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Magical Hogwarts :: Character Creation
Below is the application for a Hogwarts Student. Remember when applying for Hogwarts characters that they are all from either Wales, Scotland, England, or Ireland. We discourage mixed nationalities as it creates confusing stories. Only on the extremely rare case will we approve anything from another nationality, and American and Asians are out so please do not even apply. We don't want any hurt feelings, so consider yourselves forewarned. As previously mentioned, administrators will edit your post to explain where you've been sorted or if you need to change anything about your profile. It is your responsibility to contact them once the required changes have been made. Thanks!

General Information:

First Name: (given name)
Last Name: (family name)
Heritage: (pureblood, halfblood, muggleborn)
Nationality: (please make sure your nationality matches the school you apply for - and unless you're prepared to write an exceptional BG, anything other than the UK is OUT!)
Spoken Languages: (please list if your character speaks foreign languages. Keep it within reason)
Place of Birth: (where your character was born--- Japan and America are out without an amazing BG and ITALIANS GO TO BB!!!)
Age/Date of Birth: (day/month | Age -- so it looks like: 30 March | 12 years old.)
Approved Special Features: (leave this blank when you are new)


Eyes: (colour, shape, wears glasses? please note that this should be a realistic eye color - so refrain from the sparkling silver and purple eyes, or eyes that change color, please.)
Hair: (length, style, colour; please refrain from exotic hair colors like purple, blue or pink as this is a school not an anime)
Height: (how tall is your character? please note that this should be age appropriate and refrain from the 6'7" first years)
General Appearance: (it is the purpose of this section to allow someone who has never seen your character before to imagine their appearance. try to keep it realistic; are they thin, fat, tall, short, pale, dark skinned, facial hair or no, birth marks, scars, all of that would show up in this section.)
Dressing Style: (what does your character wear outside school? please keep this age appropriate and realistic; gothic students don't fit much in any of the wizarding schools, piercings should be limited, mini skirts and corsets don't fit in at any of the wizarding schools and please, flip flops at durmstrang?)


General Character Traits: (what kind of person is this character? try to sum them up as best you can within a minimum of a paragraph, two or three are recommended. are they patient, friendly, outspoken? stubborn, antisocial, rude? polite? these things are important because not only do they determine where you're sorted, but they also help people get an idea of what this person is like and remember, flaws help to define our differences from one another and are essential in a design for your character. don't be afraid of having them be imperfect!)
Likes: (where lie your character's interests? please refrain from writing this in prompts; if you must list, make sure to explain why they like certain things, so that it's in a context where others can relate to it.)
Dislikes: (what does your character dislike? as with likes, please take the time to explain why your character dislikes certain things. one sentence explaining why will do, just a general motive for it.)
Habits/Mannerisms: (anything your character does all the time, any trademarks; do they wake up at a certain time every day, bite their nails? you can also take the time to describe how they speak, as in, do they use a lot of slang or talk quietly? do they always skip when they walk?)
Strengths: (This refers to character strength, such as honesty or patience. This section is one of the most important of this profile, therefore carefully think what you put here. You can list this in prompts if you take the time to explain them in context so that they're easier to understand. Try for four strengths, minimum.)
Weaknesses: (As with strengths, this is personality weaknesses. Impatience, selfishness, these fall under character weaknesses, school subjects do not go here. You can list them in prompts but only if you explain how they show in your character. It is recommended that you try for more weaknesses than strengths but a minimum of four will do.)

Personal History:

Parents: (who are your character's parents? please note even if the character doesn't know, you need to list their names. if they attended a wizarding school, list which one and what house, their age and current occupation, please. and if you want the admins to love you, please let them live. let them liiiive!)
Siblings: (do you have any siblings? please list their names, ages and genders. if they went to one of the wizarding schools, please list their house, too. note that for no reason should your characters' siblings go to a different school from you and we discourage twins/triplets even as npcs due to an over abundance of them running around.)
Background Story: (your character's life leading up to this point. please note that you should always try to include a paragraph about their parents. if you're wanting to be rich please see Established Family Background for more information and understand that you will have to elaborately explain how they managed to maintain that money. in addition to that, you should try to include one or two paragraphs about their childhood including what kind of relationship they have with their parents and/or siblings along with any events that take place. upper classmen are asked to explain their school years when applying. try to avoid too much tragedy and understand that death eater presence in your history should be run through Marvolo Riddle in order to be approved.)

(adults should detail their childhood, basic information about their school years such as where they were sorted, their better subjects and any major events along with what N.E.W.T.s they got and then professional training and post school personal life leading up to this point. try to be detailed. as with students, if you're applying to be rich and influential, please see Established Family Background.)

(anyone applying for a nationality not matching their school/former school will need to explain in depth why they attended that school as opposed to one in their region. a simple "we moved to Britain when i was 10" doesn't suffice for a Brazilian student at Hogwarts. elaborate details will be needed and realism is a must. therefore, we encourage against this, especially with your first character.)

Hogwarts Sorting:

Strong Area of Magic: (please pick one or two)
Weak Area of Magic: (please pick one or two)
Preferred House Choice: (gryffindor, hufflepuff, slytherin or ravenclaw)
Responsibility or Guidance?: (please pick one)
Forgiveness or Justice?: (please pick one)
Adventure or Security?: (please pick one)
What does "Never tickle a sleeping dragon" mean to your character? (please explain your character's interpretation of the school motto.)

Minor Details:

Pets: (all pets other than an owl, a cat or a toad must be approved by the administrators first)
Wand: (please include a length, wood and magical core)
Quidditch position: (seeker, keeper, beater, chaser, spectator?)
Anything else? (anything not included in the sheet)
Are You A Native English Speaker?: (for the sake of all fairness, please take the time to tell us honestly whether you, out of character, are a native english speaker or not.)

RP Response: (please include an in depth rp sample; this could be your character's arrival at hogwarts, or their first thread opener. try to avoid npcs in your rp sample and please write this in third person.)

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[b]First Name:[/b]
[b]Last Name:[/b]
[b]Spoken Languages:[/b]
[b]Place of Birth:[/b]
[b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]Approved Special Features:[/b]


[b]General Appearance:[/b]
[b]Dressing Style:[/b]


[b]General Character Traits:[/b]

[b][u]Personal History:[/u][/b]

[b]Background Story:[/b]

[b][u]Hogwarts Sorting:[/u][/b]

[b]Strong Area of Magic:[/b]
[b]Weak Area of Magic:[/b]
[b]Preferred House Choice:[/b]
[b]Responsibility or Guidance?:[/b]
[b]Forgiveness or Justice?:[/b]
[b]Adventure or Security?:[/b]
[b]What does "Never tickle a sleeping dragon" mean to your character?[/b]

[b][u]Minor Details:[/u][/b]

[b]Quidditch position:[/b]
[b]Anything else?[/b]
[b]Are You A Native English Speaker?:[/b]

[b]RP response:[/b]