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Peter Pevensie [THS]
About You
[SIZE=0]Name: Jordan
Age: 18
How did you find us: Through perfectENMITY (not a member) randomly
Codeword: Edit yo[/SIZE]

Character basics
[SIZE=0]Name: Peter Pevensie
Age: 17
Race: Human
    [SIZE=0]-His Majesty King Peter
    -High King of Narnia
    -Emperor of the Lone Islands
    -Lord of Cair Paravel
    -Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Lion
    -Sir Peter Wolfsbane/Fenrisbane
    -King Peter the Magnificent
    -High King over all kings of Narnia[/SIZE]
    [/LIST]Character Appearance
    [SIZE=0]Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Distinguishing marks: n/a
    Portrayal: William Moseley

    Character Personality
      [SIZE=0]-His Family
      -Talking animals
      -Being helpful
      -New experiences
      -Doing the right thing
      -Children (for the most part *cough* Ed *cough*)[/SIZE]
        -Ed's sassiness
        -Being bored
        -Listening to Susan getting all self-righteous and preachy
        -Feeling helpless
        -His enemies
        -People who take advantage of his family and friends
          -Strong family ties
          -Sword Fighter[/SIZE]
            [SIZE=0]-Makes rash judgements
            -Strong family ties
            -Somewhat of a confidence issue with being king
            -Too selfless sometimes
            -Takes things too seriously[/SIZE]
            [/LIST][SIZE=0]General Personality:[/SIZE]
              [SIZE=0]The very name of Peter defines his being, from the Greek Petra, meaning "the rock." He is the foundation of his family and of his kingdom, as the oldest and as the high king. His physical prowess is unrivaled for a man of seventeen, but his mental strength is by far the most easily identifiable of his traits. One who gazes upon him sees first not a king, not a leader, but an steadfast individual devoted to the protection of all those under him. He would not hesitate to charge into battle to rescue a fallen comrade or for a just cause, however not at the expense of those he holds dear to him. He is courageous, but his courage does not blind him to bravado. He tries to keep a cool head about strategy and tactics, even off the battlefield.

              His ties to his family are strong, which have only increased over the years the four siblings have resided in Narnia as its monarchs. Entrusted with their protection when the four of them left London, Peter has kept careful watch over his siblings, even to the point of disagreement between them. Above anything, his first duty is to his brother and sisters, to keep them safe. His kingdom, his servants and friends, and even his life, would fall before he would allow harm to come to his family.

              Forced to mature quickly, as with his siblings, Peter has grown wise beyond his years. He is swift to judgement, sometimes too much so, but his rulings are typically fair. His brother and sisters keep him aware of what he does not see, and he gratefully relies on their input more often than not. Each has their own talent and perspective, and each are recognized for such.

              To Susan, he looks for her care and intelligence. He has often pointed out that she is the smartest of the bunch, and so defers to her in many cases. Being further along in schooling by only a year, it isn't too costing to allow Susan to take the lead when it comes to knowledge, of the book sort at least. And while Peter is the family's protector, he looks to Susan as the motherly figure, even though the youngest of the Pevensies is well through childhood already.

              While Peter reserves his right to be a firm guiding hand in his younger brother's life, he often trusts Edmund to be a sort of conscience in his. Ed is a fair-minded person, and while he can get carried away sometimes, Peter usually defers to him for justice. Not the criminal sort, mind you, although there is that. But for fairness and equality. Ed serves to compliment Peter's more brash and swift judgements, and is, in effect, a sort of hand-on-the-shoulder kind of person, reminding Peter to think before he goes any further.

              The Pevensies could not be complete without an utterly compassionate and selfless person, personified in Lucy. Though still the youngest of the four, Lucy's input has grown to be of much value since she first professed that there was a world within the Wardrobe. Her pervasive optimism and understanding of others has earned her a trusted ear of Peter's, and he keeps it open for her to speak in.

              Mostly serious in nature, Peter does have his moments of emotion or wildness. Sometimes he plays pranks or jokes just to get back at his siblings, and sometimes just for the fun of it. He typically regrets it later and tries to find redemption, usually through being serious and appearing in a negative light twice (once for the joke/prank and then for the seriousness). [/SIZE]
              [/LIST]Character History
                [SIZE=0]Mr. Pevensie
                Mrs. Helen Pevensie[/SIZE]
                  [SIZE=0]Susan Pevensie
                  Edmund Pevensie
                  Lucy Pevensie[/SIZE]
                  [/LIST][SIZE=0]General History:[/SIZE]
                    [SIZE=0]First born of Mr. and Mrs. Pevensie, Peter never experienced the frustration of living up to an older sibling's reputation; he is the older sibling. HIs parents always set the highest standard for him, which became frustrating when it was clear that Susan was far more adept at schoolwork and book learning than he. So, of course, he jumped at the chance to educate his little brother and littlest sister, to be their big brother, their role model, and their guide in life. Lucy seemed to accept both he and Susan as her role models, aside from their parents, but Edmund rejected both of them, absolutely detesting to be compared to either, and hating it when he was told what to do by either.

                    By the time the war started, Peter was already a well-developed teenager. He was involved in rugby and other athletics, and in a few years, could have joined the army. If only the Germans had held off for a year or two, he could have fought alongside his father. He wanted to, and probably would have just run away to join the army if his mother didn't depend on him to be the man of the house and to keep his siblings alive and in line. When they were sent into the countryside, Peter contemplated pleading with his mother to let him join the army, if his brother and sisters were going to be safe elsewhere. But she would have refused, he knew, and she needed him to look after his siblings. And that he would do.

                    When the four Pevensies wound up inside Professor Kirke's magical wardrobe, in the land of Narnia, at first, Peter thought he was in a dream. That at any moment, Susan or Lucy was going to come in and shake him awake, and they would laugh at him, how silly it was to dream of Lucy's imaginary world. As they continued, and Edmund disappeared, Peter realized it was not a dream. It was real and dangerous. And Ed had disappeared. They found where he was off too, of course, with the help of the Beavers. And then they set out for Aslan's camp.

                    Once they reached it, and met with Aslan, Peter once again felt compelled to take up arms and fight. But this time he could, and it would be to his advantage to send his siblings back. He promised he would keep them safe, and Professor Kirke's house was safe enough, so long as they never returned to Narnia. With Edmund's safe return, he tried to force them back. Alas, they proved too smart for him, and he was convinced to let them stay. For the better, and he later mused and reminisced upon his decisions.

                    Peter was instantly drawn to Aslan as soon as he met him, understandably so. When he learned of the great lion's death, Peter instantly leapt into the course of battle. Meeting the Witches forces head on, he would fight to the death for this kingdom. No, he had no part in it, and his family was no longer threatened. But it was the right thing to do. It was what his father was doing, so many miles away from home. And it was what he would do, so many worlds away from home.

                    With the fight over, the White Witch defeated, Christmas and all four seasons returned to Narnia, and Aslan once again roaming the lands, Peter felt satisfied and ready to take his family home. He had learned and experienced so much that he planned to take back into the real world with him. He was surprised, then, when Aslan announced that they would be the new Kings and Queens of Narnia. Stay here? Away from their family? In the heat of the moment those thoughts didn't register, and he accepted. And he and his siblings were crowned the Kings and Queens of Narnia, with himself as the High King of Narnia.[/SIZE]