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Evangeline Erinth - USS Nautilus
Name: Evangeline Erinth
Nickname: Eva
Real Age: approx. 340 years
Apparent/Body Age: 11 years
Gender: Female
Species: Miran
Homeworld: M-2553 or Miri's Planet (Name given by Captain James T. Kirk who discovered the planet on Stardate 2713.5, real name long forgotten by remaining inhabitants More Information)

Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 90 lbs
Eye Color: Cerulean Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Physical Appearance: Slim body, medium build, appears similar in age to a human child of 11 or 12
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Distinguishing Marks: None, which made it almost impossible to tell Eva and her twin sister apart.

Appearance: A slender frame with a medium build, Evangeline looks similar to a prepubescent child of ten or eleven. Her fair complexion gives little indication of a life spent outdoors until quite recently, but coupled with her cerulean blue eyes and dark brown hair she appears pale and unhealthy. Nothing could be further than the truth, a fact easily discerned by even the most casual witness to the child's exuberance and energy.

Status: Single
Spouse: None
Father: Augustine (deceased)
Mother: Rebecca (deceased)
Sister(s): Jenna/Jani (11 - Eva's twin sister), Katherine (16, deceased)

Personality: Eva is a creature of strong will and determination. She will do just about anything to get what she wants, no matter how long it takes. Her tenacity is followed by her fierce loyalty to those around her, especially her family, whom she would place above herself whenever the need should arise.

The Miran girl is terribly viscous when her age or people come under attack. While she is often mistaken for a human child, Eva does not easily dismiss the confusion, and rallies on under the banner of eliminating ignorance of her species and situation. 

When she is angered or defending her age or race, Eva often employs a wide range of sarcasm to put her point across. Not able to exercise physical prowess to make her point, she instead uses her mental and intellectual abilities to do that instead.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Her strong will and determination makes Eva a reliable crewmember, and friend. Her loyalty compliments her persistence, but can also be perceived as stubbornness if taken too far.

One of Eva's many flaws is her aggressiveness towards anyone who makes the mistake of mistaking her for a child. This carries over into her daily life of, even after the initial confrontation, being mistaken and misunderstood, to which she responds in a most impolite manner.

Ambitions: Eva's greatest ambition is to see the return of her twin sibling to the reality of their situation, to accept the life they had before, and not be blinded to the life they experienced for centuries alone.

Hobbies and Interests: In her free time, Eva does exhibit some of the qualities of the children she is often compared to. While typically professional on duty, she prefers games and romping around to just sitting and talking when she can. Her free time is often taken up, then, by imagination, and engaging others when she can.

When forced to take up more conventional hobbies, Eva enjoys reading, primarily history. She is fascinated by all that went on during the years that she and her cousins were trapped in a state of eternal youth in both mind and body.

Service Record:
2290 - [CDT] - Accepted into Starfleet Academy
2295 - [ENS] - Graduated and Commissioned as an Ensign. Assigned as a junior Helm Officer on the USS Bjornke
2296 - [ENS] - USS Bjornke decommissioned.
2296 - [ENS] - Assigned to the USS Agamemnon as Assistant Helm Officer
2296 - [ENS] - Promoted to Chief Helm Officer
2298 - [LTJG] - Promoted to Lieutenant, J.G.
2300 - [LTJG] - Transferred to USS Nautilus as Chief Helm Officer

Background: None of the children knew just what to expect when the group of blue-shirted Starfleeters swirled into being before their eyes. Fear and anger were rampant as the unruly mob swarmed around the Federation relief personnel, the dirty and poorly clothed children led by a pair of twin girls who looked to be no more than eleven human years. As the dust and emotions settled, the Federation workers began to piece together the lives the children once knew and the identity of the girl known as Eva.

She was born as Evangeline, the name written on some ancient piece of paper. The name meant nothing to the girl, nor its age. A year was the same as fifty or a hundred to her, this girl who, with her twin and her merry band of misfits, had made a deserted planet their home. Once, they knew, there had been something here. A city, a world, a people, some of whom they might have called 'mother' or 'father'. That was all gone, destroyed by the hubris of some scientist who thought to tempt fate and control his own destiny, only to destroy himself and his world in the process. The irony of the disaster of the Life Prolongation Virus, or LPV, was that it did truly work. The LPV did was it was supposed to do in the mass of the world's children, permanently altering their DNA and lengthening their lifespan to the point where milennia felt no different to these children as a single year did to the average human. But the virus bound their bodies with a curse as well, for any member of their race who entered puberty, who forged the righteous path to adulthood and the wisdom it brings, would be destroyed in a swarm of aching sores and irrational madness.

Eva had witnessed her family dissolve into this debilitating state, according to some dusty records, that had been first her mother, then her father. There was no record of what happened with her sister, older than the twins by just four years, but it wasn't difficult to figure out. That experience gave Eva a healthy disrespect of grown-ups, a trait not uncommon among the remaining survivors, so much so that 'grup', their term for an adult, was a four-letter word. The Federation grups, Eva felt, were no different and could hardly last very long. Yet they persisted, the Federation sent more people to her world. Doctors and nurses, psychiatrists, teachers and administrators all came out of sympathy, curiosity, or both. They built a school, with dorms for the children to live in, with playgrounds to climb and green fields to run through and new toys to play with. Eva, her twin sister Jenna, and the children of their orphaned band were brought to this place, the Miran Institute, and here Eva encountered others like her from all over her homeworld.

At first Eva wanted nothing more than to be returned to her deserted city, to run with her sister and their pack of children. For several years, she and Jenna formed a bloc against the Federation intentions, resisting the counseling sessions, refusing to pay attention in classes or complete any homework assignments. That wasn't their life, Eva argued again and again. They just wanted to be free, to live as they had been, to play.

Eventually, something changed in Eva. She saw children making it through the Institute, graduating out of the lower classes she seemed doomed to perpetually attend. Some found themselves placed with families who could bear no children themselves, or cared not to. Some took up professions from what meager offerings there were, as most Federation species looked upon the Mirans as little more than children, too immature for all but the most basic tasks. Eva saw these Mirans succeed, and soon she saw her life for what it was. Realizing that it was going nowhere, Eva decided to turn it around. Even if she was doomed to childhood for the next few thousand years, she would endeavor not to waste them; it was time to accept that the life she had lived for the three centuries prior to Starfleet's arrival was over, Eva was a different person and had a different life to live.

The bond of sisterhood was more dear to Eva than anything, but even as she came to realize that her life must change, Jenna held stubbornly to tradition. Jenna continued to resist the Federation attempts to educate her, to resolve what feral tendencies had developed over the course of the centuries. Eva and her twin argued constantly about the shift in their perspectives, both sides failing to sway the other. Eventually, tired of arguing and fed up with what she perceived to be her sister's betrayal, Jenna began to ignore Eva and her arguments. The group they once both directed, though smaller in number than it once was, now obeyed Jenna completely and absolutely, joining her in the admonishment of Eva and her ideas.

Banished from her own enclave, Eva felt that she could do no more for herself on Miri's World. The girl began to explore the options with Federation counselors, trying to find what kind of life might lie beyond the confines of her homeworld. Her counselor took in everything she said and weighed the possibilities, finally coming up with four options. Eva could stay on Miri's World and return to her lifestyle of play and games. This, the life she had known and now rejected, was immediately discarded. The second choice was to stay on Miri's World to help other children learn about and accept their past lives, if any information could be found, and assist them in the transition to a 'normal life.' Another choice would be to find a foster family in the Federation who would accept Eva as a child of their own, and she could live with them until she reached puberty. The last choice was to apply to Starfleet Academy and to join Starfleet.

The second option was intriguing, but limited. Eva wanted to leave the environment of Miri's World and start her own life, to remove herself from a society that no longer understood her. The third option seemed no better than the first. The fourth option was the one that sparked Eva's interest, and she sent in an application for Starfleet Academy. The message came back almost immediately. Application denied. The reason: Starfleet Academy applicants had to be at least seventeen years old. Eva was furious. Her life had thus far spanned four centuries, and yet Starfleet rejected her because she was too young?

Eva tried official channels, but the numerous Federation diplomats and government officials just laughed at her or referred her to other departments. She played a chase game for the next two years, filling out forms, submitting them and being told to go to another department where the same thing occurred. Nothing seemed to be working, so she asked the counselors again for help. Going up through their official channels, one was able to find a connection to a legal service. The firm was interested in the case, and took up the sword for Eva, and for all Mirans.

It was a long and arduous journey, but in the end, it was worth it. For the next few years, the firm researched the Miran's situation, their background and medical data, the facilities and rehabilitation services that it offered to the Miran inhabitants, and then going through the Federation legal system. It took some time before the case appeared in a Federation court, and even longer still to argue it out. The case took just four months, but the entire process took a total of four years. The finished product, however, was that any Miran would be viewed as a legal adult under the Federation laws so long as they passed an assessment by the Federation officials manning the planetary base. Inspections would be held to see that certain qualifications were met, but after all that work, it finally meant that Mirans, and especially Eva, would be allowed to attend Starfleet Academy.

The assessment test, at the time, was really just three medical officials, including the base's commanding physician, to sign off on a document that would declare her a legal adult. It was not fancy and time consuming, but Eva was not disappointed. For her legal documents, Eva adopted her full name, discovered by the Federation workers to be Evangeline, and paired it with a name she found in a directory of Earth residents. Evangeline Erinth, the newly-minted legal adult of the Federation, immediately sent her resubmission to Starfleet Academy for acceptance. This time, Starfleet did not have a choice in the matter. The courts, in addition to their decision, had laid down an injunction on the Academy's denying power to Mirans for the next three years, enough time for any Miran to get through the assessment tests and submit their application.

Eva struggled through the Academy for a while, failing several classes, most notably her physical education class. She never faltered or gave up, as many times as she wanted too. Motivation came in the form of a picture of Jenna that graced the desk of her room on campus. As she progressed through the academy, Eva tried to find what career path she fit best. Her small size was terrible for security, and although it was almost perfect for engineering, she didn't have the interest in fixing or creating things. Communications was soon ruled out as well, however, as she could barely master the second language that Starfleet required their students to take. Science was too picky for her, and she could never sit still enough to focus on the experiments being made. The solution was found in piloting, or helm control. Eva found she did well during her flight lessons and astrophysics came easily to her. So her career was chosen for her and finally Eva graduated, not on time but a year later in the class of '95.

The first posting that the young Miran received was to the USS Bjornke, an aging Bonaventure-class ship, as a junior Helm officer. The old ship was usually slow in speed and sluggish in response, forcing the fresh Ensign to learn, on the fly, how to anticipate maneuvers and obstacles before the response time would be too late in implementing commands. Eva received invaluable experience from the posting, some that would have taken her years, if ever, to learn, yet was learned over a period of eight months.

The Bjornke's last assignment was as a training vessel in its later years, and had been so for the past ten. But even training ships get replaced, and so it was with the Bjornke as well. Almost suddenly for its captain, the crew was notified in early 2296 that their ship would be decommissioned in a few months. The last few missions were carried out and when at last the ship pulled into port over the Martian landscape at Utopia Planitia, the captain was in such grief that he neglected to hold a farewell event. The crew abandoned the ship without ceremony, and headed on for their next assignments.

Instead of going aboard another training ship, Eva was surprised to find that her next assignment was to a newly commissioned vessel, the Excelsior-class USS Agamemnon. Dutifully, she headed to the ship to encounter what waited for her aboard. Soon after embarking, Eva was swept into a whirlwind of events which resulted in her reassignment as Chief Helm Officer. As she struggled to learn the handling of such a large ship, alongside a new set of responsibilities, the crew of the Agamemnon were swept from one crisis to the next. Along the way, she became fast friends with the ship's XO, Commander Josias Toban. Toban soon recommended her for Lieutenant Junior Grade, a rate that Starfleet awarded with some hesitation.

The sudden transfer of Commander Toban from the Agamemnon in 2299 left Eva uncertain and disconnected. Although she could perform her duties well, the motivation to improve and succeed had faded. The Agamemnon crew, many of whom Eva had never grown close to, seemed to stare at her wherever she went. She no longer had a friend she could turn to for help, and to Eva, the new first officer was a stranger. Little by little, she grew withdrawn from the crew, and eventually her duties. When Captain Robinson could not figure out how to help her, he issued a formal complaint on her record. Embarrassed and ashamed, Eva requested a transfer from the Agamemnon to a new ship.

With Eva's record, Starfleet decided to assign her to the USS Nautilus. The stories of her time there have yet to be written.
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