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Character Creation - SWRP88
 Character Creation

There are many things to be covered when creating a character. Of course, all are important. I shall list them now and then explain them after. If you have any questions, just ask!

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Gender:
4. Appearance:
5. Species:
6. Force Class: (Jedi/Sith/Grey Jedi Only)
7. Rank: Everyone starts at 1.
8. Credits:
9. Armour:
10. Main Weapon:
11. Side Weapon: (Optional)
12. Affiliation:
13. Party:
14. Role In Party:
15. Feat:
16. Personality:
17. Bio:
18. Attributes:
19. Force Powers: (Jedi/Sith/Grey Jedi Only)
20 Ship: (If applicable, do not be unreasonable)

1. Name: What is the name of your character? This can be anything you want, except for the name of an already-existing character (unless agreed upon with the staff) or anything that is inappropriate. Staff will modify inappropriate names.

2. Age: How old is your character? Make this reasonable, depending on their Species.

3. Gender: Male or Female? Or another Gender for another Species?

4. Appearance: What do they look like? Hair, skin, eyes, weight, height and all things like that.

5. Species: Are you a human, Twi'lek, Irridonian, Wookie or what are you? Tell us here! Do not put down a custom species unless you have Staff Permission.

6. Force Class: Only applies to Jedi/Sith/Grey Jedi characters. Otherwise just leave this out. This tells everyone whether your character focuses on Lightsaber combat, force powers or a balance of both. The classes are:

Guardian: Focuses mostly on lightsaber combat rather then force powers.
Sentinal: Evenly balances lightsaber combat and force powers.
Consular: Focuses mostly on force powers rather then lightsaber combat.

7. Rank: This is basicly how powerful your character is. Every time your character ranks up, he/she/it gains 5 more attribute points. Jedi/Sith/Grey Jedi also get more force powers (for more on that seehere).

8. Credits: Everybody starts out with 1,000 credits, unless otherwise specified. More credits can be gained through Role-Playing. Credits are used to buy items and for other RPing purposes. However, if you join a Party, you have the same number of credits as the rest of the Rogue Party.

9. Armor: Armor can help to protect you against damage taken from enemies or other hazards as you travel. A full list of armor can be found here.

10. Main Weapon:
This is the weapon you will be using most often. It could be a rifle, sword or whatever else you can think of. Remember that only Jedi, Sith and Grey Jedi can use lightsabers unless you have the permission of staff.A full list of weapons can be found here. If you don't like the weapons on the list then you are welcome to make your own with staff approval.

11. Side Weapon: This is your backup weapon. It's usually a small one like a pistol or sword, but there are no real restrictions.
A full list of weapons can be found here. If you don't like the weapons on the list then you are welcome to make your own with staff approval.

12. Affiliation: Which faction or group are you working for?

13. Party: You have the following choices:

The Rogue Party
The Republic Elite Team
The Imperial Combat Elite
The Confederate Special Forces
The Independants (including factions like the Drackin Fleet)

The Rogue Party (aka Rogues) are following a quest, going around and trying to save the galaxy. They are similar to the Parties from the Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) series. They travel around in their ship and complete various missions for the main quest, or side-quests on whatever they choose! They see drama, mystery, action and the Galaxy!

The Republic Elite Team (aka RET) is made up of Jedi, Republic Soldiers and a few droids. These guys are like Commandos and go around on various missions for the Republic High Command or Jedi Council, or both. They see a lot of action and fun.

The Imperial Combat Elite (aka ICE) is made up of Sith, Imperial Soldiers and a few droids. These guys are like Commandos and go around on various missions for the Imperial High Command or Sith Brotherhood, or both. They see a lot of action and fun.

The Confederacy (aka CSF) is an elite commando team made up of mandalorians, grey jedi and droids. They attack imperial bases and act as saboteurs and elite shock troopers.

The Independents (aka Indeps) can be a member of one of the above factions, but not in a party. They might be a Jedi Knight, Imperial Stormtrooper on the front lines, Mandalorian Admiral, Exchange Planetary Overlord or something entirely different like a space pirate.

You can join any of the Parties. Just post your profile in the Party you want to join and a Staff Member or Party Leader (or both) will tell you how to join in the Role-Play. The parties will be divided up into subdivisions in most cases as they get bigger.

14. Role In Party: This is basicly what you do to contribute to your party. It can be a unique skill or anything else your character is good at.

15. Feat: This is a special ability that your character has. You make it up for yourself. Be creative, but don't overpower it. You get one feat per rank up and one to start off with.

16. Personality: How does your character behave? Describe any quirks or other things to note about your characters personality here.

17. Biography: Your character's history. Any detail about his/her past can be noted here. Please give us at least two or so paragraphs. You are free to make it fairly long, but don't go overboard.

18. Attributes - Attributes govern all aspects of your character. You start out with the following Attribute Points:

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 8

When you first create your chracter you will have 20 additional attribute points to spend. You will also get another 5 attribute points to spend every rank up. As follows is a description of the six attributes and what they do:

Strength: Strength is used primarily in melee (eg lightsaber) combat. The strongest character is more likely to win sword-locks and break through their opponent's parries. They will appear more intimidating and able to carry heavier weapons. Suited to Soldiers, Jedi/Sith Guardians and Combat Droids.

Dexterity: Dexterity is primarily used in ranged combat and also contributes to melee combat. The character with the most dexterity is a better marksman. A Jedi with a high dexterity is also more proficient at deflecting blaster bolts with a lightsaber. It also assissts in melee combat by adding to the speed of a character's attack. Suited to Scouts, Scoundrels, Jedi/Sith Guardians, Jedi/Sith Sentinels, Combat Droids and Utility Droids.

Constitution: Constitution is a character's health and stamina. A character with a high constitution can take more damage, resist the full effects of poison, explosions and other destructive events. Suited to Soldiers, Jedi/Sith Guardians and Combat Droids.

Intelligence: Intelligence makes a character more proficient in valuable skills such as computer use, stealth and demolitions. Suited to Scouts, Scoundrels, Jedi/Sith Consulars, Protocol Droids and Utility Droids.

Wisdom: Wisdom is most suited to force-adepts. It increases the potency of Force Powers and makes them harder to resist. Wisdom also plays some part in the treatment of injury. Suited to Jedi/Sith Sentinels, Jedi/Sith Consulars, Protocol Droids and Protocol Droids.

Charisma: Charisma represents your character's persuasion and leadership ability. It is a measure of their eloquence. It enhances your party members by giving them each a bonus to one attribute of their choice.


Charisma 10 or less = 0 Bonus Point
Charisma 12 = 1 Bonus Point
Charisma 14 = 2 Bonus Points
Charisma 16 = 3 Bonus Points
Charisma 18 = 4 Bonus Points
Charisma 20 = 5 Bonus Points

Suited to Party Leaders (only attribute especially recommended for Party Leaders).

19. Force Powers: Only applies to Jedi, Sith or Grey Jedi. Depending on your class (Consular, Guardian or Sentinal) you will be able to use more force powers.
A full list of force powers can be found here

Jedi/Sith Guardians start out with THREE Force Powers
Jedi/Sith Sentinels start out with FOUR Force Powers
Jedi/Sith Consulars start out with FIVE Force Powers.

20. Ship: If you have your own ship, or would like one, please post it, a description and preferably an image here. Don't go for something too large as it depends on your character. The Staff will guide you in this particular area.

That covers the basics in Character Creation! I know there is a lot to read, but all the information regarding Character Creation is in this thread or a thread in this board, so read carefully. If you are struggling, please contact a Staff Member. Thank you!

REMEMBER: Post your profile in the Party you want to join and a Staff Member or Party Leader (or both) will tell you how to join in the Role-Play.
Please copy and paste this into a new thread in one of the character boards:

Code: [Select]
[b]1. Name: [/b]

[b]2. Age: [/b]

[b]3. Gender: [/b]

[b]4. Appearance: [/b]

[b]5. Species: [/b]

[b]6. Force Class: [/b]

[b]7. Rank: [/b]

[b]8. Credits: [/b]

[b]9. Armour: [/b]

[b]10. Main Weapon: [/b]

[b]11. Side Weapon: [/b] [i](Optional)[/i]

[b]12. Affiliation: [/b]

[b]13. Party: [/b]

[b]14. Role In Party: [/b]

[b]15. Feat: [/b]

[b]16. Personality: [/b]

[b]17. Bio: [/b]

[b]18. Attributes: [/b]
Strength - 8
Dexterity - 8
Constitution - 8
Intelligence - 8
Wisdom - 8
Charisma - 8

[b]19. Force Powers: [/b]

[b]20. Ship: [/b] [i](Does not always apply)[/i]