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Daiya [RPG: An Army of Scum and Villiany]
Name: Daiya T'aemin
Species: Human
Age: 14
Planet of Origin/Birth: Coruscant
Force Sensitive Y/N:  Yes
Passing Daiya on the street, one would think she looked like a typical Human teenager. Her blonde hair normally falls past her shoulders where she often lets it fly loose. Her fair skin has a warm complexion, rosy against the golden color of her hair, and it freckles in the sunlight, leaving a swath of dots across her nose and upper cheeks. Her azure eyes are bright and intelligent, they see more than most assume. As a teenager, Daiya's dress can range from fashionable to utilitarian, but generally she assumes a practical attire of pants, a shirt and jacket of some sort. At times a messenger bag can be seen slung over her shoulder for extra carrying capacity.


Daiya is a straightforward and reasonable girl. She's been described as someone who is easy to talk with, and intelligent for her age.

As many teenagers, she is at the age where independence is a priority, and Daiya tries to prove her independence, and test its limits against adults. Sarcasm and individuality are a part of this trait, and clearly the best example is the pink and blue highlights in her hair.

She is not overly deceptive or entirely honest, perceiving honesty as a valuable quality that she shares only with those she trusts the most. Otherwise, if she must lie to stay alive, get what she needs, or otherwise protect herself or others, she will.

Daiya interacts well with adults, often forming stronger friendships with adults than with peers her own age, as those relationships are generally more stable. Her interactions with adults seems to come naturally to her, or perhaps from experience of dependence on non-parental adult figures in her life for survival.

From years of supporting herself and doing what she needs to survive, Daiya has learned notions about survival in the streets, so to speak. She is able to adapt easily to her environment, and she tries to learn as fast as she can about the natural of her surroundings and how to cope.

Daiya has a natural Force ability of precognition, untrained but for her own efforts in honing and fine-tuning her skill. This ability has aided in her survival and adaptation, but it often delivers visions of unimportant things, and obscure references. Nor do all the visions come true.

Daiya has the tendency to jump into action, to act rashly. Some would say this comes with her age and immaturity, and dismiss it as mere young age. This has gotten Daiya into many troublesome situations, and even out of some stickier ones.

Daiya is terrified of someone discovering that she has powers beyond the norm. The reactions of her mother and Eiko have fueled these fears, as have, in a reduced capacity, the displeasure of Tawrrowaldr at his discovery of her powers.

Daiya wants to learn why she has seemingly supernatural powers, and what she can do with them. This purpose has driven her ever since she left her home.

Using a holojournal to capture drawings, Daiya often records persistent or seemingly important visions. However, Daiya is not the best artist, and she'll be the first to admit it, so often her drawings only make sense to her.

Daiya was born and grew up on Coruscant, once the glittering gem of the Republic, no less the Galaxy. Yet for one to expect that her life was lavish and provided for beyond any means would be sorely disappointed. For most of her life, Daiya never even saw the beautiful sunsets that Coruscant was known to have, or see that the sky was actually blue when not littered with vessels. In fact, the word sky was a sorely undefined part of her vocabulary until later years.

Daiya's grew up in the Middle City of Coruscant, a world of apartments, skywalks, and levels of buildings of which she saw neither the very top or very bottom. No older siblings tormented Daiya, but she was joined by two younger siblings within a few years of her birth.

Her early years were highlighted by an ease in schoolwork, which came to an abrupt halt during her eighth year. A succession of financial problems due to job loss forced the family to move, priorities to shift, and Daiya to begin experiencing a series of strange dreams. Her teachers grew concerned for her behavior, which was exhibited by answering a question before it was completed, or surprising a classmate with a tissue before they were about to sneeze. When she was confronted about it, however, Daiya simply evaded their questions and provided unhelpful answers.

Inwardly, however, she was just as confused as her parents and teachers were. These dreams unsettled Daiya, they seemed to provoke her to action. The littlest things like a person sneezing or an unanswered question started to grind down, compelling her to act on them. Until she did, those dreams would persist. It seemed stupid, but once Daiya tried to resolve the problems presented in the dreams, they went away. That was all she cared about anyway, making the dreams go away.

Frustrated with the endless stream of odd jobs and family stress, Daiya's father decided to head offworld in search of a better job. He promised to send money once he started making some, but the months passed, the letters stopped coming and no money appeared. To make ends meet, Daiya began a deliver job with a small, local businessman named Eiko. Daiya eventually learned that Eiko was a small crime boss, a source of the criminal underworld run beneath the polished noses of Coruscant's elite. Yet even as her mother learned of this, Maris told Daiya to keep working for Eiko, as the family could not afford to lose her source of income.

Daiya's dreams began to shift from more trivial predictions to more serious. The streets were dangerous, and firefights were common, especially among those who patrolled unarmed. Though her dreams seemed to come less frequently, they began to be more helpful, guiding her down a rarely-used path instead of her normal one to avoid a major confrontation one day, or reminding her of a group of children and how fun it was to play that allowed her to avoid suspicions by a neighboring gang. Eiko never liked that his messages arrived late, but he appreciated how easily Daiya seemed to remain unscathed. Over time, Eiko began to trust Daiya with more important deliveries.

There were times when normal methods for evasion simply didn't work. It was at those times when Daiya was grateful that Eiko soon learned to trust Daiya with a blaster. For a while, she was able to avoid fights, but it was inevitable that she would someday be faced with blaster fire. Not long after her tenth birthday, an unavoidable slip-up caused Daiya to come under fire. After that encounter, Daiya was far more on edge. The territory was thick with rival gangs and crime rings, yet Daiya survived by the gift of her dreams and her progressing skill with a blaster. It was just then that fate decided to tip the tables on her. Her dreams, which came during sleep, began to present themselves during the day, first in idle moments or daydreams, yet over the course of several months, they shifted from dreams to full blown visions which assaulted her any time they pleased.

Both her mother and Eiko started to notice this change. Daiya's mother began to ask many concerning questions, if Daiya was feeling alright and even took her to a doctor, who could say nothing more than that Daiya was a fit, if a bit underfed eleven year old girl. Eiko, however, was not pleased that his favorite messenger was caught in broad daylight, for lack of a better term, defenseless for several seconds while she grappled with whatever vision she was receiving. Or worse, that she would do so in his presence and waste his time with what he perceived as growing headaches. When Eiko could finally tolerate it no longer, he did something he had never done before. He pointed his own weapon at Daiya and demanded that she divulge what was happening to her. And so Daiya told him, as she told her mother later that night. Her reaction did not quite top Eiko's, but it was close to the full blown stammering and rage that Eiko exhibited. He could not understand why Daiya had kept this from him, and sought, subtly, to use this to his advantage. Daiya misunderstood Eiko, and misunderstood her mother's concern, fearing that both would try to harm her for knowing this information. Packing what she needed, Daiya left her only family and Eiko that night, to flee and fight for survival on her own.

Daiya's flight was not far in galactic terms, not even stepping off of Coruscant. She soon established herself as an independent courier, adopting a similar role as she had with Eiko. Her youth granted her the ability to hide in plain daylight, which was ideal for clients who needed to keep a low profile. In a few months, Daiya was eating well. But using children as messengers was an idea that a few other organizations used, and none of them appreciated a child becoming an entrepreneur for herself.

One such organization, headed by a man called Phelaan, was ruffled enough by her entrance into their market, that they hired someone to get rid of her. Daiya began to hear from her contacts that she was not safe. A few more eyes followed her into cantinas and on a given day, she could spot a few more people looking out of place on her route home. Having friends was useful, and sometimes downright helpful for escaping death. When one whispered into her ear, instead of the name of someone looking for a messenger, the suggestion to run, Daiya didn't hesitate.

Escaping back to her small but cozy apartment, her first task was not to pack for another planet. Instead, Daiya surfed the HoloNets, passing the endless postings for jobs and combing through the myriad of information, entertainment and miscellaneous filth polluting the Nets, looking for someone who could help her. After a few days of lying low on the Nets, Daiya wired a hefty sum into the account of an entity known only as Scorpius. It didn't take long to receive a reply back, the name of the person who wanted her dead.

Phelaan was a successful crime boss, and well-feared, but he boasted proudly about never taking work home; he was a family man. Daiya's information led her to his family's home, a well-secured mansion with a luxurious view of the planet's sun. It was easy to find accomplices from the lower levels who were willing to help Daiya watch the home and track the patterns of its inhabitants. Phelaan employed no living security, only droids and computers served to watch the home of his family, including a very young wife and a toddler son. Harboring no ill will against his family, Daiya waited until Phelaan would be home alone. She spent the last of her credits to pay the Scorpius hacker to reconfigure Phelaan's security systems to recognize her as a houseguest.

When Phelaan arrived home that night, he was ushered into his sitting room to meet with a guest. Little did he expect it would be Daiya waiting for him, a blaster sitting open on her knee. In the aftermath, Daiya fled straight to a cargo transit station in the Middle City and snuck onboard an ore freighter bound offworld.

From there, she hopped from planet to planet as a gunslinger mercenary, hiring out her services to whomever needed it. Eventually she heard of a crisis on Tengaru and caught a transport to the area to see if she could find worthy employment.

Relationships and Acquaintances:
Scorpius: Daiya has utilized the services of a hacker named Scorpius on occasion, but she is oblivious to his real name and identity.
Galactic Empire: Officially, there is an arrest warrant out on Daiya for the murder of Phelaan. Unofficially, as a minor and as the killer of a crime boss, an Imperial judge would more than likely give her a simple slap on the wrist for the crime.

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