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Calista [NPC :: Echoes]

Player Info
Name/Alias Jordan
Where are you from: Minnesota, USA
Age: 18
How did you find us: Current Member
Contact: Check the bottom of my posts.

Character Info
Character Name: Calista Raetha
Titles/Nicknames: Cali
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Corellia
Class: Enforcer
Affiliation: Dragoon Knights
Rank: Initiate
Force Sensitive: Yes

Appearance: Calista is about at average height and weight for her age, standing at just over five feet, and weighing just under one hundred pounds. She dresses mostly in shirts and pants, but her clothes have a distinctive girlish style. She will often appear with a handkerchief wrapped around her head, especially when training or dancing. Other times, she wears her rich brunette hair in a pony tail or straight down.
Distinguishing Marks:
Handiness: Ambidextrous

Personality: Calista is friendly and outgoing, full of energy. She is usually nice to almost anyone she meets at first, and then adjusts her reactions in kind to what she has received. She enjoys friends and having fun, and she has a good sense of humor and from time to time makes jokes.

Calista is, like most female peers in her age group, concerned about her appearance. She has begun to use makeup and other cosmetics to improve her appearance. She exercises regularly too, though it is part of her training, but she takes advantage of the exercise to shape her body to her desire. Calista's clothing habits still reflect her tomboyish nature, and indeed she prefers shirts and pants over dresses and skirts. But her shirts and pants have become increasingly styled in a feminine variety.

Although Calista's training focuses on physical prowess, she cares for intelligence as well, and strives to perform well academically. She finds herself interested by a number of topics and participating in discussions as well. She is always open to learning more about a particular subject. One subject in particular that interests her is the opposite sex, the male gender.

Airyn Raetha - Father
Jadira Raetha - Mother
Elias Zenduu - Acquaintance
Jerek Zenduu - Friend whom she has a crush on

History: Calista Raetha was born to her parents, Airyn and Jadira Raetha. A member of the Corellian middle class, Cali, as her parents and later friends called her, had her needs sufficiently met as a child. She was a good student in school and enjoyed sports and other activities.

At an early age, Calista was involved with sports and activities. She joined the Junior Grav-Ball League when she was five and played for the next four years. She made many friends in the league and progressed through the teams (they were arranged by age group). In her last year of playing, her team went all the way to the regional competitions. Her parents were proud of her, but disappointed that she had chosen to relinquish the sport.

Instead of Grav-Ball, Calista became involved in dancing. She grew interested at around age eight, and started listening to Leap-jump. This progressed into dancing to the style of the same name, and by age ten she was showing off moves to her friends. The style involved improvisational dancing in which there were a number of acrobatic and powerful moves, requiring upper and lower body strength. One of the most popular was the ability to freeze in mid-move, holding a pose such as a headstand or seemingly uncomfortable position. As she grew older, Calista joined a professional dance team, the Live Wires, which toured the planet, performing for organizations all over Corellia.

It was through the Live Wires that she came to be a part of the Dragoon Knights. The Live Wires performed for a group of military personnel, including a member of the Dragoon Knights. After the show, when several officers came up to thank the dancers for their performance, the Knight startled her by announcing that she was attuned to the Force. He supposedly had felt her dancing through the Force, as clear as he could see it. The Knight contacted her surprised parents, who allowed her to leave Corellia and join the Dragoon Knights to train.

Once at the Encampment of the Dragoon Knights, the headquarters of the Knights, Calista met a boy named Jerek. After dazzling her with his Force powers in her first week, she grew attracted to him, and the pair have frequently spent time together and hung out. She wishes that the boy would be more than just friends with her, but whether that will occur is for time to tell.

Other: Since she has arrived at the Dragoon Knights Encampment, Calista has taking a liking to Jerek Zenduu, another initiate. She finds him physically and intellectually attractive and has a crush on him. She enjoys his company and conversing with him, and feels as though there could definitely be something more than friends to their relationship.
-Lightsaber Form: Form IV Ataru
-Force Powers: Force Push/Pull, Force Speed, Force Jump

Blue-bladed Lightsaber

Overall Dark/Light Stance
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [8] 9 10


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