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Tawrrowaldr [Threads of the Force]
Player Info
Name/Alias Jordan
Where are you from Minnesota, USA
Age See below.
Contact Check out my profile for all that good info.

Character Info
Character Name: Tawrrowaldr
Titles/Nicknames: Tawrro
Age 286
Gender Male
Race Wookiee
Place of Origin Kashyyyk
Profession Former soldier, Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
Affiliation Many. Kashyyyk, Rebel Alliance, New Republic, various groups during the century of war, Allied Systems
Rank Corporal (Rebel Alliance), Lieutenant (New Republic), former Clan Advisor and Elder (Kashyyyk), Lieutenant Colonel (Allied Systems)
Force Sensitive No

Physical Characteristics
[float=right][/float]Character Play-by Random Wookiee-enthusiast in costume
Hair Color Light Brown, almost gold.
Eye Color Brown
Height 7 1/2 ft/2.3 m
Weight 330 lbs/150 kg
Distinguishing Features As a Wookiee, Tawrrowaldr easily stands out in a crowd, typically towering over the rest of the beings.
Handiness: Right

General Overview
Wookiees are fancied to be limb-tearing warriors by most, but the few who know them intimately are certain of this untruth. Tawrrowaldr is no exception, and despite his years as a soldier, he neither yearns for battle nor revels in its awe-some destructive power. He is patient, tempered by his years laboring for the Empire as a slave, and his determination sprouts from the same vein. Life is a precious commodity, and even as easily as he discards it for various employers, Tawrrowaldr respects its value. The lives of his family and friends are placed on a higher platform than his own, and he would gladly give his for theirs. That inclination rings especially true when considering the death of his son.

Although serving for many years on his home planet as a Council Elder, and raising a family, Tawrrowaldr is very much a solitary soul. He is perfectly content to wander on his own, seeking help from few, if any. Companions and partnerships are usually out of mutual benefits, and true friends are few and far between. Children, of any species, have a warm place in his heart, as he still thinks fondly of his own remaining children. Tawrrowaldr will not despair should separation from companions be necessary for survival.

Besides his physical prowess, Tawrrowaldr has decades of experience in military operations, advancing from the lowliest soldier to a Lieutenant Colonel. Despite the defeat in his final mission, Tawrrowaldr has led troops to victories countless times. This has given him knowledge of the inner workings of the military, and expertise in strategy and logistics, as well as experience with the general conditions of war.

Tawrrowaldr's willpower is much like an iron embattlement, strong and greatly resisting attacks, although like much iron it is brittle and when pushed beyond its strength, his will can collapse. Like a great castle, his will can hold him steadfast against the arguments and attacks of his opponents, but also requires a great deal of time to rebuild. Even though this is true, his willpower is still one of Tawrrowaldr's greatest strengths.

Although not aggressive or foolhardy for violence, Tawrrowaldr does have a temper. He has a high tolerance for improprieties or insults, especially with friends. An argument can be mended with a little time, a rift by a little hard work. Yet when pushed beyond tolerances, his temper bears a short fuse and will ignite almost instantly. Like a true explosive, silent and unnoticeable until triggered, when it explodes.

Although he has only recently mended the grief that had been weighing him down, Tawrrowaldr still regrets arguments and relationships he strained between his family and friends. His deepest desire would be to make right the wrongs he committed and earn back the acceptance he lost from his family and friends on Kashyyyk.

A sort of sister to him, his recent friend and companion, Daiya, means quite a bit to him, and her protection is something he would pay or do anything for. Not in the least, as well, would be to make her happy and content in her life, something he fears she's never truly felt.

If sitting in a bar, drinking and talking with friends counts as a hobby, then that would be a hobby for Tawrrowaldr. Solitary as he is, he enjoys the company of a good friend and a good bottle of liquor, a combination that has produced many a long, and eventful, night. Otherwise, Tawrrowaldr's time is more occupied by tasks required by his contracts or taking care of Daiya to enjoy many hobbies.

Personal Details
Mother: Graurra (399)
Father: Wrrlfrobow (482)
Wife: Jowrralprr (272, estranged)
Son: Isshashhk (198, deceased)
Daughters: Kallwachir (237) and Sherykryyhn (219)

Daiya T'aemin
Shenn Rosham


Tawrrowaldr was born at the end of an era. Some of the earliest of his memories involved the change of power in the Galactic Republic, and the series of events which would lead to its demise. But only hindsight carried perfect vision for the young Wookiee, and Tawrrowaldr chose to fight in defense of his homeworld during the Clone Wars.

Fighting would eventually become much of Tawrrowaldr's lifestyle. Not long after he helped the Republic push back the Separatist forces, the Republic (now reformed as the Galactic Empire) returned to the planet searching for their missing Jedi, and consequently subjected the planet. Around that same time, two Jensaari warriors arrived, an armored master and his apprentice, fighting alongside the Wookiees against the Empire, and eventually, fighting for their own lives against one they called an Inquisitor. During the battle, the Jensaari apprentice fell to the dueling Inquisitor.

That was the last Tawrrowaldr saw of the Jensaari warriors. The Empire's troups, rounding up the broken armies of the Wookiees, had begun dividing them up for slave labor. Among the Wookiees rounded up for slave labor was a brash young Wookiee named Tawrrowaldr, and his strength would soon become used to build the Empire's mighty machinery of war.

At first, the Empire grouped the Wookiee slaves together, but several attempted revolts proved the danger of multiple Wookiees in one place. One by one they were reshuffled and regrouped, until Tawrrowaldr found himself among only aliens, other races who had become the victims of Imperial ethnocentrism. He made a few enemies, but fewer friends, escaping death as a punishment on one occasion only as a result of those friendships. Through it all, he never stopped fighting for freedom, but in the end, it would take twenty years and a team of agents from the haphazard Rebel Alliance to end Tawrrowaldr's enslavement.

Freedom didn't suit Tawrrowaldr well, and he was consumed by guilt at being rescued by the Rebel Alliance. One of the greatest aspects of Wookiee culture was the life debt, and Tawrrowaldr indeed owed a life debt to the Rebel Alliance for rescuing him. However, Tawrrowaldr was still young, and it had been twenty years since he had set foot on Kashyyyk. It had been almost as long since he had been among his kind for very long. A strong part of him resented being forced into this situation, thinking that with a little more time, he could have escaped by his own means. Kashyyyk was still under the Empire's thumb, and Tawrrowaldr craved the advice of his own kind.

Traveling through the cells of the Alliance, Tawrrowaldr met another Wookiee with a similar story. He had escaped with fewer appendages and one less eye than Tawrrowaldr, having been tortured most severely by his Imperial slave masters. Tawrrowaldr was joyful at finding another of his kind among the galaxy, and he became fast friends with the older Wookiee. In time, the older Wookiee helped Tawrrowaldr to see the purpose of their people's rituals, and the significance of the life debt. Tawrrowaldr decided to honor his debt, and joined the Rebel Alliance.

The news of the Battle of Yavin soon caught Tawrrowaldr's ears, and others in his cell, inspiring them. The notion that the Empire's unstoppable war machine could be halted, even destroyed, was an unprecedented motivator. The battles that followed became victories for Tawrrowaldr's cell, and eventually they joined the main Alliance base on Endor following the destruction of the second Death Star.

Tawrrowaldr proved his worth in helping the Alliance beat back the Nagai invaders, and earned the rank of Corporal and was placed in charge of a squad of soldiers. His squad fought vicariously in many battles, taking several casualties but paving the way for the rest of the troops. As such, they were given commendations for bravery and valor, and given more and more dangerous assignments. During the Battle of Coruscant, Tawrrowaldr's squad, with the help of two others, held the doors of the Imperial Palace while the assault continued inside. By the end of the battle, only two soldiers remained in Tawrrowaldr's squad, and of the others, three were still alive.

While Tawrrowaldr viewed the loss of most of his men as a failure, the New Republic, which had arisen to prominence from the Rebel Alliance following the Battle of Endor, saw fit to promote him due to the way he handled soldiers who had lost their own squad leader. Given the rank of Sergeant, Tawrrowaldr was placed in charge of two squads, each commanded by the two remaining soldiers who had survived Coruscant with him. Over the next few years, Tawrrowaldr continued to assist the Republic in their liberation of more worlds from the Empire's grasp.

By 11 ABY when the New Republic reestablished control of Coruscant again, Tawrrowaldr felt his time of fighting was drawing to a close. He retired from the New Republic Army at the rank of Lieutenant, having earned numerous friends and medals in the course of his career. Without regret, though, Tawrrowaldr returned to Kashyyyk after over thirty years.

Numerous Wookiees had been captured and killed in the course of Imperial occupation and enslavement. Many of the elders in Tawrrowaldr's clan were gone, replaced by younger Wookiees who did not possess the wisdom of their predecessors. Worse, all but one had never left Kashyyyk, never experienced the harshness of Imperial slavery or the struggle of galactic proportions that had just been waged in their favor. Tawrrowaldr thought many of the new elders were naive, yet he resisted attempts from his friends and fellow Wookiee comrades in arms to point this out to the elder council. Tawrrowaldr had had enough of fighting, and it was time for him to settle down.

Still a young man in his culture, Tawrrowaldr took a bride, Jowrralprr. She gave birth to three children, a son Isshashhk, and two daughters Kallwachir and later, Sherykryyhn. Tawrrowaldr turned his focus from foreign issues to domestic ones, caring for his children, and teaching them the skills they would need to survive on their forest world. In time, he became a respected member of the clan.

That respect extended beyond just the community members. Because of his experience offworld and dealings in the New Republic's formation, Tawrrowaldr was asked to become an advisor to the clan council of elders. When one of the council's members died in 78 ABY, Tawrrowaldr was asked to replace him. He accepted, and in doing so, became one of the youngest elders in the clan's history.

By 150 ABY, the galaxy was once again in turmoil. The Galactic Empire, the second or third, no one was really sure anymore, was crumbling and its various regions and admirals vied for independence and power. An incident sparked a violent repercussion, and once more the galaxy was plunged into war. The Empire collapsed, and in its place several smaller governments aspired for galactic dominance.

As a clan elder, Tawrrowaldr spoke out fervently against Kashyyyk's neutrality. He advised that subjection would occur again, and that Kashyyyk should not be reduced to the state of a pawn in a galactic game of dejarik. He was called youthful, brash, a warmonger, someone tainted by years of enslavement and freedom fighting during the first Galactic Civil War. He rebuffed those claims, but stood alone in his arguments.

The armies of the war did reach Kashyyyk. At first they took refuge, trading with the Wookiees for supplies and safety. It didn't take long, however, for an enemy to strike their resting foes. Kashyyyk became a battleground once more, Wookiee fighting alongside aliens for the freedom of their world. When it was over, Kashyyyk was still free.  And Tawrrowaldr was still a laughingstock in the eyes of the council.

So furious was he that he gave a passionate speech to the council, lasting an entire day. His arguments were logic and reason, fact and history combined with his own experience and emotions at their capture and his enslavement of twenty years. The other elders saw no reason, no logic, the fact and history dismissed by arguments of sustainability through the past two centuries of war. Tawrrowaldr's experience and emotions were dismissed as impertinence. The council gave him a choice. Accept the council's decision to stay out of the war, or leave to go join it. Defeated, Tawrrowaldr could not bear to sequester himself, and left to seek out the war.

Tawrrowaldr became a legend among all apart from Kashyyyk. His ferocity in battle was nearly unmatched, and the various factions he fought for over the years rewarded him with medals and ranks. He turned down ranks that would leave him directing troops from afar, because, as he told one general, he could no longer be content to sit around the fire while others died from his mistakes.

It took several decades and more losses in victories to repel invaders from their world, but eventually Kashyyyk did join the wars. By that time, the galaxy was even more factionalized, the large political bodies that had formed after the Empire's collapse were nothing more than shadows of their former selves, reduced to controlling tens of star systems rather than thousands. Individual planets fought skirmishes against each other, and the war had become an every-world-for-itself battleground. The elders of Kashyyyk, in a message to Tawrrowaldr, apologized for their error years before, and invited him to return. They even offered to reinstate him as a clan elder.

It took every ounce of Tawrrowaldr's character to decline the offer. He and his people had gone separate ways. It had taken him years to understand that, and even more years to accept that. Even when his wife traveled to console and convince him to return, Tawrrowaldr refused. The family he thought he had made on Kashyyyk were still too afraid of broaching the conventional norms, of placing tradition aside and embracing the new. The new was war, and if Kashyyyk wished to remain free, Tawrrowaldr knew, they would need to fight to prove it. Yet that fight, he knew, was no longer his own.

His fight was among the last confederation, the Allied Systems, formed around the values the old Republics and Alliance had held so dear. Rather than a solid political body, the Allied Systems was rather a loose alliance of worlds. They had an army, however, and they fought against tyranny and the oppression that other worlds condoned of their enemies. That was good enough for Tawrrowaldr. His place with them was secured as a Lieutenant Colonel, tasked with commanding an entire regiment of troops stationed on a planet called Lok.

It was a backwards world, the native inhabitants primitive by most standards, and only a rough treaty kept them from attacking the confederation settlers who had built a city on the opposite side of the planet. The world was valuable for only one resource, Hfredium, that could be used in the construction of starships. Other worlds possessed the mineral, and it was certainly available on the market, but here the Allied Systems had a monopoly. And it was here, that his last battle would be fought.

In 208 ABY, one of the growing empires, directed by dark and sinister figures, unexpectedly attacked the world of Lok. In the siege that followed, the Wookiee Lt. Colonel grew close to many of the men with whom he served, including on Shenn Rosham. Initially offended by his Commanding Officer's inferior rank, the young Lieutenant grew close to Tawrrowaldr and the two shared a sense of kindred of exile, be it self-imposed or by default. The young officer was a peculiar case to Tawrrowaldr, a survivor of a dead world and somewhat withdrawn. He took special care to notice the Lieutenant, and as his supplies ran low and his forces depleted, the Wookiee promoted Rosham to acting Captain, granting him more responsibility.

The situation on Lok grew dire. Of the original 2500 forces, the army had dwindled to 1200 in two years of fighting. The stalemate in orbit prevented reinforcements to the Allied forces, and supplies were replenished usually only by capture or raid of the enemy's wares. Tawrrowaldr became fraught with contempt for the commanders and generals who had assigned him this command. But for the friendship that had evolved between him and Captain Rosham, the Wookiee resented his mission. As was expected, in 210 ABY, the Allied Systems withdrew from Lok, and Tawrrowaldr's army were allowed to leave in peace under the surrender terms.

During the hyperspace trip back to command headquarters, Tawrrowaldr spent the time with his friend, Shenn Rosham, in the cantina aboard ship. They joked and recalled the joyous stories of their past, downing mug after mug of generous ale. Before he parted from Shenn for the last time, Tawrrowaldr received news from the elders on Kashyyyk of his son's death. The last Shenn saw of the Wookiee was of a broken and defeated man. After finishing the debriefing with the army's commanders, Tawrrowaldr resigned his commission and returned home to Kashyyyk. It would be the last time he would ever call himself a soldier.

If not for the fact that his homeworld still thrived and his wife and daughters lived, Tawrrowaldr would have been utterly lost. As it was, broken and defeated on two fronts, and mentally exhausted from years of war, the Wookiee avoided any title of heroics or medals, though many were offered after his return. He refused to sit again on the Council, and spent much his time alone in his home or in the great forests of his planet. When he was around family or old friends, he found the air thick with old arguments or tensions left unaired.

After ten years or so, Tawrrowaldr could no longer sit restless in his home. He had grown apart from his wife and family, and even his friends, and in his mind had condemned himself to a solitary existence.  Great were the arguments that ensued between he and his family, and in exasperation he left, parting on sour words. With a gun and his prowess, the Wookiee made a living, hiring himself out to those who would exchange credit for protection, hunting or whatever else needed doing; he became a mercenary.

After a job went awry in 243 ABY, Tawrrowaldr sought refuge on Coruscant, now a neutral planet in the warrings of the galaxy. Here, he found an unexpected source in an old military friend, Shenn Rosham from the campaign on Lok. Rosham had established himself, in his retirement, as the proprietor of a tavern named the Blue Flame, and a man of information services. Tawrrowaldr continued his mercenary services, referred by or using Shenn's contacts whenever convenient.

Even the Wookiee's relationship with Shenn was not as it had been. Although the two old warriors would share drinks and stories, the subject of Tawrrowaldr's son seemed unapproachable. Tawrrowaldr's grief could not be formed into words, and Shenn's attempts to help his friend were futile. The Wookiee insisted on grieving alone, and the subject became an unspoken word between them, hanging over all their conversations. In contrast to the jubilant, albeit frustrated, soldier Tawrrowaldr had been when he'd met Shenn, now it seemed that their roles were reversed, and Tawrrowaldr was the man withdrawn and without much feeling.

His world changed one day. Hired, as he had been on a few past occasions, by a man named Phelaan, Tawrrowaldr was to track down and eliminate a threat to Phelaan's business. Phelaan, like Shenn, was in the information business, although he'd wisely respected the small territory that Shenn had made for himself on Coruscant. In part, that was due to Tawrrowaldr's efforts over the past several years. As he did all jobs, Tawrrowaldr took the task seriously, and tracked down the threat.

It didn't take long to figure out that the threat came in the form of a small, young girl, an eleven-year-old Human named Daiya. In an instant, Tawrrowaldr took pity on the girl, who had run away from home for reasons known only to her. Without parents, a proper home, or guidance, she was lost. Much like the Wookiee had been himself, when he had been stolen from his home and forced to toil away for the Empire. But she claimed one thing that he himself had lost to the Confederacy and the Empire, innocence. And Tawrrowaldr knew he had to help her.

To avoid becoming a target himself from Phelaan, Tawrrowaldr hired a few men to grab the girl in a tavern, so he could talk to her himself.  He needed her cooperation in order to help her, and Phelaan's demands were high. It was not enough to hear she was dead, the contractor needed someone to see her dead body. The plan went awry, however, and a true chase ensued. Some of Phelaan's own men, seeing her bolt from the tavern, took shots at Daiya, until Tawrrowaldr roared at them to leave the girl to himself. While his hired men routed her, Tawrrowaldr waited in an alleyway.

When the girl approached him, the Wookiee stepped from the shadows, a menacing figure. Like many Humans, Daiya was shocked with fear, and fell to her knees. Tawrrowaldr picked her up and slashed her bag, dropping her. He leaned close and spoke to her, telling her to stay quiet and Phelaan's men would think her dead. Extracting a bottle from his sash, he spilled its contents under the girl, a liquid that oozed a dark red color into a puddle. He was met by the contact from Phelaan, who inspected his work and complimented him on the expediency of the job, and then paid him. Once they left, Tawrrowaldr explained to the girl that he could not bear to have hurt a child like her and he introduced himself.

Tawrrowaldr took the young girl into his own home, to continue the illusion that she was dead. Her old hangouts were off limits, and the Wookiee took care not to expose the girl to the same people who knew about his job with Phelaan. The girl was even introduced to Shenn, who took a particular liking for the Wookiee's ward, and became a sort of father figure to her. After a great deal of pleading on her part, and following a tantrum of epic proportions when Tawrrowaldr suggested she return to school, he relented and allowed her to accompany him on his mercenary jobs. He started small, but eventually Daiya became his partner for every mission.

Although he'd first viewed Daiya as an adopted daughter, as some Human version of himself, Tawrrowaldr soon saw a deeper part of Daiya surface. It was assertive, rash and reckless, but also intelligent. She grew mature in her thoughts and actions, as well as in age. No longer a shaking, scared eleven-year-old he had followed and protected, Daiya emerged from childhood into adolescence a firm presence of her own. The transformation did not come without its pains, as well. Tawrrowaldr often bickered with Daiya, and developed a healthy brand of sarcasm which was usually directed his way. The daughter he thought he'd seen in Daiya was soon replaced by a more sisterly figure, and Tawrrowaldr, or Tawrro as the girl affectionately called him, grew more comfortable with her.

Over the years, grief turned to happiness, and pain into laughter. As he lived and worked with Daiya, the Wookiee's view on the world and himself changed. It was as if she lit a fire in him again, bringing up some emotion he had long forgotten about. This bode well for Tawrrowaldr, and seemingly for Shenn as well, as it did not escape his attention. Perhaps his life on Kashyyyk could be mended as well, given time.

On a recent smuggling mission with Daiya, the Wookiee's worst fears were realized. They were captured by the thugs of an organization seeking their smuggler, thugs who turned out to be in the employ of Phelaan. The inevitable word was passed down as the thugs reported to their superiors: kill them. Tawrrowaldr had anticipated that, given Phelaan's tendency for hired kills, but against so many the Wookiee could not hope to last unless he found a way to distract them or free Daiya. His hope came when Daiya exhibited a skill he did not know she possessed. The blaster a thug pointed at her lept from his hand and turned about in the air to face its wielder, and fired. Taking his chance, the Wookiee threw off his restraints and with Daiya's help, subdued the rest of the thugs.

Before they returned, Tawrrowaldr confronted the girl about the strange happenings. She confessed that she had been responsible, and that from a young age, she had received visions of truth. Instead of anger, Tawrrowaldr gave her sympathy. Born in a different era, he knew, she would have been removed from the horrors of her childhood and trained, as she should be, as a Jedi. A deep respect for the Knighthood that had been a pillar of light in the darkness ran through Tawrrowaldr, stemming from the Jedi's assistance against the Confederate attacks during his youth on Kashyyyk. Yet the Jedi were now gone, either disbanded or destroyed, and the Church of the One Force did not train or utilize the Force, as much as they professed its powers. Tawrrowaldr knew he had to keep this information a secret, and gave Daiya his word that he would not expose her.

A typical Wookiee, Tawrrowaldr's brute strength is enough to tear apart a human's limbs. He has a good deal of endurance and stamina from years fighting in the wars.

As a Wookiee, Tawrrowaldr is covered with long, thick hair that serves to hide the body parts which non-Wookiees cover with clothing.

-A transliterator, fitted to a sash that Tawrrowaldr wears. This enables him to communicate with species in Basic, even if they do not understand Shyriiwook.
-A sash, slung from his left shoulder to right hip, that still carries the rank emblem his son wore when he died, as well as Tawrrowaldr's transliterator device.

1x DXR17 heavy carbine

Overall Dark/Light Stance
-5 -4 -3 -2 -1  [0] +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
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Re: Tawrrowaldr [Threads of the Force]
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Alright, briefly, here's how I might see Tawrro's life pan out.
-Born 36 BBY, and fought in a few skirmishes on Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars.
-After the war, and the slavery of the Wookiees that followed, Tawrro was shipped off his home planet to be used as slave labor for the various construction projects of the Empire.
-Was freed by insurgents operating under the soon-to-be Rebel Alliance banner.
-Joined the rebel cell, and soon became a fierce fighter in the war against the Empire.
-Fought the Empire until the New Republic won over, and then retired to Kashyyyk.
-Became involved in tribal politics, and eventually stood as an advisor for the tribal elders.
-Had a family and children.
-I think I'm up to about 50 ABY at this point. Damn.
-Continued to serve as an advisor for various tribal leaders, at some points travelling offworld to help in a few conflicts, only to return home to the quiet life in the aftermath.
-In 150 ABY, became a very young tribal elder, due to his experience.
-Served as a tribal elder for many years.
*-When the wars began, he urged Kashyyyk to stand out and fight, but the other leaders put him down as a warmonger.
-Even after Kashyyyk was attacked and the Wookiees fought off their attackers, they would not turn on the offensive.
-Tawrro became so impassioned by his cause that he alienated the other members of the tribe, and was exiled.
-Tawrro left Kashyyyk and journed offworld, joining the war effort where he could.
-Kashyyyk finally joined in the war after several years, and repealed Tawrro's exile, pardoning him. They offered him his elder post back, but he refused.
-Fought from 208-210 ABY in a massive battle on some worthless rock that ended in a white peace anyway. Met Shenn Roshan in that battle.
-Just before the end of the battle, Tawrro receives news that his son was killed in battle.
-The battle ends, with his forces ordered to pull out and abandon the fight.
-The death of his son and the withdrawal from battle was enough to cause Tawrro to stop fighting, and he returned home a shattered hero.
-He stayed on Kashyyyk for a time, but felt an animosity towards him still, and he begrudged his world for betraying him only to realize the truth later.
-Tawrro left his wife and his world in about 218 ABY, to wander the galaxy on his own.
-Wanders the galaxy as a mercenary, doing odd jobs, until a job gone wrong forces him to seek refuge on Coruscant in about 243 ABY.
-Continues to work as a mercenary on Coruscant, and re-establishes his relationship with Shenn in the Blue Flame.
-Meets Daiya and this reforges the shattered man in Tawrro. He regains his purpose for life.