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Kieran Tyandas - SWANA
Name: Kieran Tyandas
Weapons: Lightsaber - Green Blade
Lightsaber forms (If force adept):
*-They’ve been taught the form.
**-They've mastered the form.
***-They've mastered the form and it’s his preferred form to use
No stars signifies they are in the process of being taught the form
Form I: Shii-Cho*
Form II: Makashi*
Form IV: Ataru
Armor/Clothes: Jedi Padawan Robes
Other Items (not weapons): Electronic Lock Breaker, Datapad
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 1"
Species: Human

Universal Powers-Telepathy, Telekinesis, Force Push/Pull, Force Jump, Force Sense, Burst of Speed, Precognition
Dark Side Powers-None
Light Side Powers-Mind Trick, Force Defend
Class: Jedi Guardian Padawan
Specified Skills:
Slicing - Kieran is skilled at slicing through security systems, particularly the door locks within the Temple.
Lightsaber Training - Kieran is one of the best in his class at lightsaber combat.
Kieran, at first glance, is a normal boy; curious and quick to learn. This owes to his arrogance, however, and makes him overconfident at times. He is not very well liked by his peers, but this is of little consequence to him as he knows he could defeat the best of them in a training match. Kieran does possess curiosity, and this in turn leads to his mischievous tendencies, and his skill in slicing. This could be beneficial in some way, but for the moment, Kieran uses it in a most unproductive manner.

Kieran is good at convincing others, even if he needs to cheat with the force to do it. He can usually enlist one or two of his classmates to assist him with an odd prank or two. Kieran views them mostly as jokes, harmless to all, and his nonchalant-ism is despised by the victims of his "harmless" pranks.
Mischief - Kieran has a knack for getting into trouble and going where he shouldn't be.
Arrogance - Kieran holds himself in high regard in comparison to others, which leaves him with few friends.
Affiliation: Knights of Peace
Rank: Padawan
Homeworld: Corellia
Kieran's mother, Sidara, died shortly after childbirth, leaving Andros Tyandas to raise his son, Kieran, alone. Andros wasn't the best father, his business often interfered with his parental duties and left Kieran unattended for hours at a time. When Kieran was two, he was identified as force sensitive and taken from his home on Corellia to be brought to the Jedi Temple for training.

At the Temple, Kieran was surrounded by affection and caring that he had never known before. He basked in it and perceived it as being aimed solely at him. Even as a young child, he was possessive and was reluctant to share with the other children, for which he received reprimands on more than one occasion. He tried to fit in, at last forming some rudimentary friendships that would last through his training at the Temple.

One of the older students took a liking to Kieran and showed him how to unlock the door of his room when he had been locked out. With this technique, Kieran began opening the doors of his peers' rooms, just for the fun of it. He acquired a few devices to assist him in his mischief, a lock breaker and a datapad, and with them he scoured the Temple, peering into every place he was not supposed to.

As a result, Kieran was nearly thrown out of the Order. The kindness of the Council saved him, placing him under strict observation for several months. When they were satisfied that he no longer posed a threat, Kieran began to silently continue his mischief, but with greater stealth as to avoid being caught.

Kieran wasn't the brightest student academically, he performed well in most of his classes and was able to grasp a well-rounded array of skills. But he excelled in training with a lightsaber, adopting Form II well ahead of most of his peers, which lent him the skills necessary to defeat them time and time again. He devoted himself to his training during the sessions; his movements and attacks working in tandem, fluid and controlled.

Physical Statistics

Strength (Str): 7
Dexterity (Dex): 5
Constitution (Con): 6
Wisdom (Wis): 5
Intelligence (Int): 8
Charisma (Cha): 5


Awareness: 5
Computer Use: 7
Demolitions: 3
Persuade: 8
Repair: 4
Security: 8
Stealth: 5
Treat Injury: 1
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