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Jerek Zenduu [RPG: Jedi Exile]
Jerek Zenduu

Cole Sprouse

Name: Jerek Zenduu
Age: 14
Species: Human

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Hair Color: Sandy Blond
Eye Color: Hazel
Handiness: Right

Appearance: Arguably, the first thing one tends to notice about the fair-skinned boy is not his softened facial features. Nor is it the freckles that dot his face and body, or his lean and tall build. Rather, it is his wild, blond hair. Reaching almost to his shoulder, Jerek likes to keep his hair out of his hazel eyes, but little else is done to tame it. Its natural straightness doesn't keep it from looking like a mop, and its dishwater color only serves to add to the comparison. The boy's lanky frame further compounds the distinction, and is most effective in making most standard-sized clothing look baggy on his slender figure. His figure belies the boy's strength, slimming trained muscles that stretch along the adolescent's five and-a-half foot height. His physical progress, compounded by his training so far, seems to predict a well-built figure by the time Jerek enters adulthood.

Level: Padawan
Class: Sentinel

Force Abilities:
Force Stun
Force Speed
Force Sense
Basic Mind Trick

Non-Force Related Skills:
Basic unarmed combat
Survival skills

Lightsaber Form:
Form III Soresu
Form I Shii-Cho
Although Jerek was trained in several styles, Soresu remains his preferred and most adept style. Jerek is moderately proficient in Soresu, while somewhat proficient in Form I, Shii-Cho.

Lightsaber(s) hilt(s) and colour(s): A single green-bladed lightsaber.

Other Equipment:
Jedi Padawan Robes
Civilian clothes
Elias' training saber hilt (unpowered)

Personality - Being half of a twin pair tends to lend itself to something of a split personality, with each twin carrying a part. Jerek and Elias were just such a pair. Where Elias was confident and aggressive, Jerek was more cautious and passive. He had a calm approach that his brother envied, eschewed grudges and focused on analyzing problems rather than jumping headlong into the fray in the hopes of finding a solution.

With the loss of his twin brother, Jerek suffered for years from having half a personality. His lack of self-confidence and over-cautiousness betrayed him and left him open to bullying and disappointment. Raw intelligence has done some to help Jerek overcome the problem, while a rivalry with a fellow student in the Jedi Temple helped to bolster his self-confidence. Still, Jerek's caution and tendency to over-analyze an issue can still stop him short of achievement.

History: It was most unusual for the Jedi to discover a pair of force sensitive twins. Thus, Jerek and Elias Zenduu were brought up in unusual circumstances. In a different life, they would have grown up together and shared many experiences, but the life of a Jedi forbids such strong attachments. Shortly upon their arrival at the Jedi Temple as toddlers, the Zenduu twins were separated into different clans, taught by different instructors and slept in different wings.

Still, the twin shared a unique bond, one even the Jedi could not break. Jerek was aware of his sibling, the twins did see a good deal of each other passing through the halls and encountering each other during free times. So even if the two did not share every waking minute of their life together, Jerek knew things about his twin brother that even the Jedi Masters were unaware of, and there were times when it felt as if, just before he went to sleep, that Jerek could touch the mind of Elias and share his deepest, inner feelings.

The bond between the twins progressed as they grew older. Soon one or the other began to sneak away from their clans to join the other in classes, which was soon noticed and corrected. The Jedi Masters could not, however, keep the boys separate during their free periods, try as they might. Ultimately, it was if the two had never been separated at all, it became unusual to see one Zenduu boy without the other, much to the Masters' chagrin.

When Jerek was ten, his twin brother fell victim to a terrible sickness. The Jedi Healers could not repair Elias' withered body, and he lay weakened in bed for days as Jerek sat close by, watching his brother fade away. Eventually, Elias was taken to a private Coruscanti hospital, the cost of which was paid for by the Supreme Chancellor, where he was given the finest care and comfort. Despite all the best efforts, Elias passed away just hours after Jerek's last visit, as he was later told. The news left the twin broken, as if he had lost half of his soul.

The loss of his twin weighed heavily on the youngster's heart, and Jerek did poorly in his studies after that. He became a prime target for taunts and pranks, a task quickly picked up by one Vul Abaan. Spotting Jerek's intellect, Vul admonished him whenever possible, keeping Jerek feeling small. Without Elias, the boy did not feel confident enough to confront the bully, and his torture continued for months.

Eventually, Jerek's pent-up frustration hit boiling point, and he lashed out at Vul. The argument devolved into a full-fledged brawl. Despite his small size and his depression, Jerek nearly came out on top, only falling to Vul's blow as the Jedi Masters discovered their fight. Though punished severely by the Temple's masters, Jerek's attitude reformed and he became a worthy student. Jerek and Vul continued to be rivals, though on a much less dramatic scale, throughout Jerek's Initiate years.