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Wes Vos' post
Journal of Colonel-General Wesley Vos

The raid was a disaster. My source turned out to be scum who led us to a medical storage center. My lack of knowledge of the area was my downfall. The SS raided a supply of bacta, not a supply of spice. What was worse, apparently an INS reporter was there, and somehow the story got onto the holonet. It was an embarassment to the SS, and despite that I called to complain INS claimed that they didn't know how the story was run. They claim it must have slipped by their screening. I think they just wanted to embarass me.

Needless to say, I was somewhat discouraged after this raid. It seems that even those in the police cannot be trusted entirely. Still, I think I have figured out how to fix the problem. A short talk with a beat officer - Joseph Malone, I believe his name was - gave me an idea. From now on I will rule with a rod of iron. None will escape my grasp.

0900 hours
In orbit above Nar Shadda
ISD V Tyrant