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Quote from: Kieran Tyandas
OOC: I've taken the liberty of adding in an NPC master. Names can be changed. IC:

The sound of feet scuffing the floor was heard by few, if any, as the boy walked down the hall. He purposely scuffed each foot on the floor as he walked along, thinking to himself.

Stupid Master Loms. Why'd he have to lecture me for two hours and make me miss the stupid meeting in the training room. And I'll bet it was real important too, there was that new kid talking to Master Morai when I got there. They didn't even look at me.

The Gravball-sized lump in his throat didn't help either. Missing an important ceremony like that, even if it was held in the training room, probably meant he was going to miss out on something. Maybe that was even when the Masters had given out the assignments to Padawans.

Kieran stopped in his tracks. It had been, he was sure of it. He missed his chance to get a master. Oh blast it! Blast it all! He kicked idly at a wall, and the clang of the metal wall reverberated through the hall. The lump in his throat, though seemingly impossible, grew bigger and he felt like he would choke if it got any larger. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he clenched his fists, blinking out his tears.

No, he thought. Didn't the masters always teach him that anger was the way to the Dark Side? But what does it matter now? If I don't have a master, they'll stick me in some lowly role, like doing the things any soldier could do. I'm not a soldier, I'm a Jedi! Softly, he added aloud, "At least I'm supposed to be."

The boy approached an opening in the hall. Usually a busy place, in later years the secondary vehicle garage hadn't found much use. The diminished numbers of Jedi, with more being assigned offworld meant there were fewer left to resolve conflicts on Coruscant, and so the primary vehicle garage was sufficient to accommodate these numbers. And so there it was before him, the unguarded entrance to the vehicle garage.

The entrance was set back a way from the hall, a little-known security factor to give an advantage to internal forces should any intruder find their way in through the vehicle garage. This would allow Kieran the added stealth to work without anyone immediately noticing his efforts. They may even pass on by without turning to look at the door and find him. Should anyone look, however, he was a sitting duck, there were no other hiding places where he could access the door's security commands.

If he couldn't be a Jedi, then he'd find someplace where he would fit. Kieran knew there were people in the galaxy who could use his talents, despite the Jedi's reputation. If he were to leave the Order, people would probably consider him some kind of Dark Jedi, and he could let them believe it while they didn't harm him. Maybe he'd find a job somewhere and earn enough credits to get his own ship and fly the galaxy.

The boy resolved to break into the vehicle garage, and thus set to work. Extracting his tools from his Jedi tunic and robes, he opened the door's access panel and made the necessary connections. It would take a while, but within an hour or so, he could be scott free in his own speeder, flying the airways of Coruscant to find passage offworld.

Quote from: Fithnen O'looral
Fithnen swept down the hallway, hands folded behind his back, robes flapping behind him. The grey haired Jedi had stormed out of a meeting some of the Masters were having with the young Padawans. He snorted, a stabbing headache running along his white temples. Fithnen rubbed one hand along his forehead furiously as he walked.

The Masters had been picking through them like nerfherders bargaining over the best stag. It had been appalling. Fithnen wasn't sure whether or not he would attempt to take a Padawan himself. Not being a Master, and having rather unorthodox views meant Fithnen generally kept to himself.

The Order was turning more and more inwards, becoming more and more egocentric. Padawans were cavorting through the lower levels of Coruscant, Jedi Knights more concerned with which Padawan will make them look best, than bestowing any real knowledge of the Force to the young ones. Apathy and irresponcibility seemed to abound.

Fithnen stopped suddenly, his back straightening. The older Jedi took three steps backwards, then turned his head to stare at a very young Jedi doing something to the access panel leading to the garages. The thin man cocked his head, turning slowly, and taking careful steps towards the young one.

"Something I can help ya with, laddibuck?" Fithnen's gravelly, stenatorian voice grating out in the small hallway.

Quote from: Kieran Tyandas
OOC: Ok, Davala said she'd post, but I don't want to keep you waiting. I'm sure she'll catch up. IC:

"Something I can help ya with, laddibuck?"

The boy drew in a sharp breath and whipped his head around quickly to see who had spoken. A tall, older looking Jedi stood in the entrance of the short hallway. His heart pounding, Kieran looked back at his work to see if there was anything he could hide. With an access panel on the floor, wires leading from the datapad in his hands to the exposed circuit board a quarter-meter away, it was a little more than obvious as to what he was doing.

Turning around again, he raced through the possible explanations, No,, and no, and he eliminated them as they formed. Too late to utter another expletive, even in his mind, the boy sighed. Caught...again. It was ironic, almost; he had been caught while trying to leave the Order, and the Masters would surely kick him out this time. They had little patience left for Kieran and his antics, or so he had heard.

"I doubt it matters now anyways," Kieran started. He didn't know this master's name offhand, obviously the man hadn't caught him before, or he would have already swooped in and taken his datapad. Not that he cared, datapads were about as easy to make or find now as it was to just simply get up and start walking. But that he was caught meant another long lecture, punishment, and probably some stupid meeting of the Council to 'decide his fate.'

Kieran glanced back at the older Jedi. He was curious as to why he hadn't yet confiscated his datapad, or dragged him off to someplace where he could give a lecture in comfort. Sarcasm lacing his words, the boy said, [color=lightblue"If you're new at this, now is when you come and take my pad and start lecturing me about mischief and breaking into places I shouldn't be, and what the Jedi stand for and everything. I've only heard it a million times before, but every Master has to repeat it."[/color]

Quote from: Fithnen O'looral
Fithnen's grey eyes gave the young boy a once over, his lined face absolutely unreadable. The boy didn't even try to explain his actions away, and Fithnen wasn't stupid enough to think anything other than what was actually occurring. The older Jedi pursed his lips.

"Then I suppose you'll find it comforting to know I'm not a Master, eh lad?" Fithnen grunted, his hands folded behind his back. The gaunt man hunched forward, as if deep in thought. His deep gravelly voice broke out again, a detectably dry tone entering as he spoke. "I ain't the type to talk, anyhow."

That said, Fithnen spun on his heel, walking back out into the hallway, glancing left, towards the instructing rooms. Fithnen glanced back over at the boy.

"That don't mean you're off scott-free. Grab that 'pad, 'n march, boyo." Fithnen said sternly, pointing first at the datapad, then the nearest empty training room. "Get in there, 'fore I grab ya by the ear 'n drag you, d'ya ken?"

Fithnen's hands once more folded, his back ramrod straight as he cocked a grin at the boy. He waited for the boy to follow his instructions.

"I'm guessing you're gonna wish I were one o' those staid Masters, after this."
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Well, he may not be a master, but he sure acts like one. The boy controlled his urge to roll his eyes until he was faced away from the Jedi. Kieran unhooked the cables connecting his datapad to the circuit board and wrapped them around the pad. He ignored the open access panel on the floor and turned around. Tucking the pad under his arm, he walked past the Jedi.

Entering the room, he thought to himself, Oh joy, here we go again. I'm being un-Jedi-like and mischievous and am an embarrassment to the Order, that's what he'll say. Maybe if they actually gave me a master, someone to train me, I wouldn't be such an embarrassment. They could use someone to break through doors on missions, couldn't they? And I can beat anybody in my class in combat, not to mention those pathetic excuses for training droids.

Kieran mused over his thoughts as he waited for the older Jedi to enter the room. As long as it wasn't another lecture like Master Loms', he'd be fine. In any case, they couldn't do any worse than he'd already been planning on doing. The council might stick him with a master, but the boy thought that was highly unlikely.