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Nekor Shim - TRF
Character Info
Name: Nekor Shim
Nicknames/Aliases: Shim
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Homeworld: Rori


Nekor is about average height for his race, with a lean build due to his athletic workouts. His brown hair is kept neatly cut to the shape of his head, and its natural straightness maintained.
-Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Yellow
-Height: 5' 10"
-Weight: 162 lbs.
-Armor/Clothes: Nekor typically dresses in a standard brown uniform of little relation to his actual position or field. When he needs to appear in an official capacity, the uniform is appropriately adorned with insignia and medals.
Distinguishing Features: Like all Zabrak that have passed puberty, his forehead is dotted with small horns that grow out from his skull. The color of his skin was uncommon among Zabrak, too, as most Zabrak had varying shades of black, brown, red, orange or yellow skin.
Handiness: Right

Other items (not weapons):



Force Sensitive: No

Class: Noble
Affiliation: Alliance to Restore the Republic
Rank: Major-General


-Personal Operative: Allyseria Evnairis



Overall Dark/Light Stance
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