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Character Development / Sarai Stafford
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General Information

First Name: Sarai
Last Name: Stafford
Heritage: Halfblood
Nationality: British
Spoken Languages: English
Place of Birth: Westminster, London, England
Age/Date of Birth: April 13 | 13 years old
Approved Special Features: None


Eyes: Almond shaped, brown, average size
Hair: Brown, flowing, sometimes sporting curls. It is quite long, reaching her mid-back, and is usually let down.
Height: 5' 1"
General Appearance: Sarai is about at average height and weight for her age of thirteen, standing at just over five feet, and weighing just under one hundred pounds. She is small in stature and build, not much for muscle. Her looks are mostly average, but they hint at something greater, further beauty that could be enhanced in the future. Her brown eyes compliment her lightly tanned skin and brown hair, which is sometimes kept in a pony tail, or wrapped in a handkerchief.
Dressing Style: Sarai's clothes follow her tomboyish tendencies of childhood, although in the more recent years they have gradually evolved to become more feminine. She likes the comfort of shirts and pants over dresses and skirts, however her choices of the clothing in that variety defines her clearly as a girl. She has a number of outfits, and although she doesn't actively try to fashionably coordinate them, they do end up looking relatively well together. She often dresses simple when not in her uniform, in warmer weather a tank top, close-fitting jeans and shoes, and in winter a jacket over a lighter undershirt or even a sweater, with her hair down but her head wrapped in a handkerchief spotted with Chinese characters.


General Character Traits: Sarai is curious and outgoing, never afraid to talk to someone. She is cautious, though, in trusting people with personal or intimate information. She is compassionate, eager to help people with their problems, and in most any way she can, even if she doesn't know how. Sarai is an energetic and active individual and this can sometimes generate impatience. She finds an outlet, however, in dance and music, and is able to positively release the pent-up energy.

As a child, Sarai was a bit of a tomboy, and although her entrance into puberty and adolescence has dulled the effects, she still portrays some tomboyish characteristics. Her clothing has evolved to display some feminine characteristics, and she is more comfortable in female-specific clothing, but she gives a large amount of attention to physical activities, instead of devoting her attention to obsessing over clothes and her appearance.
Likes: Sarai has many likes; the most prominent among them being b-girling (breakdancing) and listening (and obviously dancing) to Hip-hop music. Her hobbies extend further than that, though. She enjoys nature and the outdoors, not much of one to tinker with devices or mixing ingredients for potions. She enjoys dancing of any kind, although she excels at the type called b-boying/b-girling, for its fluidity of movement. Because of its ability to extend the fluidity of her movements, Sarai enjoys swimming, especially diving underwater. She has also taken to flying via broom, despite that she herself does not own one, for its thrill and for much of the same reasons as she enjoys dancing and swimming.
Dislikes: Sarai generally dislikes people who take things too seriously, and those who are completely focused on one thing, such as education. She gets frustrated with their complete dedication, and usually has to remove herself from the conversation or situation, lest she lash out verbally or physically. Other than that, Sarai's carefree attitude usually lets her brush aside most things that she finds distasteful.
Habits/Mannerisms: Still a bit tomboyish in appearance and attitude, Sarai is still a bit caught on the familiarity of her childhood tomboyishness, though her friendships can extend to either gender. She is carefree in nature, sometimes overly so, and can employ a certain nonchalance about things that do not concern her. It isn't a conscious act, like someone trying to act 'cool', simply just a carefree attitude. This is probably the foremost reasoning behind her enjoyment of dance, swimming and flying.
Strengths: Sarai is curious and eager to learn, although she is picky about what. She is intelligent, being a relatively good student, and can utilize common sense to make up for what she does not know or understand. Maturity is an area that she is improving in, and is certainly established, but not to a level comparable to an older teen or adult.
Weaknesses: Sarai's carefree attitude can often prove to be her biggest weakness. It flies directly in the face of her compassion, and she struggles at times to discern whether a situation is one that she should give assistance to, or let her nonchalance take over. It can harm her homework and her relationships with friends, yet she has managed to control it in the past to prevent any serious falling outs or failing grades.

Personal History

-Father: Kevin Stafford (36), Half-blood (Muggle-born father), Attended Hogwarts (Gryffindor)
-Mother: Erica Stafford (36), Muggle-born, Attended Hogwarts (Hufflepuff)
-Sister: September (Sept. 1 | 11)
Other Relations: (All on Mother's Side)
-Grandparents: Elizabeth and Bernard Cunningham
-Aunts and Uncle: Veronica and William (Bill) Cunningham, Mary Cunningham
-Cousins: Charlotte (12), Raymond/Ray (17)
Background Story:

Family and Early Childhood:
When Kevin Stafford and Erica Cunningham met in their sixth year, it was as if they knew already that they would be married someday. It took several years after graduation, Erica's family was hoping she would marry a Muggle, still a bit unsettled by her abilities as a witch. But three years after Hogwarts, Kevin and Erica married and settled down to live in a house in Westminster, near where Erica grew up. Although Erica's family had not been happy with her decision to marry a wizard, they remained close to her, and the Staffords often graced the dinner table of Erica's family.

After almost two years, Kevin and Erica were thrilled to receive the news that they had a baby on the way. They struggled to make preparations, with Kevin's low-paying ministry job, but Erica's family helped out, and by the time the baby came, they were ready. They named their daughter Sarai, meaning "my princess," after Erica had found the name and meaning in a baby name book. She was their princess, and they tried to treat her as such, flowering her with attention and toys. Erica's family often helped out if she and Kevin both had to be out of the house, and so Sarai grew accustomed to her Muggle relations.

As Sarai grew, she did have some displays of magic, though not often when Erica's family were around. Most of it was unintentional, as most are in younger children, and much of it was harmless. The one serious event occurred on Sarai's second Christmas Eve at the Cunningham household. Erica's older brother, Bill, was sitting in the living room with the rest of the family and Sarai, who was almost asleep. He was speaking, loudly, though, and gesturing with a rolled-up newspaper. Unable to sleep, Sarai inadvertently caused the newspaper end to burst into flames, prompting screams and panicked actions from the other occupants of the room. Having no other explanation, and Sarai's small laugh and contented smile after the paper started on fire prompted her parents to explain that it had been her. Thankfully, a fire extinguisher was quickly found, and both Erica and Kevin spent the rest of the evening trying to assure Erica's family that she had meant no harm. They were a bit wary for a few weeks, but soon the event became a laughable story, and tensions eased.

It had been a few weeks prior to the Christmas event when Kevin and Erica had found out that, once again, they were expecting a child. Since the birth of Sarai, Kevin had been offered a promotion within the Ministry to a higher position in the office of Magical Equipment Control. As such, the couple had more money and ways to provide for their new child, a daughter, whom they named September after the month in which she had been born.

Sarai was not old enough to be adequately aware of the split in attention her parents now gave, and she grew close to September through the years. The girls were close to their mother's family as well, and were well exposed to Muggle devices and culture. They grew up in a blend of cultures, so to speak, learning both the wizarding culture and Muggle culture, and being able to go back and forth from each without much effort. The girls also became close to their cousin, Charlotte, who was a year younger than Sarai, and the three were together constantly when the two families visited.

Mid-to-Late Childhood:
There was a period, when she was seven years old, in which Sarai struggled to understand the differences between her household and Charlotte's. Charlotte and Ray, Charlotte's older brother, had questioned Sarai and September, curious as to why they didn't have a TV, microwave, "modern" clocks, or other Muggle-like devices. Sarai herself questioned this, and it took some time before her parents could make her understand that although the two families mixed often, Sarai was a part of a magical family that didn't use many electric-powered devices like those that Charlotte's family, a Muggle family, did, and the differences between Muggles and wizards. Her father growing up in a wizarding household (being halfblood through his mother) and her mother growing accustomed to the lack of electric devices gave the Staffords no need to utilize electric-powered devices to perform tasks; they only had few devices like a phone, television and clocks.

Equipped with her new understanding of the differences between Muggle and Wizarding folk, Sarai began a period of arrogance, in which she tried to use her magical heritage to impress or scare her cousins, followed by a brief period of jealousy for her cousins' Muggle devices. Eventually, she settled on an equilibrium, accepting that she was part of a wizarding family, and her cousins were not, but that she could be around them and act satisfied with what she had without any problems. September seemed to go through these periods as well, although only to mimic her older sister, for which she was quickly called out on.

When Ray, Sarai's cousin, joined a recreational dance group at his Muggle school that focused on Hip-Hop and breakdancing, due to their fascination with the growing American influence, Sarai became interested. She began to watch him and try to copy his moves, until an irritated Ray showed her how to perform the moves properly. She was disappointed, however, when her mother forbade her from continuing to watch and learn, after hearing the lyrics on the songs that were danced to. Sarai protested, having not even paid attention to the lyrics enough, focusing simply on the dance. When Ray's mother forced him to use music with clean lyrics as a result of her own realization, Erica relented and let Sarai continue watching and copying Ray's moves.

Despite her age, nine-year-old Sarai picked up on the moves quickly, the dance patterns becoming natural to her, as if there was more than just Ray guiding her. When her aunt suggested that Ray use some videos from the library to learn from, Sarai was quick to encourage it, and when Ray refused, requested the videos for herself. She studied them and soon learned what flaws Ray had inadvertently taught her as part of his own inexperience with the dance. The roles switched, and Sarai began to point out her cousin's mistakes and assist him with correcting them.

By the time she was ten, Sarai was able to mimic the dance moves she saw on videos, and come up with her own just by listening to the music. Although unorthodox, and a bit of an uncertainty due to her age, Ray introduced Sarai to the group at his school. After seeing her moves, they were impressed, and asked Sarai to dance with them in a few performances. Sarai was eager to accept, but her parents were wary. They were worried that their daughter was focusing too much of her time on a Muggle interest, and would shun her magical abilities when it came time for her to go to school. Arguments ensued, and eventually Kevin and Erica allowed Sarai to participate, but they warned her about letting on about her magical abilities. She understood, and kept them secret. Sarai became the youngest member of their dance team, and became a large attraction for the team, whose many fans usually only followed them for "that girl on the b-boying team."

Instead of relishing the popularity, Sarai simply shrugged it off. It didn't matter much, she enjoyed the dance and the fluidity of movement that it enabled her to use. The fans never really bothered her, although she played celebrity when it was necessary for the team. Her parents, still concerned, were glad that the popularity was not affecting Sarai's ego, or serving to place attention on her activities outside of the team or her personal life. For the most part, the fans stayed in the performance halls, only a few found their way to Ray's house, and none to her own. Kevin and Erica, thus, were satisfied, and allowed Sarai to continue her dancing.

After her eleventh birthday, however, Sarai knew it wouldn't last much longer. The school year was drawing to a close, and her parents were clear on the fact that she couldn't attend Muggle schooling or stay out of Hogwarts. Regrettably, then, Sarai said goodbye to the team at the end of May, explaining that her parents were sending her to a private school in Scotland, when the team's last performance was held. They begged her to stay, but she knew that she couldn't, even if she wanted to. She agreed, however, to practice with them in the summertime, between school years, beginning in this year. When the expected letter came from Hogwarts, Sarai's parents quickly confirmed her attendance, solidifying her departure from the Muggle world for nine months, and the separation from her b-boying team.

Hogwarts - Year One:
Sarai began school in earnest and regret, eager to meet new friends and finally have a taste of the magic her parents were able to perform, but at the same time unable to be with the friends she had made as a member of the b-boying (or in her case, b-girling) team. Still, she approached the year with an open mind, and soon found herself rewarded for that. She found classes that she liked, among them Charms and Transfiguration, although she was by far better at the former than the latter. She also encountered classes that she grew to dislike or found that her skill or attention were severely lacking. Among those would be Potions and the History of Magic, mainly because she found them boring, but also because her mind wasn't well attuned to concentrating on a single task as Potions required, or memorization and recitation as History of Magic required.

Besides classes, Sarai met new people as well, and one in particular, Michael Shepherd. She felt a bit attracted to him at first, the moments in his proximity awkward and, for the most part, silent. Michael was equally shy and distant, almost attracting her further. But her tomboyishness prevented any further development of her crush, and she soon grew comfortable with him, the two becoming fast friends. The pair spent much time together, in classes and out, as they were both in the Gryffindor house.

Sarai took the Flying Class offered to First years and immediately loved it. She found that flying was similar to the experience of dancing or swimming, even though she wasn't moving her body much. The three-dimensional movement of a broomstick in air provided much of the same experience as in water. She enjoyed the thrill as well, the risk that it presented, and the feeling she had when she felt the wind whipping around her as she moved faster than even a Muggle car normally went. Periodically, when the Quidditch teams were not practicing, Sarai would try to find a free broom that the school had for leisure activities, and fly around the school's yard, carefully avoiding the Forbidden Forest at most times.

One day in November, Sarai and Michael found a screaming yo-yo lying discarded on the floor of an empty corridor. Unaware that the Hogwarts Caretaker listed the screaming yo-yos among the many magical items banned from use or possession in the Hogwarts castle, the pair curiously examined the item. Before they could figure out much about it, they realized that classes would start again soon, and rushed to their next class. As the two attempted to hide the item, it let out a shriek, alerting the professor to the item, which was quickly confiscated. Dismayed, the two plotted to sneak back in to the professor's office and search for the item after classes were all over. As the professor headed out to dinner, Sarai and Michael snuck into the office and began to search for the yo-yo. They were nearly caught when the professor came back, but hid just in time to avoid detection.

Unfortunately for them, the professor had come back just to pick up one item before heading off to places unknown inside the castle, locking the office door while leaving. The lock was solid, unable to be opened by a simple "Alohomora" spell, and affected both sides of the door handle. After five minutes, the situation was obvious, Sarai and Michael were stuck. They waited all night for the professor to return in the morning, hoping to sneak out quietly. When morning did come, and the professor returned, they two cautiously began to make their way out, hoping to avoid detection. Their hopes were smashed when the professor cried out to them, cuing their legs to take them as fast as they could away from the room. When Sarai turned left at a junction corridor, Michael turned left, and the two became separated. Sarai made it back to the dormitory in time to get ready for classes, to find Michael absent most of the day. When he returned to the dorm that evening, she apologized to Michael, but to her surprise, he forgave her immediately, and the worried lines that had crossed her face and hands were spared from becoming a permanent mark.

When April 13th came along, Sarai was surprised by the arrival of the morning mail carried by an owl that wouldn't leave. She tried to shoo it along, but it stayed, waiting for a reply message, she figured. When she read the letter, Sarai realized that the owl was her own, a gift from her parents for her twelfth birthday. She named the owl Renite, Latin for stubborn, for the effort she had to exert to get it to leave the table to get up to the owlery, and later try to get it to leave again to send a letter back home. She soon grew fond of the bird, however, and tried to care for him as best she could.

Throughout the year, Sarai found herself conflicting with her own carefree attitude, which was able to convince her several times that dancing, flying, swimming, taking a walk, caring for Renite, talking to friends or other recreational activities were more important than her homework and tasks for classes. This affected her severely at first, causing her to cut off almost all her fun activities when she realized her grades were slipping down. When they came back up again, she soon fell into a similar routine, and another period of hard work followed to regain her former standing. By the end of the year, it was clear that this would be a point of conflict within her mind for a long time if she didn't do something about it. She didn't feel confident enough to ask the help of a teacher or student, though, even one of the older ones. And her parents didn't seem to know how to help her without completely destroying her time for fun. So her problem was suspended over the summer to resume again the following year, which by that time, she hoped, she would have a solution.

Hogwarts - Year Two:
The summer between years was spent in yearning for her new friend and school, missing the environment, the scenery and the routine. Her days were leisurely and she was able to get up at whatever time she pleased, but they were boring and uneventful, too long to be filled with nothing. She got back in contact with her b-boying team and met with them many times over the course of the summer, using the time to enjoy herself and break away from the boredom that had consumed her. It wasn't the same, however, as she was out of practice and unaware of their new routines, and being out of touch for nine months had set her back from the group's inner circle. Still, she was able to have fun, and by the end of the summer, felt comfortable once again, just in time to leave for school.

Sarai's parents had one last surprise for her before she left. Her mother had gotten a job at a shop on Diagon Alley some years back, and she had been working hard over the past several months to earn enough money to buy Sarai an enchanted boombox, like one that she used with her b-boying team to play the music, and what's more it could play Muggle tapes. She was overjoyed by the gift and treasured it from her mother, since she had worked very hard to get the gift for Sarai. It worked very much like the Muggle device, copying the design from them, but powered by magic instead of electricity. The boombox is small, only able to play one tape at a time, but does have a small radio that can tune to the Wizarding Radio stations at the tap of a wand.

When classes at Hogwarts resumed, Sarai spent the first few weeks in the common room in the evenings, set up in one corner with her boombox, which played somewhat-loud Hip-Hop music, while she practiced her b-girling moves to the song's rhythm. Many of the other students found the music obnoxious, but some tolerated it to watch her perform the breakdancing moves.

Since the previous year, Sarai had worked hard to get herself into a mindset in which she could balance her time. She didn't want to slip back into the pattern she had last year, but she wasn't willing to completely sacrifice her recreational activities, as her parents suggested to her. Dance was far too much fun, and after spending the summer with her team again, she wouldn't have given that up, even for money. Swimming and flying were fun, but she tried to do that only when she had the time, though it didn't always work out that way. Her carefree attitude continued to be a trouble for her throughout the course of the year, though never to the brink of completely flunking out as in her first year.

Sarai's classes were more difficult the second year than the first, but also more enjoyable. She knew what to expect more so than she had as a first year and having the same teachers helped greatly. She found herself excelling once more at Charms, it was easy to simply copy the professor's incantation and the wand stroke to achieve the necessary result, but still struggling at Potions and History of Magic. She hadn't liked cooking when her mother had tried to teach her, and the mindless measuring and cutting of this or that ingredient gave her mind time to wander. Too much time, on one occasion, so that her potion became a odd-smelling stew of dark liquid, not even close to the bright green that was filling the cauldrons of her peers. And the even more mindless memorization of dates and names, the two-parchment page long essays explaining how some wizard, that was hundreds of years dead, accomplished this or that task and became some hero to history (which made her wonder why she hadn't heard of them before).

Hogwarts - Year Three:
Sarai returned to Hogwarts again for a third year, much to the dismay of her sister, who became jealous over the course of the summer when she didn't receive a letter to Hogwarts. Their relationship tensed, and September tried to turn Charlotte against Sarai, for a period of two weeks, neither of the girls would let Sarai be around them. By the end of the summer, Sarai was fed up with her sister's cries of "It's only one day! How could they not let me go if it was just one day?!" and was anxious to be back at school. She missed her friend Michael and the structure and routine of classes, not to mention the absence from her jealous sister.

In her first year, Sarai had chosen Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies for her elective classes, the latter almost to her surprise. However, nothing else seemed to fit her, and she thought it would be interesting to learn about Muggles from the wizarding perspective. Unfortunately, she made her own decisions on classes, and found out only later that Michael had chosen to take Arithmacy instead of her own Care of Magical Creatures class. He had signed up for Muggle Studies as well, though, and Sarai was relieved to have him in one of her classes. She soon found the classes enjoyable, even her one class without Michael, although her third year proved to be more difficult in the type of studies and amount of homework that the professors gave them, and Sarai struggled with her carefree attitude that would rather have her outside flying on a broomstick, dancing to Hip-Hop music or just talking idly instead of focusing on her classwork and lessons.

Hogwarts Sorting

Strong Area of Magic: Charms
Weak Area of Magic: Potions and History of Magic
Preferred House Choice: Gryffindor
Responsibility or Guidance?: Responsibility
Forgiveness or Justice?: Forgiveness
Adventure or Security?: Adventure
What does "Never tickle a sleeping dragon" mean to your character? Don't try to take advantage of someone's weakness, lest you be on the receiving end of an undiscovered strength of their's.

Minor Details

Pets: Renite, a male Tengmalm's Owl that Sarai received for her twelfth birthday.
Wand: 14 1/2 inches, White Poplar, Gryphon Feather
Quidditch position: Sarai would most likely be good at either the chaser or beater position.
Anything else? .: I like Penguins :. (Read: Nope)
Are You A Native English Speaker?: Yes

RP response:
The castle had seemed so foreboding when she'd first arrived; the long, cavernous halls, damp and dimly-lit dungeons, and the high towers rising up from the hill on which the school was built had proven somewhat intimidating in her first year. By this time, however, Sarai Stafford thought of it as home. Perhaps not more home than her parent's house in Westminster, with her sister and parents and cousins, uncle, aunt and grandparents just a few blocks away. But it was home away from home, her home, and a home in which she felt comfortable.

And yet, it was always full of surprises. Ducking down a side corridor she had never seen before, the girl wandered down the narrow tunnel, curious to its destination. She knew better than to act as a small child, afraid of the dark for its ability to hide the monsters and beasts of fairy tales. She knew better than to not exhibit caution, though. Even in Hogwarts, secluded from the rest of the wizarding world, there were ghosts that could pop out at you or glide through the walls as humans walked through air, startling the person observing it. And Peeves was the misfortune of all who happened upon him, and Sarai tried to avoid him as much as possible. It wasn't likely that he lurked in this corridor, though, but the possibility was there.

The darkness shrouded what was visible in the light, and so it was the refuge for many who would prefer to operate in secrecy or in a clandestine manner. Light shone in from both ends of the tunnel, and the girl could see it around the corner, though it was the flickering, orange-shaded light of the torches placed around the school, magicked to burn forever and to light and ignite in the morning and evening respectively. The light was the safe haven, for the most part. Only the stupidest people would ever try something against the rules or society in the light. Or perhaps the smartest would, operating right under the noses of those who would seek to capture them. The evasion of their efforts would increase their frustration, and decrease the confidence in those tasked with enforcing the laws and protecting the people.

It was easy to understand, then, the type of terror that gripped the magical society. Dark wizards and beasts seemed to prowl right under the noses of Ministry officials, who were either unaware or unable to capture them. The only safe place anymore, it seemed, was Hogwarts. And so when Sarai turned the corner to enter the corridor flooded with light, she breathed a sigh of relief, any of the fear that had crossed her mind as she passed through the tunnel dissipating like a cloud of dust settling onto the ground. She was safe here, and what's more, she was home.
Below is the application for a Hogwarts Student. Remember when applying for Hogwarts characters that they are all from either Wales, Scotland, England, or Ireland. We discourage mixed nationalities as it creates confusing stories. Only on the extremely rare case will we approve anything from another nationality, and American and Asians are out so please do not even apply. We don't want any hurt feelings, so consider yourselves forewarned. As previously mentioned, administrators will edit your post to explain where you've been sorted or if you need to change anything about your profile. It is your responsibility to contact them once the required changes have been made. Thanks!

General Information:

First Name: (given name)
Last Name: (family name)
Heritage: (pureblood, halfblood, muggleborn)
Nationality: (please make sure your nationality matches the school you apply for - and unless you're prepared to write an exceptional BG, anything other than the UK is OUT!)
Spoken Languages: (please list if your character speaks foreign languages. Keep it within reason)
Place of Birth: (where your character was born--- Japan and America are out without an amazing BG and ITALIANS GO TO BB!!!)
Age/Date of Birth: (day/month | Age -- so it looks like: 30 March | 12 years old.)
Approved Special Features: (leave this blank when you are new)


Eyes: (colour, shape, wears glasses? please note that this should be a realistic eye color - so refrain from the sparkling silver and purple eyes, or eyes that change color, please.)
Hair: (length, style, colour; please refrain from exotic hair colors like purple, blue or pink as this is a school not an anime)
Height: (how tall is your character? please note that this should be age appropriate and refrain from the 6'7" first years)
General Appearance: (it is the purpose of this section to allow someone who has never seen your character before to imagine their appearance. try to keep it realistic; are they thin, fat, tall, short, pale, dark skinned, facial hair or no, birth marks, scars, all of that would show up in this section.)
Dressing Style: (what does your character wear outside school? please keep this age appropriate and realistic; gothic students don't fit much in any of the wizarding schools, piercings should be limited, mini skirts and corsets don't fit in at any of the wizarding schools and please, flip flops at durmstrang?)


General Character Traits: (what kind of person is this character? try to sum them up as best you can within a minimum of a paragraph, two or three are recommended. are they patient, friendly, outspoken? stubborn, antisocial, rude? polite? these things are important because not only do they determine where you're sorted, but they also help people get an idea of what this person is like and remember, flaws help to define our differences from one another and are essential in a design for your character. don't be afraid of having them be imperfect!)
Likes: (where lie your character's interests? please refrain from writing this in prompts; if you must list, make sure to explain why they like certain things, so that it's in a context where others can relate to it.)
Dislikes: (what does your character dislike? as with likes, please take the time to explain why your character dislikes certain things. one sentence explaining why will do, just a general motive for it.)
Habits/Mannerisms: (anything your character does all the time, any trademarks; do they wake up at a certain time every day, bite their nails? you can also take the time to describe how they speak, as in, do they use a lot of slang or talk quietly? do they always skip when they walk?)
Strengths: (This refers to character strength, such as honesty or patience. This section is one of the most important of this profile, therefore carefully think what you put here. You can list this in prompts if you take the time to explain them in context so that they're easier to understand. Try for four strengths, minimum.)
Weaknesses: (As with strengths, this is personality weaknesses. Impatience, selfishness, these fall under character weaknesses, school subjects do not go here. You can list them in prompts but only if you explain how they show in your character. It is recommended that you try for more weaknesses than strengths but a minimum of four will do.)

Personal History:

Parents: (who are your character's parents? please note even if the character doesn't know, you need to list their names. if they attended a wizarding school, list which one and what house, their age and current occupation, please. and if you want the admins to love you, please let them live. let them liiiive!)
Siblings: (do you have any siblings? please list their names, ages and genders. if they went to one of the wizarding schools, please list their house, too. note that for no reason should your characters' siblings go to a different school from you and we discourage twins/triplets even as npcs due to an over abundance of them running around.)
Background Story: (your character's life leading up to this point. please note that you should always try to include a paragraph about their parents. if you're wanting to be rich please see Established Family Background for more information and understand that you will have to elaborately explain how they managed to maintain that money. in addition to that, you should try to include one or two paragraphs about their childhood including what kind of relationship they have with their parents and/or siblings along with any events that take place. upper classmen are asked to explain their school years when applying. try to avoid too much tragedy and understand that death eater presence in your history should be run through Marvolo Riddle in order to be approved.)

(adults should detail their childhood, basic information about their school years such as where they were sorted, their better subjects and any major events along with what N.E.W.T.s they got and then professional training and post school personal life leading up to this point. try to be detailed. as with students, if you're applying to be rich and influential, please see Established Family Background.)

(anyone applying for a nationality not matching their school/former school will need to explain in depth why they attended that school as opposed to one in their region. a simple "we moved to Britain when i was 10" doesn't suffice for a Brazilian student at Hogwarts. elaborate details will be needed and realism is a must. therefore, we encourage against this, especially with your first character.)

Hogwarts Sorting:

Strong Area of Magic: (please pick one or two)
Weak Area of Magic: (please pick one or two)
Preferred House Choice: (gryffindor, hufflepuff, slytherin or ravenclaw)
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Forgiveness or Justice?: (please pick one)
Adventure or Security?: (please pick one)
What does "Never tickle a sleeping dragon" mean to your character? (please explain your character's interpretation of the school motto.)

Minor Details:

Pets: (all pets other than an owl, a cat or a toad must be approved by the administrators first)
Wand: (please include a length, wood and magical core)
Quidditch position: (seeker, keeper, beater, chaser, spectator?)
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Roleplay Threads / Re: Baroness RP Topic [LiS]
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It seemed like it was one of those days, one in which the phrase "How w'rin bu lai, whai w'rin bu jwo" applied perfectly. The girl's first mistake had been going into the bar that had soon been swarmed by assassins who promptly disposed of the bartender. Sarai's second mistake was to head directly for the launch bay, which seemed to also be the prime target for the black-clothed assassins as well. If this is karma, the girl thought, almost sarcastically, I'll never hack again.

The girl drew back as soon as she noticed the assassins nearing one of the ships in the loading dock. Her mind protested her body's actions, I need to get to one of those shuttles! It screamed at her, propelling her feet forward in a sudden wave of willpower. She skirted along the edge of the bay, hiding herself in the surging crowd, headed for one of the shuttles at the opposite end. If she could just get onboard one, whether it had a pilot or not, she could get out of there. Her mind considered the possibility of committing yet another crime, larceny, which she was probably more likely to get caught for. But in the confusion, would there really be anybody looking to chase down shuttles escaping the mayhem that was quickly growing onboard the station?

As she reached one of the shuttles near the opposite end of the bay from the assassins, she looked around for a pilot. A screen near the shuttle's connecting hatch noted its destination was Angel, a place Sarai had never heard of. Nonetheless, it was away from here, and anywhere away from here was safe, or so she reasoned to herself. She peeked in, looking for a pilot or someone to fly the ship, or at least pay a fare to, so she wouldn't be forced to steal the shuttle. Ironic as it was following her hacking attempt that had left the Cortex in disarray for an hour or so, she didn't feel the same unattachment towards stealing a shuttle as she did with hacking. But that was a thought process for another time, the girl reminded herself, and brushed the thought away, returning her consciousness to the task of finding a pilot for the shuttle.

She called out to the ship's interior, "Hello? Is anyone there?" She took a step through the hatch, not yet able to see into the entire compartment yet, "Hello? I'm looking for a anyplace."
Roleplay Threads / Re: Baroness RP Topic [LiS]
Last post by The Insane Admin -
Oh my god! she thought to herself, horrified at what had just transpired. She had thought nothing of the two men and two woman dressed in black until they started talking to the bartender. Then, in a flash, shots had rung out, and the bartender was on the ground; dead. The men and women in black were gone, and so were most of the people from the bar already. The girl heard screams, and realized that some of them were her own as she high-tailed it out of the bar.

I gotta get outta here before this all turns into tian fuhn di fu, her panicked mind told her, and she hastily exited from the bar and its immediate vicinity. At a brisk pace, Sarai walked along the promenade, heading back the way she came, towards the loading dock of the shuttles. She had to find one off the station, before the two men and two women started killing others, like her.
Roleplay Threads / Re: Baroness RP Topic [LiS]
Last post by The Insane Admin -
I thought I came in here so I wouldn't attract unwanted attention, the girl thought to herself wearily. She shook her head, hoping this hadn't been a mistake on her part. Having come this far, it would be disappointing, not to mention humiliating and embarrassing, if some barkeep was responsible for her demise. Sighing, she pushed the thoughts out of her head, chiding herself for overreacting. No one knows it's you, no one even suspects it's you, she told herself.

She was overreacting, her teenage mind leaping to improbable conclusions and applying a sort of paranoia to events that transpired. That was what had provoked her to run away from home, which in retrospect had probably not been the best decision. Still, she was out here now, and going back home at this moment might seem suspicious. And some ship might be in need of her services, anyways, which she probably couldn't use at home anymore with all of the Alliance watching out for hacking activity.

Her eye caught the bartender returning to speaking with a blond-haired woman at the end of the bar, and she shrugged her shoulders in response. Despite his comment, he had filled the glass of water and given her a menu, and went back to ignoring her as he turned his attention to the blonde. Taking the menu in hand, she reached up a hand to brush back the few strands of hair that had fallen across her face. A moment's glance at the menu was all it took for Sarai to figure out her order. She looked up, trying to catch the man's attention again.

As he hadn't seemed to care for her explanation in the first place, the girl prepared none. She simply pointed to an item on the menu, a simple ham and cheese sandwich. "I'll have one of these. Don't worry, I have money."
Roleplay Threads / Baroness RP Topic [LiS]
Last post by The Insane Admin -
Lies. Deception. The past few days had been full of it. With the suspicion surrounding her electronic alias, the girl had left home, traveling under a false name to discourage the trail from any possible suspicion that had come upon her and her family. If the Alliance thought that either she or her uncle had been the hacker, although the former was much less likely according to the news and talk shows that had profiled her self-assumed electronic persona, then it was a good idea to make tracking her more difficult.

The girl had taken a number of shuttles from planet to planet, skirting the interior of the border worlds. She finally happened upon Verbena, and learned of its Skyplex there. It was a good place to find another line of passage, and the popularity of the station meant that it wouldn't be hard to get lost in the crowd there. While there, the girl had decided, she would try to find a ship to hire her or sign on to as a a passenger. She didn't know where or if she would find one out here, or if her search was better conducted out on the Rim worlds. In any case, she figured, it was worth a try.

The corridor was filled with people, and Saraiyu Dreikyyn, or Sarai as she was called by her friends and family, had to follow them, having no room to skirt around and find her own pace. It gave her time to admire the station's design, though. The gleam of the walls and the reflection that could be found on nearly every piece of metal in the station gave away its recent age and construction. While it had only been a short time since the station opened, its popularity already seemed to be flourishing, if the clogged hallway was any indication.

The flow of traffic finally fanned out when it reached the promenade area, the myriad of shops, restaurants and other locations that ringed the inside of the station's wheel design. Free of the docking area, the crowd dispersed, and Sarai was left without much direction. She found herself walking along the deck, looking at the shops and restaurants. Her stomach growled, and her parched throat finally registered on the girl's mind, realizing she hadn't eaten for several hours. Scanning the area she was in, she noticed a small, out of the way bar. Not wanting to attract much attention, she shrugged and headed for the bar.

Making her way over to the bar counter, the girl took a seat, waving away the smoke from a nearby patron's cigarette. She kept her bag by her side, but moved it to her lap to free her hands. When she finally got the attention of the barkeep, she placed her order. "Umm, can I have a sandwich or something? And some water, to drink?"
[float=right][/float]Character's Name: Saraiyu Dreikyyn

Character's Nickname: Sarai

Character's Alias(es): Supernova

Character's Age: 13

Personality: Sarai is curious and outgoing, never afraid to talk to someone. She is cautious, though, in trusting people with personal or intimate information. She is compassionate, eager to help people with their problems, and in most any way she can, even if she doesn't know how. Sarai is an energetic and active individual and this can sometimes generate impatience. She finds an outlet, however, in dance and music, and is able to positively release the pent-up energy.

Sarai is meticulous in her work, almost overly so for someone her age. She is careful to check every back door and entryway in her work, making sure that it is relatively foolproof. She takes care to make sure that even though she is able to hack the particular system or signal in the Cortex, someone else has a harder time, often closing doors as she backs out of them, though she often leaves a small opening should she have to use the same pathway again.

Intelligent and mature for her age, it is almost difficult to believe that Sarai is thirteen. When one gets to know her, however, she does reveal her more childish and playful self, though it sometimes slips in the presence of strangers.

As a child, Sarai was a bit of a tomboy, and although her entrance into puberty and adolescence has dulled the effects, she still portrays some tomboyish characteristics. Her clothing has evolved to display some feminine characteristics, and she is more comfortable in female-specific clothing, but she gives a large amount of attention to physical activities, instead of devoting her attention to obsessing over clothes and her appearance.

Appearance: Sarai is about at average height and weight for her age of thirteen, standing at just over five feet, and weighing just under one hundred pounds. She is small in stature and build, not much for muscle. Her looks are mostly average, but they hint at something greater, further beauty that could be enhanced in the future. Her brown eyes compliment her lightly tanned skin and brown hair, which is sometimes kept in a pony tail, or wrapped in a handkerchief.

Sarai's clothes follow her tomboyish tendencies of childhood, although in the more recent years they have gradually evolved to become more feminine. She likes the comfort of shirts and pants over dresses and skirts, however her choices of the clothing in that variety defines her clearly as a girl. She has a number of outfits, and although she doesn't actively try to fashionably coordinate them, they do end up looking relatively well together. She often dresses simple, a tank top, close-fitting jeans and shoes, with her hair down but her head wrapped in a handkerchief spotted with Chinese characters.

-PDA - Like many citizens of the 'Verse, Sarai carries a PDA. At first glance, it appears no different from any standard device. A small plate, concealed by a thin joint, covers an array of jacks and plugs to insert any number of external devices, located on the PDA's right side panel. The PDA, too, is not like a standard PDA in its workings, but contains an entirely different operating system and a number of programs that work to defeat countermeasures and find weaknesses in signals and computer systems. A small projector on the device can display a holographic version of a desktop-sized keyboard to easily input raw commands to the device.
-Wires and plugs - In order to hack specific systems, be it a door panel or a terminal, Sarai has to link her PDA to it via a wire or plug. She has a few of these with different connection devices to be able to easily access a wide number of systems and devices.
-Lockbreaker - A small device that can attach to a door's lock or panel system and work in a variety of different ways to override the lock. It can employ a magnetic field, a pulse that can reverse the polarity of the lock, or a generator that cycles through possible combinations of codes for the lock until it finds the right one.
-Boombox - As she loves music and dancing, Sarai carries a boombox that allows her to project music through small, but powerful speakers, or configure it to transmit to wireless earbuds that are carried in the boombox' compartment. The device itself is smaller than the antiquated music players of Earth-That-Was, no bigger than a wallet for ease of portability. The device contains its own storage mechanism that can hold music in its own hard drive, instead of relying on external mediums to be inserted, although it does have a rarely-used slot for that.
-Mismatched components - Sarai also carries a few salvaged components from old PDAs and a range of other devices. Individually, they can do nothing, they are broken, but they could be used someday to enhance a device or be built into a new one completely.

History: Nobody is quite sure what happened to Saraiyu's parents. Whether they died, abandoned their child or were kidnapped, they disappeared when Sarai was only three. Her uncle and aunt took her in, raising her as their own child, as they had none. For the first several years of her life, things went well. Her uncle worked for Blue Sun as a member of their research and development team that worked on developing new technologies in the field of security. He was able to supply the family with good money, and send Sarai to a well-off school.

Sarai's primary school years went by quickly. She was a good student, she studied hard and got moderately high marks. She made friends with the children at school easily, too. They all got along well and played together on the streets of Ariel. One day, when Sarai was eight, she and some of her friends were wandering along one of the side streets and saw a group of teens dancing. They had music playing that she later learned was an older style, hip hop, that had survived from Earth-That-Was. They called themselves b-boys and their dancing, they called b-boying.

Sarai was intrigued, and felt drawn to this type of activity. Her tomboyish instinct took over, and she tried it. It was difficult at first, but she soon got the hang of the toprocks, downrocks, power moves and the freeze, all parts of b-boying, referred to by some as breakdancing. She started to hang around these teens more often, eventually claiming them as her sole friends. Her dancing improved, and she was able to execute some of the more advanced moves, such as a variant of windmills called the Genie. Her personal favorite, however was a type of freeze called an Airbaby.

While she enjoyed hanging out with the teenagers, ten-year-old Sarai was not well included, or respected by the group. They made jokes about her age and wouldn't let her join them in some of their excursions beyond the small little street they gathered to dance on. She was adamant, however, about getting respect, and she was told one day if she could tell them how to break into the door of a local grocery shop, they would look on her in a better manner. Puzzled as to why they would want that, she undertook the task anyways. Being that her uncle worked in the area of security, she asked him about the lock when they visited the store for some products that could not be freshly procured from off-world. He told her that, being an older and cheap model, a simple magnet could wipe the lock system's memory clean and thus would deactivate the lock.

Going back to her friends, she told them that she had found the answer. When they asked for it, she refused to give it up unless they let her go with them. Reluctantly, they agreed, and lead her to the store. It was dark, being after hours, and the store was locked up, the system set to alarm the feds if anyone tried to break in. With the use of the magnet, the lock system's memory was wiped clean, and the door was left unlocked. Immediately, her friends barged in and started to loot the store, taking products off the shelves and overturning stands and displays. Sarai was horrified, she hadn't expected this, but her friends told her that if she alerted the feds or anyone to what had happened, they would turn her in for showing them how to break the lock. She kept quiet under this threat, and tried to put the event out of her mind.

Sarai enjoyed dancing with the group for several more weeks until they were again in need of her services. This time, though, the lock was more complicated. It required a different kind of device, one that would cycle through the possible codes until it found the one that activated the door. Not having anything like that, Sarai again looked discretely to her uncle. He kept a workshop full of parts and devices, most of which she had no knowledge of their use or purpose. She began trying to question him on the devices' purpose and usage, and her uncle answered her in a manner that he thought harmless, as if it was only her curiosity playing up. Eventually, her uncle showed her a device that was able to try to break a lock system a number of different ways, one that was used to test the lock systems that they developed.

Taking the lockbreaker, Sarai once again reported back to her friends. And again she insisted on coming with to perform the function of breaking down the doorway. Not as shocked this time, she was still a bit uncomfortable with the actions that her friends were taking, but her own actions were rewarding her with more respect and less jokes thrown her way. That was more important in her immature mind, and she went along with it for the sake of enjoying the benefits of respect and admiration that the group had begun to give her.

This went on repeatedly over the course of the next several months, as the group ran into tougher and tougher security on different jobs. Sarai eventually learned that there was a man who hired the group to heist products and items from certain shops and he would sell them on the black market. In return, they received a hefty cut of the goods, which was entirely profit since they had to do nothing to obtain the items. When she found out, Sarai immediately demanded to be brought in on the cut, since she deserved it for her part in the work. After she threatened to withdraw her participation, and thus their ability to get into the places they needed, the group relented.

Sarai's curiosity was, in part, true, and her uncle began teaching her more and more about his work. He showed her the ways that they developed lock systems and tested them. She seemed more interested in the testing aspect, as that was how she could break into the lock systems that the group required. Her uncle showed her how to program a PDA to break into a computer terminal in their house, and that's what truly ignited her quest for learning.

Hacking soon became a daily exercise, and soon her uncle joined in, implementing some of Blue Sun's older models into computers and door locks and the like, challenging her to break the lock or hack the system. It worked well, and Sarai's knowledge increased exponentially. Her uncle built her a customized PDA that contained a small panel for connecting to systems and other devices by wires and plugs, and contained a number of programs that could be used to break into systems. With this knowledge and ability, Sarai helped her friends by breaking into more complex locks, and even hacking knowledge out of databases. She was paid well in return, and the money was invested into developing more software and techniques to break further systems.

Along with teaching her the basics of hacking and breaking locks, Sarai's uncle also taught her how to fly a starship. Her uncle and aunt owned one of their own, just a long-range shuttle to make the trip to Blue Sun's headquarters when her uncle was needed there. Sarai learned how to fly on that, becoming a moderately capable pilot for her age. She had nothing bigger to fly, excepting an incident when their shuttle ran out of fuel mid-trip, and a transport picked up their distress signal. The transport was considerably slower, but Sarai was able to use the time to befriend the crew and pilot, who subsequently let her fly the ship a ways, and even begin the landing process until she nearly lost control, forcing the pilot to take over. He thanked her, though, and thought she would make a terrific pilot someday.

This continued on until Sarai was twelve. The man who orchestrated the group's jobs came upon a huge job, one that required hacking into the Cortex itself. It wasn't an easy feat to muster, nor could it be done without caution, as the Alliance was constantly scoping the Cortex for hacking attempts. Sarai convinced the group to take it on, however, and duped her uncle into training her against up-to-date Blue Sun systems to get a feel for the type of security the Cortex employed.

It took months to find an opening in the Cortex' systems to exploit and tunnel into. And more weeks of navigating the outer edges of the system to find the access portal that would allow Sarai to log into the Cortex' inner systems. Once there, she had to backtrack through its roots to find the access key that would enable her to determine how the access code and password were generated. This, too, took time, and once she was able to determine the key, the scope of the problem became clear. The Cortex used the most up-to-date systems, ahead of even Blue Sun. The access keys contained alphanumerical characters of both the Latin and Chinese alphabets, and rotated on a thirty-second cycle. Once input or generated, the same string of characters could never be used again.

After a month of work, Sarai perfected the generator to the best of her abilities, and set on the task of planning out the hack. She would go through the opening she had found, rerouting her access through computers on Ariel and other Core worlds to make her signal's origin lost to the Alliance counter-hackers. She would use other methods to cover her tracks as well, making it nearly impossible for anyone find her at all. Once inside, she would use the generator to type in the access code and password and get in, retrieve the data, and get out. Before shutting it down, she would leave a small trojan in the network, afterwards she would shut the opening she had found, the trojan making sure that she could access the Cortex again if she ever needed to.

It was foolproof, and nothing could possibly go wrong, or so she thought. A few weeks before her thirteenth birthday, she made her attempt. Everything went well in the beginning, until she came to the login screen. She typed in the code and password necessary, and took a few seconds too long, using a seconds-obsolete password. Her login failed and she triggered an internal alert that sent her scrambling to cover her tracks. She routed her access to several networks and shut down her own access, hoping the Alliance would be too confused to find the right path.

She waited a few weeks, and nothing happened. On the eve of her thirteenth birthday, Sarai tried again. This time, it worked perfectly, the access code and password granting her the access she needed. Taking the information her group's contact required, she paused before shutting down. Instead, she went on a small mission of destruction, planting in a program she had written. It overrode ever Cortex feed with a visual of a red supergiant star imploding on itself until it reached the very center of its core, then exploding outwards in a wave of sound and light. When the wake cleared, the emboldened letters SUPERNOVA, the codename she had chosen for herself, would appear on the screen, and the sequence would repeat. Inserting her program, she ran through her shutdown sequence, and got out.

Thinking the Alliance would try to cover up the incident, Sarai was surprised to find the opposite reaction. The news feeds had picked up the story, talk show hosts were discussing it, and even shows that had nothing to do with current events made references to Supernova. Her hacker persona was profiled by many different groups. Some said it was a former Browncoat who sought revenge on the Alliance. Others thought it was Mr. Universe, assuming a different persona, but he denied it at once. No one seemed to suspect that a just barely-thirteen-year-old girl had brought down the 'verse-wide Cortex.

A few days after the hacking incident, however, her uncle lost his job. Unaware if the Alliance had discovered her in the hacking incident, suspected her uncle, or if he was a victim of the wave of layoffs that had occurred in major corporations that supplied the Cortex with components and materials. Not willing to take chances, Sarai went to her friends and begged them to help. They refused, as did their contact who organized their heists. Angry, but too scared to do anything about it, Sarai packed up her things and took everything she thought might implicate her uncle in her actions. Catching a shuttle to a border world, Sarai looked for a transport, hoping to find a ship to utilize her skills on, perhaps even train her piloting skill, while she waited for the escapade to die down.

-Experienced Hacker - Sarai has great experience with hacking lock systems and computer systems.
-B-girl/breakdancer - Sarai enjoys and is very skilled at b-girling/b-boying, or breakdancing.
-Basic Pilot - Sarai is a basic pilot, she can fly a shuttle with no problem, but a larger ship is more difficult, her skills only covering basic operations, none of the fancy maneuvers.

-Impatience - Sarai has little use for waiting around, she wants to be doing something or watching something get done.
-Attention to detail - Although this is generally considered a strength, it can also prove to be a weakness for Sarai, and leads to others' dislike of her for pointing out the little mistakes and things they do wrong.

Faction Standings:
Alliance: Threat - Warrant for Supernova
Black Market: Neutral
Merchants Guild: Neutral
Pirates: Neutral


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Thoughts - #FF33FF
Character's Name:






Faction Standings:

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Friend-Has frequent dealings and works activly to promote
Acquaintance-has frequent dealings
Neutral-has no public rep. with this faction tho may have some one on one with certain people within a faction.
Suspicious-On a watch list
Threat-Warrent or bounty

One or two jobs do not reflect a faction standing unless they were major. A steady history is required.

Faction Standing
Alliance: Neutral
Black Market: Neutral
Merchants Guild: Neutral
Pirates: Neutral

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[b]Faction Standings:[/b]

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Friend-Has frequent dealings and works activly to promote
Acquaintance-has frequent dealings
Neutral-has no public rep. with this faction tho may have some one on one with certain people within a faction.
Suspicious-On a watch list
Threat-Warrent or bounty

One or two jobs do not reflect a faction standing unless they were major. A steady history is required.

Faction Standing
• [color=red]Alliance:[/color] Neutral
• [color=black]Black Market:[/color] Neutral
• [color=brown]Merchants Guild:[/color] Neutral
• [color=purple]Pirates:[/color] Neutral
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Deep in space, a dark shape cut through the darkness. Illuminated by only its own lights and the faint glow of its exhaust, the vessel was alone in the void of space. Distant stars twinkled around it, but there were no nearby suns to bath the ship in light. It was alone, but only in the simplest definition of the word. For although this vessel was indeed without any nearby companions in space, the ship itself teemed with life and activity.

A flow of light jizz came from the group of musicians on the stage of the well-lit tavern. The classy establishment seemed itself to murmur, dozens of conversations and laughter blurring into a single pulse that mimicked the rhythm of the music. Well-placed lighting and warm colors gave the place a homey feel, while maintaining the class it was meant to cater to. Esteemed individuals, powerful men, women and aliens of the galaxy, all likes of businesspeople and members of families deeply seated in wealth flocked to this establishment. It was, perhaps, the one place in the galaxy, perhaps in the universe, where none of the cultural or territorial barriers mattered, where pleasure took the place of business, except, only, for those who could not bear to part with it for even a moment.

The tavern's light chatter and laughter seemed appropriate for the the establishment's atmosphere, with its warm colors and sleek design. While it occupied the former starfighter control bridge of the Venator-class starship, the entire deck had been carved out and opened up for the bar. It was one hundred meters in length, about twenty meters in breadth, and ten meters in height. The front of the tavern, closest to the ship's bow, opened up into a large section of windows that covered the entire front, sides and top in a half-geodesic dome shape for about ten meters. This area was elevated by a small step from the main floor, and dotted with tables excepting the first meter or so, which was left open for those to simply stand and gaze out the windows. A seating array with a couch and two armchairs had been set here as well, but they were rarely used.

On the port side of the tavern, just set back from the windows, another raised platform rose, this one decorated in the patterns and design of a stage. It was from here that the source of the jizz stemmed, and from time to time would be open to patrons to come and test their own skills at an instrument or voice. The stage was rimmed with lights and microphones that fed to speakers placed around the entire deck.

Further back on the same side, a large bar counter was set up, just across from the main lift that transported patrons to and from the Wandering Corellian. Several other ones dotted the sides of the tavern, stretching back to the furthest part, even having one up against the back wall. In the center of the entire deck, on the ground floor, the main bar counter was staffed by no less than five barkeeps to keep customers' drinks coming out quickly. Supplied by the kitchen just down one level, these bar counters worked hard to keep all of the customers satisfied and happy.

A few meters back from the front window area, on the starboard side, a large staircase led up to the loft of the establishment. It partially rimmed the front on both sides, open in the middle as far back as the first hints of the central bar counter, and then it extended back as a solid loft until the far back, where it opened again as a balcony, but with no stairs. The far back of the loft was closed off to most patrons, requiring an invitation to get inside, and most were obtained with large amounts of money or status. In the middle of the loft was a smaller version of the central bar counter that was featured downstairs, serving to the entire loft.

On the loft overlooking the front windowed area, an elderly gentleman sat, sipping a drink. His skin was a dark tone, nearly black, but his hair was the stark opposite of that, graying into a sheer white that contradicted its background. He wore a tailored suit that was made to fit loosely on his body, the shirt cuffs unbuttoned and the jacket draped over the back of his chair. He quietly sipped a drink, looking out the window, and listening contently to the jizz. It was perfect, for him at least. His retirement plan had worked out so well, and this was the fruits of his labor. He leaned back, and closed his eyes, satisfied.
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The figure spoke, or seemed to, as there was no movement of anything that could be called lips. The voice issued from her entire body, and at the same time, it had the air of a disembodied voice. It seemed unnatural, but then again, the figure's entire existence, at least sentient existence, seemed unnatural as well. Neither Jerek nor Calista had ever been faced with, nor had been taught about, a creature made of metal such as this.

Calista was the first one to speak, and after she did so, she clasped her hands to her mouth in instinctive embarrassment, "It talks!" She kept her hand to her face, which betrayed her action with an expression of surprise and wonder. The figure's surface, its 'skin' if it could be called that, maintained continuous motion, like the surface of a river flowing in a confined space, entranced Calista, trapping her gaze in its movements.

"Cali!" the boy exclaimed, breaking the girl's stare. He chided her, "That's rude!" He folded his arms over his chest, but let them down again. He shouldn't be angry at her, she just said exactly what he had been thinking. The figure that stood before them was an oddity. No, he thought, Something like that just shouldn't exist. It makes absolutely no sense. A sentient being, made out of metal? It defies all science!"

The girl frowned and turned to Jerek, "Well? Don't tell me you weren't surprised too." She, too, folded her arms across her chest, but they stayed there as she spoke, "I didn't even see its mouth move, if it even has a mouth."

Jerek had the urge to yell at her, Calista, his friend. He wanted to tell her, to scream at her, that whatever the creature was, it had feelings too. But no, he couldn't. Not just because he was curious too, but because he held his friendship for Calista in too high a regard. He wished to say nothing to hurt her, perhaps only because he felt the exact opposite of hurting her. He was balanced on a fence, one that he could topple to either side with his reaction. If he backed her up and went along with her, he would gain more of her adoration, her respect. But he would have betrayed his own mind, his conscious thoughts and even his conscience itself. But if he went along with those, how would Calista like him anymore? He would have betrayed her, and he could not bring himself to do that. Nothing, he vowed, would make him betray or hurt Calista in any way.

The girl stared at the boy, watching his face. He seemed to be caught in some thought or another, as he often was. She watched for a what felt like a long time, but he said nothing. He had done this to her before, it was his nature to think over what he said before he spoke. She fidgeted, impatience growing. Why couldn't he think faster? her mind screamed. Her eyes searched his face, and she realized that she was angry at him for nothing. His eyes, she saw, spoke for him, even if his mouth could not. The sudden perception that Jerek's eyes conveyed caused her to drop her folded arms and her face relaxed. She turned away from him so that he wouldn't see the small drop of moisture that had pooled in the corner of her eye and was now running down the side of her face.