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Kieran Tyandas - SWRP88
1. Name: Kieran Tyandas

2. Age: 12

3. Gender: Male

4. Appearance:

5. Species: Human, Corellian

6. Force Class: None

7. Rank: 2 (approved by Flicky)

8. Credits: 10,000 (also approved by Flicky)

9. Armour: Rich Civilian Clothing

10. Main Weapon: Blaster Pistol

11. Side Weapon: Hold-Out Blaster

12. Affiliation: Ancardo Syndicate

13. Party: Independents

14. Role In Party: Smuggler

15. Feat:

Charm and Appeal - Kieran himself is usually able to convince people to do what he wants. But his looks and charm serve to increase his chances. +3 to Charisma.

Keen Eye - When he was younger, Kieran was picked on by the established gangs on Nar Shaddaa. He became the victim of their pranks until he learned to defend himself and learn how to find their traps. Now Kieran is able to spot traps and protect himself against them, even if they aren't there.

16. Personality: Kieran is arrogant and smug to the point of overconfidence at times. He is known as a smooth talker but is not afraid to resort to blunt or violent threats to get his way. He has no qualms about carrying through if forced to do so, either. He values money above all else, and believes that any way he can obtain it is perfectly reasonable. Kieran is obsessed with wearing or possessing clothes and items that make him feel wealthy. He looks down on others who do not display clear indications of wealth, which feeds his arrogance. He enjoys being surrounded by people who make him look or feel good and is willing to pay or threaten to keep them around.

17. Bio:
Kieran's mother, Sidara, died shortly after childbirth, leaving Andros Tyandas to raise Kieran alone. Andros ran a successful smuggling operation ring in the underground of Corellia, acquiring friends, enemies and more contacts than he could deal with. Too many pilots were captured by the Imperial patrols, too many to keep quiet about the source of their goods, and Andros packed up and moved shop to the Smuggler's Moon, far from the prying eyes of the Empire.

On Nar Shaddaa, Andros set up a tutor for his then-five-year-old son Kieran. He would spare no expense for Kieran, giving him the highest education possible and spoiling him with the frivolities of the rich and powerful. Kieran was given a ship to fly, his own tutor and servant, and most of anything else he asked for. Andros involved Kieran in his work, and by the time Kieran was ten, he knew the ins and outs of his father's business.

Andros' bodyguard, Kordath, who had long ago befriended Kieran, approached him when Kieran was nearly eleven years old. He saw Kieran's power rivaling, or even superseding his father's and wished to help him attain complete power over his father's smuggling ring. Although Kieran would have normally agreed to help
Kordath, had the target been any other person; Kieran's loyalty to his father, and his affection for him, far outweighed any ambition for power. He refused, but just a few short weeks later, his father was dead.

Andros had gone to a meeting with a rival smuggling group on the condition of no weapons or backup, so of course he had brought them. But when the meeting turned into an ambush, Kordath allowed the rival group to seriously wound Andros before stepping in to protect him. Kieran was heartbroken as he listened to the family's personal doctor explain the slim chances for Andros' survival. Less than two days later, Andros was dead.

Kieran immediately arranged for Kordath to be killed, a mysterious fire in his house killed all but his only son. For the next year, Kieran worked diligently to rebuild his father's business and to live up to the large burden that Andros had entrusted to him. He eliminated rivals when necessary, or forced them to join him, and had no qualms against vengeance for those who betrayed him as Kordath had done.
18. Attributes:
Strength - 8+2 = 10
Dexterity - 8+4+3 = 15
Constitution - 8
Intelligence - 8+4 = 12
Wisdom - 8
Charisma - 8+12 = 20
Rank 1
Rank 2

19. Force Powers: None

20. Ship: The Shear - YT-2000 Corellian Light Freighter


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