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[THS] Amelia & Peter RP
In a way, it was the best and worst part of the job. He always got a good feeling out of knowing that something good was happening. But sitting for hour after endless hour in attendance for the chance that someone would come by and present their grievances was grueling. Sure, the thrones had a cushion placed on each, but as the time slipped by, Peter often found that his weight shifted enough to nearly flatten the cushion, putting his seat in contact with the seat below it. As if no one could figure it out, a solid throne is very uncomfortable to sit on. Peter was finding trouble doing just that, shifting his weight to and fro, when he was supposed to be listening to a possum explain his troubling situation near Beruna.

It wasn't that his story wasn't interesting or dire in need. Far from it, but the combination of an uncomfortable seat along with the fact that the Pevensie royals had been sitting in attendance for the past three hours, listening to one creature after another asking for this or that kind of help in some form. The young king had caught his brother sleeping more than once, and had even noticed Susan nodding off, unusual for her. It just seemed like a bad day for all of the Pevensies, and being available for their kingdom's citizens just didn't seem to be making things any better. More than once, Peter found himself wishing for a distraction, or something that would require the four of them to leave their dais. As selfish as it was, he even found himself wishing for a distraction just specifically for him.