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Evangeline Erinth - USS Agamemnon
Name: Evangeline Erinth
Nickname: Eva
Real Age: approx. 340 years
Apparent/Body Age: 11 years
Gender: Female
Species: Miran
Homeworld: M-2553 or Miri's Planet (Name given by Captain James T. Kirk who discovered the planet on Stardate 2713.5, real name long forgotten by remaining inhabitants More Information)
Date of Birth: Forgotten (her current "age" is about 11 years and 4 months)
Place of Birth: Forgotten (somewhere on Miri's Planet)

Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 90 lbs
Eye Color: Deep Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Physical Appearance: Slim body, medium build, appears similar in age to a human child of 11 or 12
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Distinguishing Marks: None, which made it almost impossible to tell Eva and her twin sister apart.

Appearance: Slim body, medium build, appears similar in age to a human child of 11 or 12 with lightly tanned skin. She looks remarkably similar to her twin, with virtually no physical differences, making clothing and physical expressions the only way to tell the two apart without engaging them in conversation.

Status: Single
Spouse: None
Father: Augustine (deceased)
Mother: Rebecca (deceased)
Sister(s): Jenna/Jani (11 - Eva's twin sister), Katherine (16, deceased)

Personality: Eva is a creature of strong will and determination. She will do just about anything to get what she wants, no matter how long it takes. Her tenacity is followed by her fierce loyalty to those around her, especially her family, whom she would place above herself whenever the need should arise.

The Miran girl is terribly viscous when her own age or people come under attack. While she is often mistaken for a human child, Eva does not easily dismiss the confusion, and rallies on under the banner of eliminating ignorance of her species and situation. 

When she is angered or defending her age or race, Eva often employs a wide range of sarcasm to put her point across. Not able to exercise physical prowess to make her point, she instead uses her mental and intellectual abilities to do that instead.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Her strong will and determination makes Eva a reliable crewmember, and friend. Her loyalty compliments her persistence, but can also be perceived as stubbornness if taken too far.

One of Eva's many flaws is her aggressiveness towards anyone who makes the mistake of mistaking her for a child. This carries over into her daily life of, even after the initial confrontation, being mistaken and misunderstood, to which she responds in a most impolite manner.

Ambitions: Eva's greatest ambition is to see the return of her twin sibling to the reality of their situation, to accept the life they had before, and not be blinded to the life they experienced for centuries alone.

Hobbies and Interests: In her free time, Eva does exhibit some of the qualities of the children she is often compared to. While typically professional on duty, she prefers games and romping around to just sitting and talking when she can. Her free time is often taken up, then, by imagination, and engaging others when she can.

When forced to take up more conventional hobbies, Eva enjoys reading, primarily history. She is fascinated by all that went on during the years that she and her cousins were trapped in a state of eternal youth in both mind and body.

Service Record:
2286 -- Accepted into Starfleet Academy
2292 -- Graduated and Commissioned as an Ensign. Assigned as a junior Helm Officer on the USS Bjornke
2293 -- USS Bjornke decommissioned.
2293 -- Assigned to the USS Agamemnon as Assistant Helm Officer

Background: None of the children really know what happened to unleash the spread of the Life Prolongation Virus. Developed by scientists as an attempt to prolong the lifespan of those who would later be called Mirans; whether by an unintended spill or the breaking of a beaker, the Life Prolongation Virus (LPV) was spread throughout the entire world that would later be known as Miri's Planet. The world had developed very similar to Earth, it falls nicely under Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary Development. But around the Earth year 1958, the LPV virus was unleashed among the population.

LPV took out the adult and teenage population, where accelerated their bodies aging out of control. After all of the adolescents and adults had died, the remaining children were left to fend for themselves. For over 300 years, until the discovery by Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise, the world remained in seclusion, and the children remained on their own. The LPV virus also altered the children's bodies. It made infected them with an dormant virus that would activate when their bodies had aged to twelve years old.

For those 300 years, seperate groups of children were clustered together in the various cities of the world, which crumbled and decayed over time. Cars rusted where they had been left in the streets, and glass grew yellow and heavy with age. Dirt and dust reigned in the mostly empty cities where previously the gleam of steel and lights had brightly shone.

Evangeline Erinth had just turned 9 when the deadly virus ravaged her world. She and her twin sister, Jenna, had watched their parents and their older sister fall prey to the disease, which soon killed them. The twins' older sister, Katherine, had been severly affected by the disease at the start, she began hallucinating by the second day, and on the third day the family found her dead after falling down the stairs in the middle of the night. Eva's parents were less severly affected, but they too died after a week of delusion and degradation.

Eva and Jenna banded with the other orphaned children in their section of the city. Over the centuries, memories of their former lives faded out, and they adopted new identities. Evangeline became Evanala and Jenna became Jani. As time passed, their sole purpose was to live and play, like children do. The older members of the group assumed slightly parental roles, but most eventually died when their bodies reached the normal age of 12, and the disease activated, killing them within a few days. Around 2230 or so, Evanala and Jani reached a position of quasi-leadership in the group. They attempted to start being responsible for some of the younger children, but mostly they did play and act like they had before. Games were played daily within the group, and every so often another group would come near (or they would travel near to another group) and games between the two groups were played.

The year 2265 came and went without most of the children knowing it. But they did know something. A strange group of people, adults, had visited their planet. The news spread like wildfire throughout the towns, somehow hopping from town to town, city to city, group to group. The topic was never discussed opening, but often the few older children in each group would pass hushed whispers at night when all others were sleeping. Soon more adults started to arrive. They had been given the vaccine created by Dr. Leonard McCoy of the Starship Enterprise, and had been vaccinated themselves. They started administering the vaccine to all the children, which would make the dormant version of the LPV virus go inactive upon a child reaching 12 years of bodily age, whereupon they would start aging normally.

Over the next five to ten years, Starfleet and Federation teams combed the cities, searching for evidence of the lost identities of the children. Evanala and Jani were rewarded with their former names, and facts about their former lives, but it was trivial to them now. For three centuries, they had lived and played on this world, their way of life unchanged. Now, to be told that, three centuries ago, they had lived a different life, that they were different people. It was difficult for both to accept.

Eventually, Evanala did accept it. She changed her name back to Evangeline, but she still permitted others to call her Eva, as they had before (a shortened version of Evanala). Her sister Jani, or Jenna as she had formerly been called, refused to accept her previous life. Eva tried to convince her sister, but Jani was stubborn, and she refused to even acknowledge Eva's name change.

For years, she argued with her sister, trying to get her to accept her old life. But Jani would have none of it, she went so far as to completely ignore Eva for two years. Jani ultimately assumed the role of leader of the group, as she and Eva were both the oldest now. Jani now turned the group against Eva, banishing her and her ideas, giving the other children an ultimatum, that they could follow Eva and be banished, or stay and live peacefully. Most chose to stay.

The small group that did follow Eva tried to persuade her to give up, to leave the planet and start a new life. She refused to leave until her sister came to accept her old life, even if she would continue to live as they had been for the past three centuries, Eva still wanted her sister to acknowledge what had been, and who they had been. For years, Eva tried to bring her sister to see that her past was real. It took a constant determination to prevent her from giving up, but in the end, after three years of pestering her, Jani relented. She met with Eva, telling her that the curiosity about her past had been growing since the day that Eva had told her, yet she had refused to accept it. But, recently, the curiosity had grown so strong, that she had to know. Thus, Jani agreed to meet with Eva, and accepted her past. Jani officially lifted the banishment of Eva and her group of followers, which was smaller since many had gone offworld, and Eva and the others rejoined the group.

Eva soon found her life to be meaningless to her. The thought dawned on her that someday her play had to end, someday it would become necessary to have attained knowledge that would aid her in the rest of her life, regardless of how short it would be after she reached puberty. The Federation had now established a permanent presence on the planet, and had established counseling services for the children and career training centers for those who wanted to prepare themselves for a profession. Eva went to them. They told her that she had many choices in her future, and when she and the person assigned as her case manager had discussed her future; they determined four choices out of the many.

Eva could stay on Miri's World and return to her lifestyle of play and games. This, being what she had come from, which had dissatisfied her, was immediately discarded. The second choice was to stay on Miri's World to help other children learn about and accept their past lives, if any information could be found on them, and assist them in the transition to a 'normal life.' Another choice would be to find a foster family in the Federation who would accept Eva as a child of their own, and she could live with them until she reached puberty. The last choice was to apply to Starfleet Academy and to join Starfleet.

The second option was intriguing, but limited. Eva wanted to leave the environment of Miri's World and start her own life, to remove herself from a society that no longer understood her. The third option seemed no better than the first. The fourth option was the one that sparked Eva's interest, and she sent in an application for Starfleet Academy.

The message came back almost immediately. Application denied. The reason: Starfleet Academy applicants had to be at least seventeen years old. Eva was furious. Her life had thus far spanned four centuries, and yet Starfleet rejected her because she was too young?

Eva tried official channels, but the numerous Federation diplomats and government officials just laughed at her or referred her to other departments. She played a chase game for the next two years, filling out forms, submitting them and being told to go to another department where the same thing occurred. Nothing seemed to be working, so she asked the counselors again for help. Going up through their official channels, one was able to find a connection to a legal service. The firm was interested in the case, and took up the sword for Eva, and for all Mirans.

It was a long and arduous journey, but in the end, it was worth it. For the next few years, the firm researched the Miran's situation, their background and medical data, the facilities and rehabilitation services that it offered to the Miran inhabitants, and then going through the Federation legal system. It took some time before the case appeared in a Federation court, and even longer still to argue it out. The case took just four months, but the entire process took a total of four years. The finished product, however, was that any Miran would be viewed as a legal adult under the Federation laws so long as they passed an assessment by the Federation officials manning the planetary base. Inspections would be held to see that certain qualifications were met, but after all that work, it finally meant that Mirans, and especially Eva, would be allowed to attend Starfleet Academy.

The assessment test, at the time, was really just three medical officials, including the base's commanding physician, to sign off on a document that would declare her a legal adult. It was not fancy and time consuming, but Eva was not disappointed. She immediately sent her resubmission to Starfleet Academy for acceptance. This time, Starfleet did not have a choice in the matter. The courts, in addition to their decision, had laid down an injunction on the Academy's denying power to Mirans for the next three years, enough time for any Miran to get through the assessment tests and submit their application.

Eva struggled through the Academy for a while, failing several classes, most notably her physical education class. She never faltered or gave up, as many times as she wanted too. Motivation came in the form of a picture of Jenna that graced the desk of her room on campus. As she progressed through the academy, Eva tried to find what career path she fit best. Her small size was terrible for security, and although it was almost perfect for engineering, she didn't have the interest in fixing or creating things. Communications was soon ruled out as well, however, as she could barely master the second (third for her) language that Starfleet required their students to take. Science was too picky for her, and she could never sit still enough to focus on the experiments being made. The solution was found in piloting, or helm control. Eva found she did well during her flight lessons and the physics of it came understandably to her. So her career was chosen for her and finally, Eva graduated, not on time, but two years later, in the class of '92.

The first posting that the young Miran received was to the USS Bjornke, an aging Bonaventure-class ship, as a junior Helm officer. The old ship was usually slow in speed and sluggish in response, forcing the fresh Ensign to learn, on the fly, how to anticipate maneuvers and obstacles before the response time would be too late in implementing commands. Eva received invaluable experience from the posting, some that would have taken her years, if ever, to learn, yet was learned over a period of eight months.

The Bjornke's last assignment was as a training vessel in its later years, and had been so for the past ten. But even training ships get replaced, and so it was with the Bjornke as well. Almost suddenly for its captain, the crew was notified in early 2293 that their ship would be decommissioned in a few months. The last few missions were carried out and when at last the ship pulled into port over the Martian landscape at Utopia Planitia, the captain was in such grief that he neglected to hold a farewell event. The crew abandoned the ship without ceremony, and headed on for their next assignments.

Instead of going aboard another training ship, Eva was surprised to find that her next assignment was to a newly commissioned vessel, the USS Agamemnon. Dutifully, she headed to the ship to encounter what waited for her aboard.

Sample Post: Helm control could be a rather dreary experience when one got down to it. The flying that required fast hands was rare and usually only in battle, or at least in a condition of yellow status. Mostly, the job required minor course corrections to stay on the prescribed flight plan that the navigation officers drew up, and responding to the orders of the other bridge crew, primarily the Duty Officer. When it all boiled down, it was a job without much to do.

That was no tall order for the child-sized Miran who sat in the seat positioned at the front of the bridge. Although seated next to the on-duty navigation officer, the girl acted as if there was no one else there. In fact, to her, she wasn't even there. She was in the cockpit seat of her own Starfleet vessel, customized to allow her to control all aspects of the ship from a single console. Somehow, the girl's mind knew she was on a mission of great importance for the Federation, and she couldn't let anyone down.

Rocks and space debris flew past the transparent aluminum viewport, which doubled as a viewscreen when needed. Tapping a few commands on her console, the Miran pilot rolled the ship thirty degrees to the left while pitching the ship down a good twenty-five degrees to avoid the obstacles. When her sensors showed that they were clear, the ship was put back on course with another series of commands.

Ahead, in the viewport, loomed a planet. The atmosphere was made up of swirling gases, dust from a surrounding nebula that had once completely consumed the planet. The celestial object appeared to be emerging from that stellar anomaly, one often referred to as the birthing-place of stars. It was to this planet that the ship the Miran flew was heading, and though it seemed far away, her ship's readout screens projected the distance at less than ten million miles. At the velocity it was traveling, the girl's ship would reach the planet in less than ten minutes.

As soon as the vessel reached within a million miles of the planet, its whirling gaseous atmosphere looming outside the viewport, a sudden shudder ran through the starship, sending a shock of fright down from the girl's shoulder. Frantic, the Miran officer checked the numerous readouts on her console. But none of them showed anything wrong. Again, the vessel shuddered, one, now two times.

Like most missions of this importance, contact was generally restricted, and used for emergencies only. So when the Miran heard the crackle of the speakers and a voice emerge, she jumped back at once, startled. She managed to listen, however, as the voice spoke, "I'm here to relieve you of duty."

Huh? That didn't even make any sense. Relieve her of duty, how could she be relieved of duty? She was the commanding officer of the vessel and of the mission. Her brain searched for an answer before the consciousness of her dream world faded. The girl's mind was comforted, but still not satisfied, as she blinked and looked around. A shadow loomed on her console and she spun around to face it.

There, standing behind her, was the Helm officer for the next duty shift. Of course, that's who the voice had been. And the shuddering, a tap on the shoulder. Sated at last, the Miran's mind quelled, and allowed the girl to nod. Standing up, she said, "It's all yours."

Turning around one last time, Evangeline shook her head. She needed to stop doing that.