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Aeryn Corrino - Into Narnia
About You
Name: Jordan
Age: 19
How did you find us: I made the site, duh!
Rules Password: Space Ponies!

Character Basics
Name: Aeryn Corrino
Alias(es)/Nickname(s): Ryn, Cor (rarely)
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Race: Human
Status/Title: Prince of Archenland, Squire to Lord Gere of Cornu
Affiliation: Archenland (Intially for Telmar, but perhaps that's misguided?)

Character Appearance
Hair: Brown, shaggy and unkept
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing marks:
Portrayal: Freddie Highmore

Character Personality
  • Swords
  • Doing something better than his brothers
  • Horse riding
  • Mischief
  • Being trusted
  • Having privileges and power
  • Being older than his sisters
  • Being the youngest son
  • Schoolwork
  • His brothers picking on him
  • Responsibility
  • Following Rules
  • Waiting
  • Being ignored
  • Sword fighting
  • Compassion
  • Valiant
  • Tenacity
  • Noble (in nature, not just status)
  • Loyalty (of his own choosing)
  • Mischievous
  • Irresponsible
  • Rebellious
  • Archery
  • Females
  • Being a role model

General Personality: Aeryn possesses quite an interesting character. The fourth son of the Corrino royal line, Aeryn isn't worried about pressure or responsibility. He is not the crown prince and it is not likely he will ever be king at all, especially with three brothers ahead of him. The lack of pressure and future responsibility takes a good deal of the spotlight off of him, allowing Aeryn to be quite carefree and mischievous. He tends to get into trouble by playing pranks on his sisters or doing things that are not regarded as proper for a member of the royalty. Without the pressure of ever becoming King, Aeryn doesn't see much of a need to follow rules. He hates being told what to do, especially by his oldest brother, Cain, who always follows the rules.

Aeryn is frustrated by the inability of having his achievements recognized. When his brothers do something, they are praised for their skill and strength. Aeryn, being younger and less experienced, is not always able to accomplish the same tasks, and, as a result, his rewards are fewer. He is more often greeted with the comment of, 'At least he is the fourth in line,' rather than the praises his brothers get, such as, 'Commendable!' or 'Fit for a future king, indeed!' Aeryn hates being downsized and put down in this manner, and he will do most anything to prove himself to his teachers, older brothers and parents.

Aeryn is generally a calm person, unless you start attacking or antagonizing him. He doesn't respond kindly to mistreatment, and he's more likely to reciprocate or attack his opposition the more he feels uncomfortable. His way with words isn't sharp, but his skills with a sword and fist are honed from years of practice with his lord and brothers, respectively. Aeryn isn't someone to cross lightly, especially with the force of a country's royal line behind him. Even if he isn't due to be King, and even if his brothers do pick on him, he is still family, and there still is a feeling of loyalty stronger than any birth position or sibling rivalry can break.

As Aeryn has grown older, he's begun to pick up on some of the things he's expected to do. One of them is marry, but at the moment, he really can't see himself even liking any girls, much less marrying them. They're too much of a foreign object right now. He can stand his sisters, but even they sometimes do or say things that mess with his thinking. Maybe he'll find somebody who would be more understandable, more down to earth, or maybe he'll just need to grow up some more.

Character History
Parents: Nain and Calista (King and Queen of Archenland)
Brothers: Cain (20), Cade (17), Aiden (15)
Sisters: Daena (11), Ranae (7)

General History: Aeryn was born as the fourth son of King Nain and Queen Calista of Archenland. With three older brothers ahead of him, Aeryn was never even given consideration for being a possible crown prince, unlike his brothers Cade and Aiden. As such, he was allowed a bit more leeway and freedom, his schooling was more relaxed —although he was taught the same repertoire of subjects, when he didn't do his work, his tutor was far more lenient than with his older siblings— and his occasional mischief and cheek was tolerated more than chastised.

Aeryn struggled with the relationship with his brothers. The oldest, Cain, looked on Aeryn as more of a pest and brat than a brother, and either ignored or lectured Aeryn about his wrongdoings. Cade and Aiden, close in age and bond, tended to pick on Aeryn and play minor pranks on him. It was easy for them to blame Aeryn for their own mistakes, too, and this occurred quite frequently. Throughout his life, Aeryn was reminded of his brother's achievements, and if his own did not measure up exactly, they would be dismissed, with the comments something along the lines of, 'At least he is the fourth in line.'

When Aeryn came of the age of nine, his father presented him with a sword, and decided it was time for him to learn the skills that a noble would need: fighting, tactics and diplomacy. As was common in their nation, and as his brothers had before, Aeryn was sent to be a page to one of Archenland's nobles. As Archenland was a small country, it only had six communities large enough to be considered a town, each with a governing noble.

One of those was Anvard, which lay below the Castle at which Aeryn was born and spent most of his life. Two, Lune and Breston, were Baronies which governed the two provinces of Archenland. The other three, Gria, Cornu and Ricton were scattered fiefdoms that were each governed by a Lord. Cain had been sent to Lune for his training, and Cade to Breston. Aiden had gone to Gria for his training, and so Aeryn was sent to the court at Cornu to be a Page.

The Lord of Cornu, Gere, had a wife and two children of his own, a boy three years older than Aeryn named Criso and a girl five years younger named Trina. While Gere and his wife were honored to have Aeryn as a page, their son was not so pleased. He chastised Aeryn for any mistake, and callously referred to him as 'Corrino' whenever they were outside of Lord Gere's earshot. When Aeryn first arrived, Criso, out of jealousy, treated him so badly that Aeryn engaged him in a brawl. The fight did not go well for Aeryn, and Criso used that incident to incite Aeryn's temper again and again over the years.

As a Page to Lord Gere, Aeryn learned a great deal of things. He learned how to fight with a sword, properly, and to ride a horse for battle. He also learned the mannerisms of the court, how to act and behave, which had been previously neglected as part of his studies. As a page, Aeryn was required to help serve the Lord's family at dinnertime and when they entertained guests, and while Criso degraded him for this, Aeryn was always invited to sit at the table with Lord Gere and his family, much to Criso's dismay.

The years continued, and Aeryn learned and grew in many ways. He wasn't always away from his family, though; just as his brothers had done, he returned home for festivals and holidays. And, at least once a year, the King and his family always visited each of the fiefs on his own, which gave Aeryn another opportunity to see his family. Aeryn always looked forward to seeing his sisters and mother, not always so much for his brothers and father. When he was twelve, however, on his father's yearly visit to Cornu, Aeryn and Criso were asked to spar. Neither boy refused, of course, and so the duel took place. Before Criso won him over due to his age and years of training, Aeryn was able to land a few blows that impressed his father, giving Aeryn a more positive view of him.

A few weeks after the sparring match, at the Christmas feast in Anvard, Lord Gere announced that he felt Aeryn had progressed enough to be promoted. As a Page, he would be no longer, but now a Squire. There was much rejoicing and applause, but it was Aeryn who felt the most pride. He never thought he would have been anything more than a Page, especially with Criso constantly attacking him. Criso didn't take the news kindly at all, the jealousy and rivalry between the two growing even stronger. That didn't seem to bother Aeryn, though, he was just happy with his new rank and the prestige it gave him. Even though they were not at war, if Lord Gere ever rode off into battle, Aeryn could now finally ride with him as his Squire.

There were many new responsibilities that came with being a Knight's Squire. At times, Aeryn thought that Cain had an easier time training to be King than he was having training to be a Knight. But Cain had been Knighted on his eighteenth summer feast, and so he had gone through the same experiences as Aeryn was facing now. It didn't seem to give any comfort to Aeryn, who now had to care for Lord Gere's armor and tack, help to care for the horses in Lord Gere's stables, learn how to joust, and still keep up with the duties he'd had as a Page. Sometimes, when he arrived in his room at night, it was all he could do to remove his boots and then collapse onto his bed.

Not too long after his thirteenth birthday, Lord Gere, Criso and Aeryn were summoned to Anvard. There, along with the rest of Archenland's royal and noble court, they were informed that they were all needed to render assistance in Narnia. An army was being raised, for one larger than their standing army was needed, and it would take many weeks to complete it. Each of the nobles were told to return to their fiefs and towns to recruit for their army, and they were given large sums of money with which to do so.

Archenland had once been ruled by the son of a Narnian King, King Col. Throughout its history, Archenland had been on friendly terms with the rulers of Narnia, all except for the Hundred Year Winter, when the Witch Jadis had ruled. When Caspian the Conqueror had declared himself King of Narnia, Archenland made no move to dispute it. So long as trade continued in the manner it did, there was no use in warring with the much larger Narnia. And this mentality remained for the past hundred years, through the reign of King Miraz. And so when Miraz requested Archenland's assistance in putting down the rebels that arose, there was no doubt or dispute for the request. Just as Narnia had come to Archenland's assistance before, so now would Archenland render its own assistance to Narnia.

Lord Gere, Criso and Aeryn returned to Cornu. Being situated not far from the Stormness mount range that separated Archenland from Narnia, it was a good place from which to launch a messenger. After a few weeks of recruiting soldiers, Aeryn's father arrived in Cornu to oversee the army's assemblage in the camp that was forming a few miles away. He wanted Aeryn to ride forth into Narnia, to seek out Miraz and inform him that Archenland's army was ready and would ride forth within a few days. With letters from King Nain addressed to King Miraz packed away in his saddle, Aeryn mounted his strawberry roan, Vale, and rode for Narnia.

Plot Ideas:
-Aeryn rides into Narnia, asking for directions to Miraz' army along the way.
-Aeryn either rides into the camp of or is captured by the Old Narnians and brought to their camp
-Aeryn realizes that the Old Narnians are in the right, and wants to ride back to head off his father before the Archenlanders join Miraz
-and so on

RP Sample:
Sample from the previous Narnia RPG I played on, I played Peter. Full thread here.
To sleep, perchance to dream. Aye, there's the rub indeed. For with no sleep, no dreams may come, and weary is the restless soul who must endure the tick-tock of the clock for all the hours of the night. Though, true, there were no clocks in Narnia, at least none that would fit on a nightstand or in a room's corner. Metaphorically, it held true, and if he listened hard enough, he was sure he could hear the faint ticking of the massive clock that topped the tower across the courtyard. Maybe it was all in his head. No matter the source, he wasn't pleased with the prospect of staying in his bed the entire night. If he had to be awake, he'd be such in a more satisfying position, and location.

The High King of Narnia indeed. Wasn't there some law he could make that could force his body to sleep? Peter mused on the thought as he rose from his bed and donned a robe. Much unlike his simple robe of years previous, this one was adorned in the height of Narnian regal fashion, dyed a deep blue and embroidered with a golden lion as a badge. Such finery was all but lost on Peter, who could have cared less if his clothing was made from the finest silks of the Lone Islands or from Narnian wool. So long as it fit his still-growing body and kept him warm during the winter months, cool during the summers, and looked acceptably fashionable, he would wear it. The clothes better suited Susan, who, despite her notorioty for being a bookworm, had grown to love the beautiful clothes and jewelry that Narnian monarchs were expected to wear.

As he stepped out of his bedchambers, Peter thought about spending the early morning hours talking with one of his siblings. He dismissed it instantly, no sense in subjecting another member of his family to his misery. Turning decisively away from the long hall of bedrooms, the young man made his way down the halls of the private quarters. The flickering torchlight illuminated the way, and cast ghastly shadows upon the walls and floor, something that might have provoked a twinge of fear had Peter been younger, and not more accustomed to the castle at night. The castle was quiet, allowing the young king to focus on his thoughts.

Peter wandered the halls for some time, never truly having a destination in mind. The time was mostly spent consumed in thought, and so it's not hard to understand why the faint clanking and thumping failed to register on the young man's mind until he reached a nearer place from which it eminated. Placing his thoughts aside for a moment, Peter followed the sounds, relying on his ear to detect their position and volume. Drawing near, the young king was able to discern their source, and wasn't surprised to find that it came from within the kitchens. A constant source of noise during the day, the kitchens were generally quiet at night, when all of the castle's servants and cooks were home or in their quarters, fast asleep or performing silent activities.

Peering around the corner, he had expected to find a satyr or nymph poking its head into one of the cupboards. Or perhaps a faun, who were known for staying up at odd hours of the night. Instead, Peter was surprised to find his youngest sister, opening cabinets and drawers, apparently searching for something. He stood at the doorway, watching in silence. Maybe she would turn around and see him there, and that would be enough to send her back to bed. Peter didn't want a grumpy sister in the morning, he knew he would be in that mood himself, and dealing with another like him would make the day go worse. And he didn't feel like chiding her, although his body seemed alert and unwilling to sleep, his mind, on the other hand, was weary and tired, constantly urging his body to climb in bed and rest.

Minutes passed and his youngest sister still paid him no mind. Speaking would probably make her jump, but there was no avoiding it now. Oh well. "Lose something, Lucy? Or are we chasing dreams in the kitchen these days?" He added a smile for assurance, but he knew it wouldn't help...much. Figuring the damage was already done, Peter added, "Shouldn't you be in bed by now, anyways?"
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