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Title: THS RP Post
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Peter wished he could just turn his brain off as the various advisors and town representatives rambled on. A glance over at Edmund told him that his younger brother already had, and though he couldn't see three chairs down without being obvious, he was sure Lucy was pretty close if not already there. Sometimes he wondered why he had to be the high king. It might have been some other person, in another family. And the four of them would have gone on living a normal life from that day on, in their own world. But such thoughts were not meant for the here and now, their world was Narnia now, and it always would be. Earth seemed like another lifetime ago, even though it had only been three years.

Blinking, he realized he had missed the past minute or so of the advisor's speech. Oh well, he'd have to ask Susan about it later, she always paid close attention. He nodded for good measure as the advisor continued to drone on. Being a king was not all it was cracked up to be. Peter didn't normally shirk responsibilities, but he couldn't have been prepared for the enourmous task of running an entire country. Sure, he had grown better at it over the past few years, and they had advisors to help them along. But it was still daunting at times, and there was always something new that he had never done or had to deal with before.
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Over the years, Peter had grown used to the fact that his younger siblings were much more childish than he was. Especially Ed and Lucy, as Susan was more precocious, equalling and even surpasing his own intellect and maturity at times. More than just sometimes for the intelligence. Although in the recent years, he had become aware of the growing mentality of his younger brother, Peter still hadn't gotten used to the fact that his youngest sister was also becoming more wise and mature with each passing year. That's probably why her acute accuracy and pertinence on the subject was so startling to him. It took a moment for him to formulate a response to Lucy's pointed statement.

"Yes, but you need your sleep." He did not feel the need to explain further. One of the responsibilities of being older meant looking after his siblings, including Lucy. She would just have to trust him on the matter. Peter did consent, however, to a smile, to return the one that she gave to him. His eyes followed her motions as Lucy directed him to look at her half-finished...well, whatever it was she had in a bowl. At the mention of her inability to reach the upper cupboards, Peter instantly had the thought to offer his services. After all, he was taller than his youngest sister. He was about to, but then his sister began again.

Cooking. That was better left for girls and the servants. Why would he know how to make cookies? If anyone did, it would be Susan. He guessed there was flour, probably water, and the chocolate that Lucy was searching for. Peter didn't know what else would be included, nor did he very much care. For the purposes of helping Lucy, perhaps he did feel some compassion. But it was a subject that he did not express any interest in or needed to learn for survival purposes.