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Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You [Sarai]
A mid-afternoon sun was shining down, burning up the grass beneath Michael's feet as he walked and playing across his face. Taking his glasses from his face for a moment with one hand, Michael used the other to rub his eyes vigorously before he replaced them. Looking about with a refreshed view, the third year noticed many students milling about, but none that he could place. Skirting around the edges of such crowds, couples or single strangers, Michael slowly made his way down to the lake. His blonde hair dropped across his face in a futile attempt to shield his pale skin from the burning rays, and beads of sweat began to roll down his back. It was a weekend, and what was probably going to be the last sun they had like this in quite some time - Autumn should really be well under way, today seemed to be an extreme weather condition that happened once in a while.

Once he had reached the bank of the wide lake, Michael glanced around to make sure that he wasn't too near to anyone to be disturbing them, then flopped down on the grass. Gentle he dipped fingertips into the upper surface of the water, feeling it cool and welcoming against his flesh. Pulling them out as he thought of the squid, he once again thought how unfair it was that there was no swimming pool in the school. It was one of his few complaints; for who would want to swim in the lake and risk encountering the wrath of the giant squid? Adjusting his wand so that it wasn't jabbing into his leg from its place in his school robes, Michael wondered what others would be doing this Saturday if not enjoying the grounds. He was glad he had little homework, for it meant he needn't spend the whole day working while the sun shone outside. Glancing down, Michael scuffed about in the grass for a stone and soon found one. He picked it up in one hand and drew back his hand before he threw it at the lake. It skewed about 5 metres off from where he had aimed, and fell into the lake with a doleful plop. Skipping rocks wasn't Michael's forte.

Re: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You [Sarai]
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It was unusually warm for a November day, though Sarai didn't mind. Warm weather in the season leading up to winter was a blessing, especially in the Scottish highlands, where the Hogwarts castle was located. Even after being outside for just a few minutes, she already felt warm. The heavy black cloth of her school robes weighed down on her shoulders and around her torso, creating thick folds for air to gather and heat up, as it did. The girl strode quickly across the grounds, putting the heat out of her mind. It wasn't too uncomfortable, anyways, so she could deal with it. For now, at least.

It was almost warm enough to dress down, perhaps in something that would allow her more movement. Like b-girling, she thought. To carry out her boombox charmed to work by magic instead of electricity, and set in her favorite tape. The ground was flat enough in some places, she could do it.
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