) by grabbing pebbles and dropping them on the heads of the opposing teammates. As winter fell, however, and the outside activity fell, Tetzel spent most of the time indoors. On warmer days, he would venture outside with Evangeline, but for the most part, during the winter, Tetzel was a rare sight to see outside.

Tetzel not only provided an amusement, but he was someone to whom Evangeline could talk to freely and feel comfortable talking to. He seemed to understand her, even when she thought what she was talking about was far beyond his comprehension. Tetzel became Evangeline's confidante, she shared her every secret with him, and her sorrows and accomplishments. When she was sad, Tetzel comforted her by rubbing her ear with his soft-feathered head. When she was happy, Tetzel would caw with glee, though sometimes so much that Evangeline had to tell him to keep quiet, lest he bother the rest of the house and force her to get rid of him. Evangeline began to think of Tetzel as another person, though one in the form of a crow.

When she received her letter from Hogwarts, amidst her delight, Evangeline was worried that she would not be able to bring Tetzel. Evangeline's message in response to the letter contained a request to bring Tetzel along, even though he was not an Owl, a Toad or a Cat. For many days, she fretted over the possible response, until one finally arrived, saying that she could bring Tetzel, as long as she provided a roost and food for him, for he would not be sharing the owlery with the school and student-brought owls. She happily agreed and was delighted at the fact that she could bring along her closest friend and companion to the school with her.

Special Attributes: Other than being a tomboy, Evangeline doesn't really have any special attributes.
Pet: A black-feathered crow named Tetzel. Tetzel is a small bird, small compared to other crows, and takes advantage of his size to perch on Evangeline's shoulder. He has a sharp caw that he uses to call out warnings or when he is faced with someone or something he doesn't like. He can understand what Evangeline says, or so it seems, but the translation is more difficult the other way around. Tetzel's calls aren't always understood by Evangeline, she only knows a few by heart. However, she understands his body language, such as when Tetzel nibbles on her ear in affection, or taps his right leg on her shoulder just before he takes off.
Wand: Pernambuco (also called Brazilwood), nine and five-eighths inches, slightly flexible but not springy, griffin feather. The griffin feather causes the wand to be more adept at charms and especially with spells involving precious medals and gems or sight, because of the griffin's magical tendencies towards those items. The Pernambuco wood, found in the depths of the Brazilian rain forest, is hardly known to western wand-makers, and rarely are these wands found in stores outside of South America. The wood possesses a tendency towards hex spells, especially those once used by the witches of the woman-warriors of the Amazon. Despite its strange origin and components, this wand was found on the dusty shelves of a wand shop on Diagon Alley, tucked away in the back on the bottom of the furthest shelf from the store's entrance.
Pine, nine and five-eighths inches, slightly flexible but not springy, unicorn hair. The pine wood is good for most spells that require clarity and preciseness. It does well in rituals of keeping or preservation as well as in divining or scrying practices. It can also be used to uncover illusions, calm passions and clear the mind. The unicorn hair is also used for calming the mind, as well as preserving balance, soothing agitation and as it is from a creature who is immortal, it does well in any health-related spells. The wand as a whole is calm and precise, though somewhat cold. It is good for both charms and transfiguration, and it could be good at divination if the owner excelled as well. This wand provides excellent results at procuring images of the past or memory-strengthening spells, but is not suitable for the dark arts.

Significant Items: A wooden flute, given to her by her father for her eighth birthday. She tries to play it, but without proper music, or even proper training, she often fails or produces awkward sounds that barely resemble music. She would like to learn how to play the flute, but her dissatisfaction with previous attempts at playing it discourages her from asking someone for instruction.
Preferred House: Ravenclaw. "Where those of wit and learning will always find their kind." Evangeline's seemingly insatiable curiosity and her love of sarcasm makes her the perfect candidate for the house. Any other house simply wouldn't do her justice. She isn't all that brave and courageous, she can be hardworking at times but that isn't her forte, and she isn't one to disregard all thoughts of order and kindness just to get what she wants. She wants friends, sure, she'll stick up for friends, sure, she'll work hard, sure, but the house that best fits her would be Ravenclaw.
Sample Post: One of the kids on the train had told her to change, they would arrive at the school soon. Eager to pass the time until the train arrived at the school, Evangeline headed off to the one of the bathrooms to change. There were other girls in the bathroom, checking out their new attire for the school. Passing them, the girl headed for the back of the bathroom, grabbing the counter for a moment to steady herself as the train bumped and rattled the car. Entering the last stall, Evangeline dumped her bag on the ground and started to change.

When she pulled out the skirt that was part of her uniform, her enthusiasm fell. She looked at it scornfully, wishing that it would just disappear. Why a skirt, she wanted to ask. What could provoke someone to include a skirt as part of the uniform? Weren't pants enough? Couldn't girls, just as well as boys, wear pants? She gave a sigh, resigned to her fate, a sigh that made the girls outside stop talking for a moment, and with narrowed eyes at the skirt, she began to put it on.

It was too short. Evangeline could feel the cool air swirling around her upper legs, and it made her uncomfortable. Any higher, she thought, and the skirt would cover nothing but the waist. Disgusted, she pulled on the rest of her uniform and then turned to the robe. At least they're full length, she thought. She stuck her arm into one of the robe's sleeves and then her other arm, and pulled it up to her shoulders and around her body. The robe did at least flatten the skirt down to her legs, so that the air didn't circulate so much and bother her. She was glad for that at least.

Gathering up the rest of her clothes, she headed back out to the compartment she had been sitting in. She tossed her bag back up onto the luggage shelf and sat down. If there had not been other students sitting in the compartment, her arms would have folded and the girl would have gone into a pout. She very much wanted to, but resisted, fearing that others would get a poor impression of her even before they arrived at the school. But the fact was simple and plain, she didn't like skirts.
[float=left][/float][float=right][/float]Name: Evangeline Veronica Erinth

Group: Human (Lyra's World)

Age: 12

Physical Description : Evangeline is rather small for her age, standing at only four feet, ten inches, while most of her age-peers are several inches higher. Her body is of medium build, strange for her gender. It results from spending time outdoors playing and, as a result of being a tomboy, roughhousing with other children, building up her strength to be able to compete with other children, especially boys.

Evangeline has a fair complexion, not white, but not quite brown either. Her skin is lightly tanned from spending time outdoors, but refuses to tan at the same rate as others, granting her a half-tanned skin color.

She is very much a tomboy, as much as she can be in her world, never really interested in appearance or "girly" playthings. She barely cares for frilly dresses and tidiness, only paying attention when someone else makes her. She also doesn't care too much about her looks, and shies away from the use of makeup and other "beauty products" to make herself look better.

Evangeline's hair has a natural gleam to it that makes it appear more golden brown than the darker brown that it truly is. It reaches to her mid-back when let down, which is most of the time. The only time she has ever worn her hair up was at her cousin's wedding, and she hated it.

Her face is characterized mostly by her smile, which is warm and comforting when it appears. When she smiles, her cheeks softly dimple, and her eyes look smaller than they are, moving aside for her smile to make its appearance. Her eyes are a dark brown and are naturally larger, and curious.

Daemon name: Sirion
Daemon form : Sirion has not yet settled into a single form yet, so he is able to shift from one form to the next. He has a few favorite forms that he appears as, most notably a mouse, ferret, and fox. When in the form of a mouse, Sirion is a common house mouse, scrawny with an unkept coat, although he has the habit of cleaning himself when in that form. As a ferret, he appears as a sandy-colored ferret with panda markings on his face. His fox is an arctic fox with an extremely sheen coat and slender body, and his tail as a fox is not as bushy as most.

[float=right][/float]Character History : Born to the happy couple, Rayleine and Nathaniel Erinth, Evangeline Veronica Erinth was brought up in a loving household for the early years of her life. Nathaniel was a soldier, but when there were no wars or missions for him to fight in, he stood as a guard at St. Edward's College, in their home city of Liverpool. Rayleine was a seamstress, but she preferred to complete her tasks at home so that she could watch her daughter. The family was not very well off, but they weren't exactly poor, and the income that Nathaniel brought in when he went on missions carried them well for several months following.

When Evangeline was old enough, she attended schooling when her parents could afford it. Other times, she wandered around St. Edward's College while her father was on duty. She picked up some information from the school and from the Scholars at St. Edward's College, not a complete knowledge, but it was nowhere near being a sort of patchwork quilt of knowledge. Her lessons at school were consistent and the knowledge she picked up at the college, she nagged the Scholars to elaborate on after classes, so she usually learned the whole picture, even if she didn't understand it all.

When she wasn't in school or hanging around the college, Evangeline liked to play with the other children around Liverpool. There were games that they would play, childish games that were derived from one such event or rumor, and sometimes were just an excuse to explore some forbidden place or dare a child to go into a building or area that provoked fear. Girls played as well as boys, but most of the girls' families weren't as well off. Evangeline didn't judge them, but she herself was sometimes judged for playing in the streets instead of staying at home and learning how to sew or cook or whatever else someone thought a proper girl should be doing. It was of little consequence to her, as the result was almost always that she would beat them in the ensuing fight, or that Sirion would be more intimidating than the other child's daemon.

[float=left][/float]As Evangeline's father was a soldier, he was occasionally called away on missions to serve as part of the guard, like diplomatic journeys to the Tartars or hunts into the deep jungle of Africa. These were usually fairly short, a few months, most no longer than half a year, but Evangeline's mother worried about how the long absences were affecting her development. But when he returned, Nathaniel would shower his wife and daughter with gifts and spin tales of his journeys to the far corners of the world that intrigued and interested Evangeline to no end, which seemed to make up for his long absences.

When she was ten, her father was called again for another mission, this time accompanying a group of Church members to the North, on some sort of expedition or delivery of some sort. Nathaniel suggested to Rayleine that Evangeline accompany him on his trip. She disagreed at first, but when Nathaniel hinted at it to Evangeline, she grew so excited that her mother could not refuse. So she set out with her father and his squad to accompany the Church group, members of some council called the General Oblation Board. Evangeline didn't know what they were, other than what she was told, that they dabbled in experimental theology and were trying to find out about Dust, whatever that was. It didn't make much sense to her at all, so she simply disregarded it. Instead, she enjoyed the time with her father and the sights that they saw.

The North was beautiful, with its slopes and valleys like a mountain range, but just as dangerous with its deep crevices and long plains that hid the edges of steep cliffs. Amidst the beauty and danger, though, was the task laid before the expedition, to deliver supplies to the Station, named Bolvangar by the soldiers and townspeople in the last city they passed through, a small port town called Trollesund that was the last place to stock up on stores for the journey ahead. The trek across the ice-swept North was treacherous, but a great experience for Evangeline. She became a favorite among the soldiers and even some of the Church members grew fond of her. They showed her how to lash the packs to the sleds in the morning so they would stay on all day, but be able to untie them in a hurry if they needed to get at something. She learned where the heartiest of plants survived in the cold northern landscape, and the hidden pools of water that looked only centimeters deep, but were instead deep holes into the ocean water below. The priests and clergy taught her about the General Oblation Board and how it had set up the Station to help children and to figure out why daemons stayed the same when they were older. Naive as she was, she had no reason not to believe them, and so she did, at least until they reached the Station, Bolvangar.

Once at the station, the sleds were unloaded, and the Church members delivered the supplies that the Station evidently needed. It didn't look like supplies, there wasn't very much food or fuel, just instruments and power cells for anbaric generators. Evangeline was housed in the girls dormitories at the Station, as there was no private room in the soldier's barracks for her to stay with her father. In the dorms, she learned the awful truth: that the Station was really an experimental laboratory that Church theologians used to play with children and their daemons. They would measure them for this Dust, which no one really understood, and then one by one, they would take them away, never to return. She was able to mingle a bit with the scientists, not being restricted to the routines of the real children there, and played dumb and innocent to learn more about what was going on. The terms intercision and operation were passed around and she heard about the results of some tests done on children.

And then, on the last day that the expedition stayed at the Station, she was eating with the other children when one of the staff announced that one child would be staying behind while the rest went on with their day. Curious as to what happened to the children, Evangeline followed at a long distance. The staff member led the child to the lab and two men in white coats came out and escorted the child in. When the coast was clear, she crept up to the window in the door and looked through, having to stand on her tiptoes to do so. She convinced Sirion to go into the room in a fly form, to see what was going on, and he flew in and landed on the ceiling above the lab. And then Evangeline witnessed the real purpose for the Station, why, although she knew not the meaning, the facility was referred to as Bolvangar, the Fields of Evil.

Horrified, Evangeline shrieked and drew the attention of the scientists. They ran to try to catch her, but she was too fast, Sirion at her side in the form of a leopard. She outran them and charged headlong into the assembling group of soldiers and her father, getting ready to head out. The scientists didn't bother to check amongst the soldiers but headed in another direction while her father dressed her and led her outside so she wouldn't get overheated in the heavy furs she wore. Safe from the scientists, at the moment, Evangeline headed back with the expedition to home again, no one being the wiser about her discovery at Bolvangar.

Once back in Brytain, she told her father what she had seen. He seemed as shocked as she was, but ordered her to keep silent about the whole affair. If word got out that she knew, he said, Church members would try to find her and silence her. It was a mistake to take her a long, he said, and blamed himself for her discovery. She tried to convince him otherwise, that it wasn't his fault at all and that he should spread the word about what was really happening. He refused, and booked an immediate passage back to Liverpool for them, eager to get back to the safety of their home.

The scientists at the Station, having no luck in their search, sought to find out the identity of the child who had seen them and whom they had chased with no success. They soon realized that she was the daughter of one of the soldiers on the expedition that had brought them a new blade to test in the process of intercision. It wasn't long before they discovered the identity of that soldier, and sent officials to apprehend him. But he had already gone from the port that the expedition had departed from, and the officials tracked him back to Liverpool after a week of investigation. It didn't take more than a few days after that to position their forces for an arrest. Evangeline was at St. Edward's College with her father during his duty hours and was wandering around when she saw the officials arrest her father and drag him away. She split from the College and tried to head back home, but was forced away when she saw several soldiers stationed outside her house, waiting for her. With nowhere left to turn, she took to the streets and disappeared among the great city of Liverpool.
It was unusually warm for a November day, though Sarai didn't mind. Warm weather in the season leading up to winter was a blessing, especially in the Scottish highlands, where the Hogwarts castle was located. Even after being outside for just a few minutes, she already felt warm. The heavy black cloth of her school robes weighed down on her shoulders and around her torso, creating thick folds for air to gather and heat up, as it did. The girl strode quickly across the grounds, putting the heat out of her mind. It wasn't too uncomfortable, anyways, so she could deal with it. For now, at least.

It was almost warm enough to dress down, perhaps in something that would allow her more movement. Like b-girling, she thought. To carry out her boombox charmed to work by magic instead of electricity, and set in her favorite tape. The ground was flat enough in some places, she could do it.
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A mid-afternoon sun was shining down, burning up the grass beneath Michael's feet as he walked and playing across his face. Taking his glasses from his face for a moment with one hand, Michael used the other to rub his eyes vigorously before he replaced them. Looking about with a refreshed view, the third year noticed many students milling about, but none that he could place. Skirting around the edges of such crowds, couples or single strangers, Michael slowly made his way down to the lake. His blonde hair dropped across his face in a futile attempt to shield his pale skin from the burning rays, and beads of sweat began to roll down his back. It was a weekend, and what was probably going to be the last sun they had like this in quite some time - Autumn should really be well under way, today seemed to be an extreme weather condition that happened once in a while.

Once he had reached the bank of the wide lake, Michael glanced around to make sure that he wasn't too near to anyone to be disturbing them, then flopped down on the grass. Gentle he dipped fingertips into the upper surface of the water, feeling it cool and welcoming against his flesh. Pulling them out as he thought of the squid, he once again thought how unfair it was that there was no swimming pool in the school. It was one of his few complaints; for who would want to swim in the lake and risk encountering the wrath of the giant squid? Adjusting his wand so that it wasn't jabbing into his leg from its place in his school robes, Michael wondered what others would be doing this Saturday if not enjoying the grounds. He was glad he had little homework, for it meant he needn't spend the whole day working while the sun shone outside. Glancing down, Michael scuffed about in the grass for a stone and soon found one. He picked it up in one hand and drew back his hand before he threw it at the lake. It skewed about 5 metres off from where he had aimed, and fell into the lake with a doleful plop. Skipping rocks wasn't Michael's forte.
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Finally, she thought, Some real magic. No more boring talk about how or why this or that worked. It was about time they started some real magic, rather than just lighting the tip of their wands. That was all fun when you were in the dark, though pointless in the classroom. Alohomora, though, was actually practical
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The girl sighed as she slid into her seat. Charms, one of her better classes, would hopefully be the one to cheer her up today. It was Friday, one of the most anticipated days of the week. Friday meant the week was almost over, which meant that the weekend was drawing close. The weekend, which meant time for flying on one of the school's brooms, which meant sitting around and talking with no care for the time it took, and would soon mean Hogsmeade trips for the thirteen-year-old. But did this day, the day that ended the week for students and announced the freedom of the weekend, have to be so gloomy? The constant drizzle meant everything would be wet that night or tomorrow, which was typically a sign of more damp weather on the way for the Scottish land where the school was located. Well, the girl thought as she completed her sigh, prompted by a glance out the window, there goes my weekend.

She had followed the instructions on the board. Each seat had a chest with a name engraved on it, and students had been hard at work searching to find their's. Finally she had found the one that had the name Sarai Stafford in scrolling letters across the top. The girl dropped her bag as she sat down and sighed, leaning over after her minute's ponder to extract her quill, paper and wand from her bag. The board had given away the lesson's topic, and Sarai didn't expect any new material to be covered, the lesson hadn't changed in the past two years already. It was an exciting charm for first years, as she had found it exciting in her first year, relishing the thrill of reciting the incantation of "Alohomora" and watching or listening to the old fashioned locks on the school's doors click open and swing wide for her to pass through.

Taking some time to glance around the room, Sarai found the faces of some of her other yearmates and friends. She nodded at Conner, a third year Gryffindor like Michael, just a few seats away. She hadn't talked with him much, probably to her own fault, and so she didn't know him that well. Still, he was in Gryffindor and a third year, so sooner or later she was bound to get to know him. Maybe even that evening, as if there would be anything better to do. With the rain on, and unless Michael could think of something, she would most likely end up just practicing her dance, talking or doing homework, much as she didn't like to before the weekend.

Leaning back in her seat, Sarai smiled as a sharp first year raised his hand and blurted out a textbook answer to the professor's question. She occupied herself with resting her hand over her wand, anxious to get on to the actual application of the spell, once the professor had finished explaining the concept. It was difficult to wait, she loved Charms and excelled in the class, but the concepts behind magic often bored her. She didn't really care how or why the spell worked, rather she was more focused on that the spell worked, and what it could be used on. Showing off wasn't her aim at the moment, but her hand twitched, lightly gripping the handle of her White Poplar wand. She was anxious to use it, to feel the rush that she got from using any kind of magic.

The girl's attention was drawn, however, when a small boy rushed into the room. His robe bore the green snake design of Slytherin, and he panted breathlessly, apologizing for his tardiness. Sarai quickly lost interest again, not caring about his situation. It would be amusing if the Professor yelled at him, of course, it was always satisfying to see Slytherin's losing house points. Gryffindor was behind, so if Slytherin or any other house lost points, it was a gain for Gryffindor. It wasn't much of a problem for Gryffindor, however, they would pull ahead by the end of the year. Though, she mused, it wouldn't hurt if she gave some help of her own by gaining a few points for the house.
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The girl was just about to open her mouth when the man who had introduced himself as Toukai excused himself and walked off. She stood with her mouth hanging open, silent as the man walked off. She blinked: once, twice. How rude, she thought, when the shock of the man's abrupt departure had faded away. She narrowed her eyes, How dare he just walk off.

Her attention turned to the shuttle he had closed and locked. She glanced around, noticing the thinning crowd and the relative silence, at least for the high ceiling of the loading bay. She cocked her head to one side as she stared at the door to the shuttle. How easy it would be for her to take out her PDA and hook it up to the control panel by the door, bypassing the lock and opening the door to her. It wouldn't take much more time to hack into the shuttle's systems, she should be able to before he came back.

Her hand slid into her pocket, her fingers wrapping around the metal case that enclosed the device, but she hesitated, thinking. Wasn't this what she had been trying to avoid? Stealing a ship, yet another crime? She sighed, releasing her hand and withdrawing it from her pocket. She wandered around, keeping an eye out for Toukai, but glancing at several other shuttles. Most of those had destinations set for the core worlds, in the opposite direction that she wanted to head. She shook her head, and headed back towards the man's shuttle, plopping herself down in front of a stack of crates placed near the shuttle, a perfect vantage point from which to see the shuttle and scan the area for the man.

She spoke, mostly to herself, in a low, sing-song voice, "Come on, Toukai, come on. Where are you?"