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Leaving Home - Consortium [Julian Shaia]
Amidst the normal patrols and ships coming and going around the temperate planet called Kaliishi Prime by its inhabitants, a small armada assembled. The concentrated ships stuck out like a sore thumb, easily visible, but discretion was irrelevant. The armada was positioned near one of the planet's many space facilities, this particular one stationed in a geosynchronous orbit above the planet. Aboard the space facility, a small gathering could be seen in the window directly facing the largest ships in the armada, around which the rest were positioned in formation.

Among those gathered were many of the royal family of the Kaliishi Imperium, the Lord Protector of the Kaliishi, dignitaries from many worlds, a number of the members of the Council of Elders, and the Lord Admiral of the Kaliishi Guard and his immediate staff. Appearing in formal attire and dress uniforms, the numerous assembled officers and officials engaged in small talk and polite discussions until the ceremony began. At the high-pitched tinkering of the glass that the Lord Protector produced by hitting his drink glass with a utensil, attention was drawn to the area near where the Lord Protector was standing. The crowd surrounded him, and awaited his speech.

The Lord Protector beckoned for the Lord Admiral to approach. The young officer nodded and walked towards his superior. The Lord Protector posed a question to the Lord Admiral, weighing on his integrity and loyalty to complete his mission. The Lord Admiral replied back that he would, handshakes were exchanged and a round of applause went up throughout the crowd.

Several hours later, the Lord Admiral had returned to his flagship, the KGS Contemplative. Instead of the military dress uniform, decorated lavishly with medals and frills, he was dressed in the normal uniform of a flag officer of the Kaliishi Guard.
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