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Evangeline Erinth - [the Realm of Dust]
[float=left][/float][float=right][/float]Name: Evangeline Veronica Erinth

Group: Human (Lyra's World)

Age: 12

Physical Description : Evangeline is rather small for her age, standing at only four feet, ten inches, while most of her age-peers are several inches higher. Her body is of medium build, strange for her gender. It results from spending time outdoors playing and, as a result of being a tomboy, roughhousing with other children, building up her strength to be able to compete with other children, especially boys.

Evangeline has a fair complexion, not white, but not quite brown either. Her skin is lightly tanned from spending time outdoors, but refuses to tan at the same rate as others, granting her a half-tanned skin color.

She is very much a tomboy, as much as she can be in her world, never really interested in appearance or "girly" playthings. She barely cares for frilly dresses and tidiness, only paying attention when someone else makes her. She also doesn't care too much about her looks, and shies away from the use of makeup and other "beauty products" to make herself look better.

Evangeline's hair has a natural gleam to it that makes it appear more golden brown than the darker brown that it truly is. It reaches to her mid-back when let down, which is most of the time. The only time she has ever worn her hair up was at her cousin's wedding, and she hated it.

Her face is characterized mostly by her smile, which is warm and comforting when it appears. When she smiles, her cheeks softly dimple, and her eyes look smaller than they are, moving aside for her smile to make its appearance. Her eyes are a dark brown and are naturally larger, and curious.

Daemon name: Sirion
Daemon form : Sirion has not yet settled into a single form yet, so he is able to shift from one form to the next. He has a few favorite forms that he appears as, most notably a mouse, ferret, and fox. When in the form of a mouse, Sirion is a common house mouse, scrawny with an unkept coat, although he has the habit of cleaning himself when in that form. As a ferret, he appears as a sandy-colored ferret with panda markings on his face. His fox is an arctic fox with an extremely sheen coat and slender body, and his tail as a fox is not as bushy as most.

[float=right][/float]Character History : Born to the happy couple, Rayleine and Nathaniel Erinth, Evangeline Veronica Erinth was brought up in a loving household for the early years of her life. Nathaniel was a soldier, but when there were no wars or missions for him to fight in, he stood as a guard at St. Edward's College, in their home city of Liverpool. Rayleine was a seamstress, but she preferred to complete her tasks at home so that she could watch her daughter. The family was not very well off, but they weren't exactly poor, and the income that Nathaniel brought in when he went on missions carried them well for several months following.

When Evangeline was old enough, she attended schooling when her parents could afford it. Other times, she wandered around St. Edward's College while her father was on duty. She picked up some information from the school and from the Scholars at St. Edward's College, not a complete knowledge, but it was nowhere near being a sort of patchwork quilt of knowledge. Her lessons at school were consistent and the knowledge she picked up at the college, she nagged the Scholars to elaborate on after classes, so she usually learned the whole picture, even if she didn't understand it all.

When she wasn't in school or hanging around the college, Evangeline liked to play with the other children around Liverpool. There were games that they would play, childish games that were derived from one such event or rumor, and sometimes were just an excuse to explore some forbidden place or dare a child to go into a building or area that provoked fear. Girls played as well as boys, but most of the girls' families weren't as well off. Evangeline didn't judge them, but she herself was sometimes judged for playing in the streets instead of staying at home and learning how to sew or cook or whatever else someone thought a proper girl should be doing. It was of little consequence to her, as the result was almost always that she would beat them in the ensuing fight, or that Sirion would be more intimidating than the other child's daemon.

[float=left][/float]As Evangeline's father was a soldier, he was occasionally called away on missions to serve as part of the guard, like diplomatic journeys to the Tartars or hunts into the deep jungle of Africa. These were usually fairly short, a few months, most no longer than half a year, but Evangeline's mother worried about how the long absences were affecting her development. But when he returned, Nathaniel would shower his wife and daughter with gifts and spin tales of his journeys to the far corners of the world that intrigued and interested Evangeline to no end, which seemed to make up for his long absences.

When she was ten, her father was called again for another mission, this time accompanying a group of Church members to the North, on some sort of expedition or delivery of some sort. Nathaniel suggested to Rayleine that Evangeline accompany him on his trip. She disagreed at first, but when Nathaniel hinted at it to Evangeline, she grew so excited that her mother could not refuse. So she set out with her father and his squad to accompany the Church group, members of some council called the General Oblation Board. Evangeline didn't know what they were, other than what she was told, that they dabbled in experimental theology and were trying to find out about Dust, whatever that was. It didn't make much sense to her at all, so she simply disregarded it. Instead, she enjoyed the time with her father and the sights that they saw.

The North was beautiful, with its slopes and valleys like a mountain range, but just as dangerous with its deep crevices and long plains that hid the edges of steep cliffs. Amidst the beauty and danger, though, was the task laid before the expedition, to deliver supplies to the Station, named Bolvangar by the soldiers and townspeople in the last city they passed through, a small port town called Trollesund that was the last place to stock up on stores for the journey ahead. The trek across the ice-swept North was treacherous, but a great experience for Evangeline. She became a favorite among the soldiers and even some of the Church members grew fond of her. They showed her how to lash the packs to the sleds in the morning so they would stay on all day, but be able to untie them in a hurry if they needed to get at something. She learned where the heartiest of plants survived in the cold northern landscape, and the hidden pools of water that looked only centimeters deep, but were instead deep holes into the ocean water below. The priests and clergy taught her about the General Oblation Board and how it had set up the Station to help children and to figure out why daemons stayed the same when they were older. Naive as she was, she had no reason not to believe them, and so she did, at least until they reached the Station, Bolvangar.

Once at the station, the sleds were unloaded, and the Church members delivered the supplies that the Station evidently needed. It didn't look like supplies, there wasn't very much food or fuel, just instruments and power cells for anbaric generators. Evangeline was housed in the girls dormitories at the Station, as there was no private room in the soldier's barracks for her to stay with her father. In the dorms, she learned the awful truth: that the Station was really an experimental laboratory that Church theologians used to play with children and their daemons. They would measure them for this Dust, which no one really understood, and then one by one, they would take them away, never to return. She was able to mingle a bit with the scientists, not being restricted to the routines of the real children there, and played dumb and innocent to learn more about what was going on. The terms intercision and operation were passed around and she heard about the results of some tests done on children.

And then, on the last day that the expedition stayed at the Station, she was eating with the other children when one of the staff announced that one child would be staying behind while the rest went on with their day. Curious as to what happened to the children, Evangeline followed at a long distance. The staff member led the child to the lab and two men in white coats came out and escorted the child in. When the coast was clear, she crept up to the window in the door and looked through, having to stand on her tiptoes to do so. She convinced Sirion to go into the room in a fly form, to see what was going on, and he flew in and landed on the ceiling above the lab. And then Evangeline witnessed the real purpose for the Station, why, although she knew not the meaning, the facility was referred to as Bolvangar, the Fields of Evil.

Horrified, Evangeline shrieked and drew the attention of the scientists. They ran to try to catch her, but she was too fast, Sirion at her side in the form of a leopard. She outran them and charged headlong into the assembling group of soldiers and her father, getting ready to head out. The scientists didn't bother to check amongst the soldiers but headed in another direction while her father dressed her and led her outside so she wouldn't get overheated in the heavy furs she wore. Safe from the scientists, at the moment, Evangeline headed back with the expedition to home again, no one being the wiser about her discovery at Bolvangar.

Once back in Brytain, she told her father what she had seen. He seemed as shocked as she was, but ordered her to keep silent about the whole affair. If word got out that she knew, he said, Church members would try to find her and silence her. It was a mistake to take her a long, he said, and blamed himself for her discovery. She tried to convince him otherwise, that it wasn't his fault at all and that he should spread the word about what was really happening. He refused, and booked an immediate passage back to Liverpool for them, eager to get back to the safety of their home.

The scientists at the Station, having no luck in their search, sought to find out the identity of the child who had seen them and whom they had chased with no success. They soon realized that she was the daughter of one of the soldiers on the expedition that had brought them a new blade to test in the process of intercision. It wasn't long before they discovered the identity of that soldier, and sent officials to apprehend him. But he had already gone from the port that the expedition had departed from, and the officials tracked him back to Liverpool after a week of investigation. It didn't take more than a few days after that to position their forces for an arrest. Evangeline was at St. Edward's College with her father during his duty hours and was wandering around when she saw the officials arrest her father and drag him away. She split from the College and tried to head back home, but was forced away when she saw several soldiers stationed outside her house, waiting for her. With nowhere left to turn, she took to the streets and disappeared among the great city of Liverpool.
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