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Aeryn Corrino - TRF
Player Info
Name/Alias Jordan
Where are you from: Minnesota, USA
Age: 18
Contact: Email:
Just look at the profile for the rest.

Character Info
Name: Aeryn Corrino
Nicknames/Aliases: Ryn
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Denon


-Hair Color: Blond
-Eye Color: Blue
-Height: 5' 1"
-Weight: 105 lbs
Distinguishing Features:
Handiness: Right

Other items (not weapons):



Force Sensitive: Yes

Class: Jedi/Scoundrel


-Mother: Zirias Corrino
-Father: Teran Corrino

History: The planet of Corulag boasted its Imperial Academy, for which it was well known. Many upstanding citizens of Corulag chose to pursue their careers via the Corulag Academy, and thus the Imperial Military. Such as it would have been for Teran Corrino, had it not been for the collapse of the Galactic Empire in his childhood. As the New Republic came to fruition, the Corulag Academy became a place to train military officers, as before, but to service the New Republic instead. When Teran was old enough, he too entered the Corulag Academy, and was trained as a Republic Army officer. While stationed on Denon in his first four-year tour, he met his wife-to-be, Zirias Lacer. The two became romantically involved, and within a few years, had married. When Teran's tour was up, he and Zirias decided to stay on Denon, settle down and raise a family.

The Corrinos had two children, both of whom they were very proud of. Kira was born only a year after Teran and Zirias settled into their house on Denon. She was a bright baby girl, and grew quickly, almost too quickly for her parents. When she was five, Teran and Zirias decided that it was time to bring the joy of a baby back into the household. Aeryn was born soon after, completing the Corrino's ideal for family size.

The age difference between Aeryn and Kira didn't stop them from having their differences and conflicts. Or for the two to be left out on quality time between each other. Aeryn grew to see his big sister as a role model, and he tried to tag along with her when she got together with her friends. Her friends were mischievous, and they got into all sorts of trouble, for which they could always rely on Aeryn to be around to blame. For a few years, Kira tolerated Aeryn off and on, but there came a time when she disliked having her eight-year-old brother hanging out with her now-teenage friends. Aeryn was making her uncool, or so she thought, and she began to shun and ignore him.

Aeryn, to satisfy his need for being in a group of friends, began to gather peers of his own age. They were mostly boys in his grade, with the exception of one girl. While Aeryn was the person who had pulled them together, he became second to the de-facto leader, a boy named Mico, who was one year older than the other five members of the group, Berloc, Kole, Ommel, Arrik and the single girl, Jewel. It started out as simply a group of friends who would get together to talk and play, and sometimes play pranks, but as the years progressed, the group's initial mischievousness evolved into further acts of ill choice. 



Overall Dark/Light Stance
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